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- "Zo-Zo-Zoya."
25th June, 1983.
Kapil sir and his team lift the world cup.
However, the credit of their victory does not go to the boys in blue...
...but to this little girl, who was born on the day India won its first world cup.
Her luck will take her places someday.
I'm the unluckiest person on this earth.
My love life sucks.
Zoya, I want to break up with you.
My professional life sucks.
Zoya, you are fired.
Uff, I can't wait for the day that I can say this to you.
- This is an important project.
- We must take pictures of Team India in their new jersey.
I hate cricket.
- India loves him.
- Unfortunately Captain Nikhil Khoda is out at 99 again.
- Bad luck strikes again.
The more you practice, the luckier you get.
Zoya Solanki from AWB.
You should save some firecrackers.
So you can light them tomorrow when we win.
My dad's been saving his firecrackers for a year.
But he doesn't get a chance to use them.
When it rains, it pours.
My dad thinks I'm very lucky for cricket.
I was born when India won its World Cup.
- 25th June. - 1983.
- "Zo-Zo-Zoya."
Zoya Solanki. Indian cricket team's new secret weapon.
- And the ball slipped through their palms like butter.
When she eats with us, we win in any difficult situation.
- The ball hit the wicket, but the bails didn't move.
- It's a miracle.
Zoya is no ordinary human being.
She is a goddess.
If the players start depending on luck...
...then they will start slipping.
They will turn you into a goddess of sorts.
Then you can shower them with your blessings.
You're only with me because of my luck!
Are you with me because I'm the captain of the Indian cricket team?
One blessing. Just one blessing.
Give me your blessings, Goddess!
Bless me!
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The Zoya Factor | Official Trailer | Sonam K Ahuja | Dulquer Salmaan | Dir: Abhishek Sharma | Sep 20

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 29, 2019
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