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The names Jehovah, Jesus, and Almighty God represent three ages
and represent God's three stages of work.
God's names are different, but God is one God!
Apart from the Bible, any belief is a heresy!
We can never abandon the name of Jesus.
Almighty God's coming has shaken every sect and denomination!
Is He truly God Himself
who created all things and rules over everything?
Is He truly the Lord Jesus who was crucified
by the Israelites two thousand years ago?
“Ironclad Proofs” will provide you
with the ironclad facts and ironclad evidences.
With the ironclad facts and ironclad evidences,
mankind will get the answer.
Good-bye, Sister Wang.
Sister Wang, good-bye! (Bye!)
Thank the Lord!
The brothers and sisters seemed quite interested in that.
Yes! Thank the Lord!
Sister Wang,
your sermon about God's name helped me understand a lot!
Thank the Lord!
God's name is so profound.
It seems that you have spent a lot of effort studying the Bible!
Glory be to the Lord!
After believing in Jesus,
I noticed in the Old Testament that God's name is “Jehovah,”
but in the New Testament, God's name is “Jesus.”
I wondered, “Why are they different?”
So I became interested in God's name.
In recent years, I have also been studying it.
I hope you can share more about it with us later...
The Eastern Lightning followers said
the Lord Jesus has returned, and His name is “Almighty God.”
Aren't they denying the name of the Lord Jesus?
What they say is against the Bible.
Therefore, this way is not the true way. We can't accept it!
Brothers and sisters,
we must remember what's written in the Bible,
The Scripture has made it clear that
only by the name of Lord Jesus Christ can we be saved.
Brothers and sisters, as a servant of the Lord,
I have the responsibility to protect you.
Brothers and sisters,
we must all band together in this spiritual warfare.
May the Lord keep us!
All right! Next, let's have Sister Wang say a few words.
Thank the Lord!
Brothers and sisters, the Scripture says,
We all know that the Lord Jesus was crucified for us on the cross
and in doing so, redeemed us.
So, we should never, ever abandon the name of the Lord Jesus.
Brothers and sisters, we've got to be vigilant!
In recent times,
many people of our church have been dragged away
by the Eastern Lightning followers.
Oh. This is terrible!
Brothers and sisters, please listen,
I just want to remind you here:
We must keep the Lord's name and safeguard the Lord's way!
We also need to pray earnestly
for the Lord to watch and keep over us.
Sister Wang is right.
Only by keeping the name of the Lord Jesus
will we be kept by the Lord!
Hmm, yes, we need to always rely on the Lord.
May He grant us discernment…
Sister Zhang, what do you think?
Remember: Don't fall for any words
if they're not in the name of Jesus. (Yes.)
Now we need to...
She is Wang Hua, a preacher from a house church in South China.
As early as the mid-1990s,
Wang Hua has come into contact
with the Eastern Lightning followers.
They testified that the Lord Jesus has come
and His name is “Almighty God.”
Wang Hua was greatly shocked: How can God's name change?
Isn't it against the Bible?
Wang Hua believed it was her duty
to defend the Lord's way and protect His flock.
I'm coming.
You followers of Eastern Lightning again!
Go away! Never come back!
Sister, please...
Sister, can we please just talk to you for a minute?
I won't listen to anything that departs from the Lord's name!
Brothers and sisters, in regard to God's name,
some light was shed by the writings of our spiritual seniors.
I'd like to share that with you today.
Before, I thought that God's name was “God.”
But actually “God” is not a name.
Brothers and sisters,
we should distinguish between “God” and God's name.
Just now, I've talked about the name of “Jehovah.”
Next, please turn to Matthew 1:23.
When I was on my way here,
I saw a dress in a store by the roadside.
We can take a look at it later. (Okay!)
Brothers and sisters,
the name of the Lord Jesus means that “God is with us.”
Only by trusting in the name of the Lord Jesus can we be saved.
So, we should never, ever abandon the name of the Lord Jesus.
Brothers and sisters,
whoever abandons or denies the name of the Lord Jesus cannot be saved.
Yeah. Amen.
We must hold onto the Lord's name forever.
Okay! I think that's all for today's service.
Does anyone have any questions?
Sister Wang, should we pray only to the name of Jesus?
Did you…? You didn't believe in another name, did you?
I don't know what he is talking about.
We should keep our guard against them.
You'd better answer the question, brother.
The heavenly Father is called “Jehovah,”
and His beloved Son is called “Jesus.”
But you say they are one God.
Since they are one God, how can they have different names?
I'm at a loss as to which name I should pray to!
