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  • -Rather than facing a public vote,

  • Boris Johnson has effectively shut democracy down

  • and is gonna prorogue Parliament or shut down Parliament

  • over one of the most crucial moments

  • in British politics for a generation.

  • If he's not willing to face a vote in Parliament,

  • then this should go back to the people.

  • We should have a general election,

  • and we should be prepared for a government

  • that's willing not only to put through a Brexit deal

  • in the interest of ordinary, working-class people,

  • but we should also have a government

  • that's willing to fight austerity

  • and do everything to undo the politics of divisiveness,

  • of increasing inequality.

  • -We want to have a voice with our democracy,

  • whilst we still have it.

  • We feel strongly that we should all have a voice

  • and that Boris is trying to take that away from us.

  • -Bye-bye, EU! -Bye-bye, EU!

  • -Bye-bye, EU! -Bye-bye!

  • He's a bit dodgy. He's done it.

  • That's the only way he can get through his deal, I think.

  • There's no other way of doing it,

  • 'cause everyone's gone against him,

  • even the people in his own party.

  • He needs to drain the swamp.

  • He needs to listen to Donald Trump.

  • -Our Prime Minister, who hasn't got

  • an election mandate,

  • is shutting down Parliament to stop debate

  • about withdrawing from the EU without a deal in place,

  • which is gonna damage our economy.

  • It's gonna damage our relationship

  • with the rest of Europe.

  • It's gonna be a very, very bad thing for the country

  • and for the future of the country and for democracy.

-Rather than facing a public vote,

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Thousands take to the streets of London to protest parliament shutdown

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    林宜悉 posted on 2019/09/30
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