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my friend is sending me a bunch of gifs
that's very nice thank you wow
look at that
get you a friend who sends you gifs and pictures
as you study
hello my friends, good evening
it's 9 pm
but that doesn't stop us from studying
so today i am- oh my god my friend keeps-
i don't know when this is going to end but-
aw that's a cute picture
so currently i am studying korean
just because i'm not in school yet
i have a week left of my break
so i get to study what i want to study
of course when i get back to school i'm studying other things but
for now i get to study korean
hopefully along the way i can find tips and stuff to tell you
but this is just a chill video of me studying korean
i'm basically showing you all the methods that i use
so hopefully this video's kinda useful
but let's just get started
the website that i use currently is howtostudykorean.com
i've also mentioned talktomeinkorean.com in the past
i'm not using that lately just because
i have a bookmark saved for howtostudykorean so i just keep going to that
but both are good websites so use whatever you want
so right now i am studying
lesson 27 on howtostudykorean
now the thing is
i'm not going in order
and that's a bad thing that's not something you should do
howtostudykorean.com has like hundreds of lessons
technically it's a good idea to go in order
but for me personally
i have a habit of jumping from lesson to lesson
because i just want to learn what i want to learn
so before lesson 27 i was on like lesson 85
and then lesson 10
lesson 40
lesson 110 so i'm just all over the place
the sad thing is i'm korean and so i have the context but
sadly i'm not fluent
but because i have the context i have the habit of just wanting to learn what i want to learn
like for instance if i wanted to learn
something that i heard in a conversation
then i'm just going to search it up on google and
see what lesson that is
and sometimes that will be like lesson 100 or something
like lesson 40
but for now we are on lesson 27 and we are learning
using ~던 and ~었던 to describe past tense
i already wrote the vocabulary now i'm just going in with the actual grammar
now i've been meaning to learn this because i hear ~던 and ~었던 a lot so
it's good that i'm finally getting into that
in regards to my notes it's pretty straightforward
it's just all the vocab and then notes on the grammar
i don't write it word for word i just write what i need to write
i used to put vocab on quizlet but now i write it out just because
handwriting's pretty important in korean so
i want to be able to practice my handwriting and so
vocab, easy way to practice your handwriting
and also
kind of memorize because
it's better to write things out
this is pretty straightforward
i just remembered i have another book dedicated to korean
and it is this notebook where i write down song lyrics
i get the lyrics from colorcodedlyrics.com
colorcodedlyrics hasn't failed me with the translations i think they're pretty accurate
it might not be 100% accurate but it gets the idea
so i write the korean lyrics along with the translation
and then the key part to all of this
is that i underline words that i don't know in red
and then i add them to the end in the new words word bank
the words that i underline will obviously be words that i don't know
so they are new words
it's kind of for me to narrow down what i don't know, what i know, that kind of stuff
and so it's pretty helpful, you know
it's poetry and so
sometimes the lyrics might be complicated
and the words might not be words that you use in everyday language
but it's still nice to know and sometimes
you learn a lot
i've collected a lot of useful words and they've just appeared everywhere else once i learned about them
you can also write pages from books and whatever
but lyrics are available on the internet for you
and if you listen to kpop
if you listen to music that's sung in korean
lyrics are all there for you
but that is a method that i like to use
also recently i did switch to naver dictionary
in my last video i talked about google translate
but i finally moved on to naver dictionary
and i definitely like it a whole lot better
the translations have been great
but i would definitely recommend that
if you don't have anyone in your life to speak korean to
because i have my parents to speak korean with
if you don't have people to speak korean with
korean dramas korean television
korean music all that
incredibly helpful
and the reason why it's helpful is because of context
recently i learned about this grammar structure called ~다시피
and it's lesson 85 by the way
but the grammar structure ~다시피 has like a meaning of
as you can see or as you know
if you connect it with 알다 or 보다
like there's 알다시피
there's 보다시피
there's 보시다시피
like i've been exposed to korean all my life
but i don't recall a moment when i heard
알다시피 in a conversation
but after learning it i suddenly started hearing it everywhere i went
well that's not true i don't really go outside a lot
but when i watch a korean drama
i hear it
all the time now
the grammar structure's everywhere but
i heard it for the first time
at least consciously
in a drama called "what's wrong with secretary kim"
i finished the drama it's great love it definitely recommend
but after i learned it i finally recognized the grammar structure and i was like
oh that's when you use it
because i'm sure i probably heard it
in conversations all the time but