So I pray to all of their names.
That way at least I get one of them right.
So I just pray like this:
O loving heavenly Father Jehovah,
Savior Jesus Christ, Abba Father...
Between Jehovah and Jesus, who has greater authority?
Who has the final say?
Well, yes! Jehovah and Jesus are Father and Son.
Father is greater than Son,
so we should pray to the Holy Father Jehovah!
Brothers and sisters, be quiet! Quiet!
God's name has a very deep meaning.
One or two days' teaching cannot make it clear.
You raised a good question!
But now we must remember:
We should hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus forever,
and must pray in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Now! Let's pray silently.
What? Okay! I'll be there soon.
What happened?
I'll tell you when I get back.
Goodbye, Mom.
Xiao Ting, the Lord Jesus has really returned.
You should pay heed to this!
I can't follow your belief. I can't abandon the Lord's name,
or I will be expelled from the church.
Xiao Ting, do you think your own brother would harm you?
Sister Wang, this is my brother and his wife.
They came to preach the Eastern Lightning message to me.
Can you please help me?
Leave now! Never come again to steal our sheep!
Sister, we are all believers in God and are all God's sheep;
we belong to no one.
Since you are here, why don't we all have a talk?
What's there to talk about?
Sister... Sister?
Humph! I'm not your sister!
Sister, please...
You won't go? Fine, then we will. Come on!
Hey! Sister, Tingting...
Xiao Ting, please, please wait...
Hey. What happened to Sister Zhao?
Her brother came to preach the message of the Eastern Lightning.
I got her out of there.
Thank the Lord!
The brothers and sisters are so naive. We have to protect them.
Now is a crucial time,
and it will also be the moment the Lord tests our faithfulness.
We must safeguard the true way and protect the flock.
Never let them drag any sheep away from our church.
Okay! We can talk more on the way.
Oh, Pastor Li, hello!
Hello, Pastor Li! Hi, Pastor Li!
I went to Malaysia to be part of a revival meeting.
I saw that both overseas churches and domestic churches
are in the same boat.
The believers were weak in spirit,
and many of them didn't want to attend the service.
Have you ever thought about the real reason for this?
Is it the same problem that we talked about last time?
I've been thinking about this problem for a while.
Before, the brothers and sisters were fervent in their heart.
They were willing to attend service.
Wherever they went, they were ready to preach the gospel.
Oh, yeah, that's true!
But now, some brothers and sisters
come to the service only to sell things.
They'll get upset at being scolded, and won't return afterwards.
And some other brothers and sisters seem to be different people.
They are too weak and feeble to be sustained.
Facing these problems, I'm truly indebted to the Lord.
Yes! That's true. (That's exactly the way I feel...)
In my view, the reason why the believers are weak
is that they are not spiritually well-nourished.
None of you have received any systematic training in theology.
Although some co-workers are willing to suffer and pay the price,
they are poor in understanding the truth of the Bible.
Yes! Yeah!
Since the believers are not well-taught,
how can they have strength?
Yes! I agree.
Now, I understand. (Pastor Li is right!)
It's true. We do lack systematic training.
Pastor Li, we know you have a tight schedule.
But we still hope you can spend some more time teaching us.
Over the years, Pastor Li has always sustained and helped us,
working from dawn till dusk.
With Pastor Li's continued guidance in the future,
I believe that our church will soon be rejuvenated.
I'm going to give you weekly teaching sessions.
Yeah. Thank the Lord! That's wonderful!
After you've been well-trained, you will be able
to help other believers grow and make better choices.
Yes! Right!
As of now,
one third of the believers in Pastor Zhang's church
have been drawn away by the Eastern Lightning.
Oh, my goodness! What a shame!
Some believers in our church have also been drawn away,
so we must be on our guard and pray, (Sure!)
and take good care of our brothers and sisters.
Yeah. Yes. Of course.
Brothers and sisters,
as long as we hold onto the Bible and the name of the Lord Jesus,
we won't be deceived.
Co-workers, now then let's seize the time
to rescue the brothers and sisters who have been drawn away.
That's right! Of course!
The incorrigible ones we must expel, (Amen!)
and notify the whole church!
So you see this story teaches us not to be greedy
and never take what belongs to others. OK. You see?
Recently, more members in our church
have been drawn away by the Eastern Lightning.
These months,
I've led many Bible studies and given many sermons.
Then why have so many people still turned to them?
Mainly because they've read the Eastern Lightning book.
Then you should study that book, don't you think so,
to see what it actually says.
