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- [Chris] What's up, elite Thenx athletes?
It's Chris Heria, welcome to another video official Thenx.
Today I'm gonna be showing you the best
body weight, home chest workout,
no equipment needed.
Let's get started.
(drum and bass music)
Alright, so you're probably thinking
you need to lift heavy to build a bigger chest.
And lifting weights will definitely help
but you can also build mass and size
using your own body weight.
And I'm gonna show you how to do that with today's workout.
Now first off, muscle growth occurs when you
tear and break down your muscle fibers
during an exercise or a workout routine.
Once broken down, then they need to repair.
And as they repair back together,
they repair with thicker
and stronger muscle cells and fibers.
That's actually called hypertrophy.
And in order to maximize your muscle growth,
you must provide your body with enough fuel
so that it can begin the repairing process.
Which is why nutrition plays a big part.
If you have enough protein and you have enough sleep.
These two things will greatly help your repairing process.
Now the reason why weights
is very effective for building muscle,
is because it's very effective for breaking down muscle
and tearing muscle fibers.
Allowing your muscles to fatigue a whole lot sooner.
But when you don't have any weight
or when you don't have any more weight to go up,
the way that you reach fatigue and tear your muscle fibers
is by extending the time under tension
that your muscles are contracting for.
So that means longer holds and more repetitions.
The time under tension from the increase
in repetitions and holds are gonna cause damage
to your internal muscle fibers
just like when you increase weight when you're lifting.
Then the muscle repairing process can begin,
which will grow and increase the size of your muscle cells.
Building bigger and more solid muscle.
And this is why this is the best home chest workout
for those of you who that don't have a gym
or any equipment at all
and that are still trying to build solid muscle.
It's not about just training hard, but also training smart.
Knowing not just how to train but what to train for.
And during this chest workout we're gonna be engaging
all the areas of our chest.
Our upper chest, our mid chest, lower section,
inner chest and outer chest.
We'll even be isolating each pec and throwing in different
techniques and elements which will maximize and increase
the results of your chest and your chest workout.
So let's get right into this, we have eight exercises.
The first exercise is just regular push ups.
So this is an exercise you'll already wanna have mastered
if you're gonna start this routine.
But we're gonna keep our body straight
from our heel to our shoulder.
We're gonna keep our hips tight, tucked.
And when we come down we're gonna come down
slightly forward and come back up.
Make sure to engage your core and breathe the whole time.
Let's go for 20.
We're gonna be doing high reps
because we really want to reach hypertrophy
and tear those muscle fibers.
(drum and bass electronic music)
(sigh) Alright, nice little warm up.
So the next exercise we have is gonna be a 90 degree hold.
This is gonna be a Isometrix position.
Isometrix are a great way to build muscle
as it pumps a lot of blood into your muscle
the longer you keep a muscle contracted
or maintain that holding position.
So we're gonna go with a 15 second hold.
If you can't hold for the full 15 seconds,
cumulate that time with the minimum amount of rest possible.
For example, try three 90 degree holds for 5 seconds each.
Alright, we're gonna go for it.
For this exercise, I like to start from a push up position.
Come all the way down, keeping your core tight
so that your hands are at your waistline.
You wanna hold this position and if you can,
lean forward enough so that your feet come off the ground.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Alright, perfect.
Next one we're gonna get into is push ups in a circle.
Now this exercise is really good
for your outer and inner chest.
And you're actually gonna be isolating one pec
as you go from one push up to the other.
So this is a great exercise.
Let's go eight to the left and then eight to the right.
Keep the core tight.
Push up, let's go into a diamond, open, closed.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Oh, alright, I think I did a little extra.
But next, we have archer push ups.
And let me know you how I like to do these.
Now this exercise is gonna isolate your pec a lot more
and with that intense stretch you're gonna be tearing deep
into those muscle fibers.
So let's go into a wide push up position.
Now, choose one arm you wanna go down on first.
And keep that other arm as straight as you can.
I like to do one side first.
(drum and bass electronic music)
And then go for the other.
(drum and bass electronic music)
And then I like to come back to the top
and I like to do one one each side
to really make sure I hit the hypertrophy.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Whoo! Alright, you should definitely start feeling that
right about now.
Next exercise we're gonna go into is definitely a killer.
It's gonna be explosive negative push ups.
A little story about this exercise,
one time I did a workout routine
with explosive negative push ups, just 10 reps.
And the next day I was flying through
normal explosive pushups for 30 reps.
So I had to throw this exercise into this routine.
Let's for 10.
So you wanna come down as slow and controlled as you can.
And then you wanna explode as hard as you can.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Whoo! Yeah, that one's definitely a killer.
Next, we're gonna be doing incline diamond push ups.
I'm gonna add a little technique to it,
so check this out.
Diamond, incline.
Keep your body straight just like a push up
from your heel to your shoulder come down, elbows in,
right back out maintaining form.
When you get to the top though,
this time I want you to have the outer part of your hands,
try to come up and touch each other, just like that.
Now, as you can see, when I do that, it squeezes
and engages my upper pecs.
When we do these reps, do them just like that.
We're gonna go for at least 15
but you really want to create hypertrophy,
do as many as you can.
If you could do 20, even better.
Let's go for it.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Whoo! Next we're gonna go for elevated push ups.
Put your feet elevated, keep the form.
Let's go for 20.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Whoo! Oh, if you weren't fatigued before,
you should definitely be fatigued now.
And that's why I have the last exercise
to really tear those deep muscle fibers
and increase that time under tension.
We're gonna go for just one push up.
30 seconds going down and 30 seconds going up.
Let's go for it.
(slow drum and synth music)
Remember to breathe the whole entire time.
And do not break form, no matter what.
Engage everything, contract.
(drum and bass electronic music)
Then we have the last move.
Three more rounds to go and that will complete
the best body weight home chest work out.
No equipment needed.
And as you can see, it's just round one
and I'm already pumped.
So I'm gonna go ahead and finish this routine.
But thank you guys, so much, for watching.
If you enjoyed the video or you learned something,
smash that like button.
Share this video with a friend
that's trying to build muscle from home.
Comment down below, let me know what you want
the next video to be about
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We upload our videos every Sunday, 8PM USA Eastern Time.
And if you comment within the first 30 minutes
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And for more workouts, just like this,
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We're gonna be touring around
Las Vegas and California at the end of April,
so if you wanna attend one of our workouts
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go to Thenx.com/blog/events.
Find your city and sign up right away
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And for those who are asking about the music in the videos,
go to SoundCloud and follow me.
As soon as I reach 10K, I'll be releasing all of the music
from the Thenx channel and from my personal vlog channel.
And with that said, I'll see you next Sunday,
next Thursday on my personal channel.
Until then, mad love, peace out.
(upbeat R&B music)
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232 Folder Collection
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