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rev up your engines
you can buy a cars out of vending machines on the street now in London
England company called Auto Trader now has cars sitting inside these glass
containers locked in that you can buy with your phone you can get an app put
it in and you can buy the car right on the spot a car seller that's already
agreed what price they want to go it's just like all the other guys that car
max you can't haggle the price and if you see that car and you want to buy it
you can use your phone if you have the money and the app on your phone buy the
car right there on the street London and then just drive it out I mean come on
now everybody knows that you buy coffee from a vending machine it tastes like
crap well I'd be kind of leery about buying a car out of a vending machine
right kind of morning taking a chance without even road-test
the link you can now buy a car in London out of a vending machine rock pile or
antarsya Scotty loved the show got a 93 Nissan
Pathfinder six-cylinder 190,000 miles runs good is it worth your snoring
thanks if you like the vehicle yes that's a 93 Nissan Pathfinder
they were strong built vehicles that was long before Renault took over and it can
last a really long time a parts are available if you like that truck glad we
start I think customers that those things get over 300,000 miles on them
with the original engines and trannies and they're still running okay that
those were well made you can still get parts one there's nothing wrong with a
93 Pathfinder you could probably drive that thing forever if you restored it
and took care of it because the Nissan really knew how to make standard
transmissions the Datsun being originally they made some of the best
low race cars out there with standard transmissions I would definitely keep it
with the standard transmission and restored Santos chicas would you
recommend a Honda Odyssey or Theriot to Sienna for family van Toyota Sienna by
far now when it first came out kinda honesty's you're pretty good vans but
doesn't had automatic transmission problems
cam problems is the engines they just slaughter with problems why buy
something that has problems when you get Toyota Sienna they're pretty bulletproof
and it doesn't really matter what year if you can find one with low enough
mileage that you want to buy at a good enough price go ahead and buy it or and
if you don't care buy brand-new driver for 20-30 years like my son's
doing Davis says I have a saturn ion the car fan just stays on very
commonly on those that is a bad fan temperature sensor it's just a little
sensor fine where that does go like autozone they can show you where it is
on picture even print you out a picture saw you want to put it because if that's
bad it'll do exactly pray it's that cuz if it's not then either the wirings gone
bad or the computers gone bad often on those I see the computers go bad and I
mean if it runs okay otherwise and when you shut the car off the fan goes off
I'd live with it on that cuz the car's not worth that much money the computer
cost a fortune and if it runs too much who cares so if the fan burns out easy
you can get an aftermarket fan for many discount an auto parts store for a less
than 100 bucks and just replace it and not even worry about if it works okay
otherwise there are G reviews how much does it cost replace the radiator I
minivan dealer wants over $1,000 to do the job we'll never go to the dealer
they always charge too much anyways it depends on the vignette I've had Toyota
minivans I could change the radiator of 45 minutes was a no big deal I can get
aftermarket ones that work fine less than 120 dollars sometimes so you always
have to decide where you gonna buy the parts see where they're coming from and
the aftermarket radiators are perfectly fine I've been using them for decades
and they still work fine how hard of a job it is to do your particular minivan
cuz some of the ones like some of the Fords you got to drop the whole front of
a vehicle off and drop it down get that up high in the air cuz the radiator
drops down and stood up it can be a real pain in the butt but research yours how
long it takes cuz like I say some of them like Toyota's I can change them out
in 45 minutes it's no big deal stops I said any idea it's not a road
you see in the wiring yeah you know the weird thing is rodents eat wiring and
cars because it gives them a thrill I guess it's like I'm smoking a joint the
little bit of electricity going through doesn't hurt them but it kind of gives
them a thrill from what scientists have told me you can do like I've got that
video you can buy those rodent ultrasonic devices you got to get the
ones that are two-toned cuz they get used to but they don't get used to me we
wait and people sell them you can get 12 volt versions hook them up they actually
do work I have them actually in the walls in my house an old house the rats
getting in there making noise so I drilled holes stuck the things and then
plugged him into the walls they make under 20 volt versions and they went
away and they didn't come back the stuff actually does work but you gotta get the
one that's two tone used to one tone but the other tone and the isolation drives
them nuts John says should I get an engine guard or differential
guard when buying a car do they do any good
if they're low yes they do work you get solid steel ones that either well
they're bolt on and they're garden stuff now some vehicles you don't need them
like you take a classic older Toyota Camry the frame of the vehicle was
actually well below the engine so you're gonna hit the frame before he hit the
engine which is good thing because I got my saw a 93 Camry for his first car yeah
he scraped all on the bottom there driving like a lunatic over bumps and
stuff but it never heard the engine cuz all the sub frame there just got a bunch
of scratches on it but it was solid metal never did any damage now if you
look at your car and you see the differential and the engine oil pan is
lower than the frame of the car definitely put a guard on it it's a
worthwhile thing to do if it's designed that way
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell
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Here's How Stupid People Buy Cars

161 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 29, 2019
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