i probably didn't notice it but now i notice it
i also heard it for the second time
in another drama
i'm watching encounter
and i heard it and i was like
oh my god
this word is everywhere
but now i understand the grammar structure and now i can use it in my everyday life
sorry my camera died the angle's probably different but who cares
but anyway back to our regularly scheduled program
i have a friend who is kind of learning korean
she only learns korean when she's with me
but she is learning
but my friend is german
she has literally nothing to do with korea
but she's still learning
and she's actually pretty far with korean in my opinion
she can read and write hangul
and she can kind of understand some words
and she can recognize a lot of words
and i just taught her how to form basic sentences
so hopefully she remembers that but i don't know
but my point is it's not impossible to learn korean
it doesn't matter if you're korean or not
anyone can learn it
our favorite thing to do is watch bts videos or
especially run bts because that's a variety show
which by the way
a new episode's coming out tomorrow as i'm filming this
but when we watch run bts she actually recognizes a lot of words
and that makes me feel proud
that she actually knows these things
so it's definitely helpful to have some kind of media to consume
whether that's tv whether that's a book
whether that's songs, whatever you want
it's just helpful to be able to hear what you learn in context
oh my gosh i just remembered
another tip that i have for you guys
another habit i have is writing down words on sticky notes
you can also technically type words out in your notes app
but i'm emphasizing again how important it is to practice your handwriting
and so i have these sticky notes
and i'll literally, if i'm watching
a variety show or if i'm listening to a song
or if i just hear a word that i don't know
i'll jot it down and i'll find the translation
and it's there for you
i like to stick them right into my notebook just so i have them for later
but it's just very helpful to have a sticky notes pad right next to you
as you're watching something or listening to something
so you can just write down words as you go
one of my favorite korean variety shows is called the return of superman
it's about celebrity dads taking care of their children
it's really cute
but also it's very helpful
especially for people learning korean
with this show in particular the way that the children speak
is actually very helpful
because not only do you hear casual conversation
but you also hear how children speak
and so it's going to be easier grammar
and easier vocabulary and all that
and because of the editing there's always like words that pop up everywhere
and then you can just copy it down
like i said with the sticky notes
but you can actually learn a lot from these kids
and in my opinion
these kids speak way better than me
so i think it's very helpful
and it's also nice to see how
people speak to each other especially
like seeing the children speak to adults and seeing the adults speak to children
it's a nice kind of look into real life sort of
but there are a lot of variety shows and i
definitely recommend watching a variety show
because although dramas are helpful
it's also nice to hear people speak
in their vernacular
it's just nice to hear people speak casually
and also you can hear their immediate responses to something
i watch a lot of variety shows and korean dramas
so if you guys want recommendations and all that let me know
so with the examples i like to write them in red
just because it helps my brain to see things in different colors
it's also helpful to pronounce everything as you go
assuming that you already learned the pronunciation and all that
which i would recommend studying first
don't be afraid to talk to yourself
i will study the contents that we had learned last week again
attached to a verb to describe a noun
where the action is recalled to have occurred in the past
but has finished occurring and currently does not occur
ah i get it now i get it now i get it now
and then finally
this one
i'm emphasizing right now
it's so important to practice your handwriting
the more that you practice writing in korean
the more muscle memory you'll build
and the faster that you can write
oh wait
that's also useful
i'm gonna write that down too
oh my god there's like a graph
i should draw it ok
yea i should dang it that's so much writing ok
it's helpful it'll be good for me
this graph's kinda weird
oh ok wait
it's also like 10:42 pm so my contact lenses are drying out
and then the rest are just examples
so we are done with this lesson
i kind of get the idea of it it's just
like super past past tense
but that is all that my brain can do right now
i literally just did one lesson
but that's what happens when you start at night
don't start studying at night
that's not a good way to study
but that is it for this episode of not really studying with nina
i studied korean
sort of
i at least hopefully gave some good tips
at least some different tips from my last video
it is currently 11 pm i am gonna go to sleep
so goodnight
or good day
whenever you're watching this
let's bring it in for a hug i will see you guys next time :)
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studying korean + some more tips | not really studying with nina 10

119 Folder Collection
鄭彤 published on September 30, 2019
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