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This is the moment a Hong Kong police officer shot
an antigovernment protester.
It marks a major escalation:
The first time an officer fired a live round
at a demonstrator
since protests began almost four months ago.
The scene was chaotic
and captured on camera from various angles.
We analyzed the footage to paint a comprehensive picture
of what exactly happened.
Let's take a closer look: It's China's National Day.
Hong Kong is engulfed in protests.
In the Tsuen Wan neighborhood,
a group of 15 protesters
approach officers in riot gear.
They start chasing and attacking
one of the officers with umbrellas and what
appear to be metal rods.
The officer falls to the ground
and protesters continue to beat him.
We see one man swinging a hammer,
and another person is holding a wrench.
Police deploy tear gas.
From this angle,
we see an officer running up to the chaos
with his revolver already drawn.
A shot rings out.
Here is the scene from another angle.
We see the protester who's about to get shot.
He's carrying a blue shield.
The officer shoots him just as he's
swinging a metal rod at him.
He stumbles and falls over the officer on the ground.
The group scatters.
One protester attempts to help the victim.
He is tackled to the ground by another officer.
A person dressed in black, who appears to be a protester,
throws a Molotov cocktail at the officers from afar
and then flees.
We see at least two officers
have their guns drawn.
Another one holds a pepper-spray can
threatening those nearby.
Only now does the officer who shot the protester
put his gun away.
Note that he also carries nonlethal weapons.
He's holding a shotgun, which is likely loaded
with rubber bullets,
and has pepper spray in his holster.
The protester who was shot remains on the ground,
seemingly conscious.
We don't see any of the officers
provide first aid at this point.
According to U.N. basic principles,
officers should only use firearms
under imminent threat of death or serious injury,
and they need to give a clear warning of their intent
to use a gun.
The officer in the video does not
appear to warn the protesters that he is going to shoot.
Police said that one protester had
tried to stab the officer on the ground
with a sharp object and that police had warned protesters
to stop.
They defended their officer's decision to use live fire.
Police said that the 18-year-old protester
was shot near his left shoulder
and was taken to the hospital.
The incident marks a clear escalation in police
response to the protests and is sure to fuel more unrest
among the people of Hong Kong.
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Hong Kong Police Shot a Protester at Point-Blank Range, Here's What Happened | Visual Investigations

242 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 3, 2019
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