Study that book? No need! All of God's words are in the Bible.
We shouldn't believe anything that is apart from the Bible
and the name of the Lord Jesus!
Sister He has always been active,
but she didn't show up in the co-workers meeting today.
Could her sister-in-law be involved?
She believes in the Eastern Lightning teachings.
Hmm. We'd better not wait to find out. Let's see for ourselves!
Oh, Sister Wang.
Sister He,
why didn't you go to the co-workers meeting this afternoon?
We were worried about you, so we rushed over here.
Oh, my mother got a sudden stomach ache at noon.
So I took her to see a doctor and didn't go to the meeting.
Sounds a little convenient.
Did your sister-in-law preach the message of the Eastern Lightning?
No, sister, not at all. I really took my mom to the hospital.
Before, nothing could keep you from showing up
at the co-workers meeting.
But now, you haven't shown up for days,
and we have no ideas why.
We are afraid that you've been drawn away
by the Eastern Lightning.
We've been working together for years.
Why don't you believe me?
Sister He, it's not that we don't trust you,
but the followers of Eastern Lightning preach
that the Lord's name has changed to “Almighty God”!
That just goes against the Bible.
No matter when, we have to hold onto the Lord's name.
Yes. What we do is for your own good.
Stay away from your sister-in-law.
We must stick to the Lord's way.
Sister, I know you are afraid we may stray from the Lord's way,
so you ask us to stay away
from the Eastern Lightning followers.
But just being on guard is not the solution.
Can our sermons still nourish the brothers and sisters?
I am wondering
why so many keen believers in our church and other churches
have turned from us to follow Eastern Lightning?
Things like this, we've seen and heard so many times recently.
Sister Wang, Sister Cao,
we'd better think about this carefully.
But, for now, you'd better not go to the church
or contact any brother and sister.
You cannot attend the service before we make everything clear.
This, I have to do.
I have to protect the flock of our church in this way.
Sister Wang, how … how can you tell me to do this? ...
O Lord, recently, the Eastern Lightning followers
stole many more sheep of Yours.
O Lord, may You stop their footsteps!
O Lord, I pledge my life to protect Your flock…
The examination showed that Wang Hua severely injured her back.
Wang Hua simply couldn't understand:
How the motor fell for no apparent reason?
Did I offend the Lord in some way?
All I did was to faithfully safeguard the Lord's way.
Why didn't the Lord protect me?
What puzzled her more was that
she and her co-workers had tried every way they could
to safeguard the church.
But more and more members of her church,
who had believed in God for years and served God fervently,
accepted the end-time gospel of Almighty God.
Such phenomenon perplexed Wang Hua so much...
Two months later,
although not fully recovered from her injuries,
she rushed about among members of the churches
with Cao Yun and other people...
The Eastern Lightning followers should still be there...
Hurry up!
Sister Wang, how are you?
Hello, Sister Wang. Come on in and take a seat! Sister Cao, welcome!
Hello, sisters!
Sister Zhang, who are they?
The church told you not to receive any strangers.
As a deaconess, how could you knowingly break the rule?
Don't you know what serious consequences
this could have on the church?
Sister Wang, you haven't fully recovered.
Please have a seat. Take your time.
Come on in.
Yes, Sister Wang. Please sit here.
Yes, sister. Everybody, sit down!
Please, sisters, come sit here. Please!
It's alright. Everyone is welcome. There are no strangers here.
Let's have a talk.
I must take good care of the flock for the Lord,
and take this chance to help them to acquire discernment.
Sister He, I didn't expect you…
I hope you can turn back right now and repent to the Lord!
Sister Wang, I began to contact them
only after I was asked to stop attending services.
And after hearing Sister Feng's fellowship,
I realized that what they preached is the true way.
Sisters, you may join us and judge for yourselves!
Yes, sisters, we come together here today.
This is God's arrangement.
Your questions will be cleared up if we fellowship together.
You are so foolish!
How can you read the book of the Eastern Lightning?
At the service,
I stressed that the Lord's words are all in the Bible.
Outside the Bible, there is no other word of God.
Sister Wang, their fellowship is truly from God.
Sister Zhang,
they say that there are words of God outside the Bible.
That violates the Bible. Don't you realize that?
Sister, it's right for us to believe in God
with a careful and cautious heart.
But we cannot just shut everything out.
We humans cannot be certain whether there are God's words outside the Bible.
All the Lord's words are in the Bible.
The Bible is enough for us.
Sister, it's recorded in John 21:25,
From this verse we can see that,
the Lord Jesus' work and words of that time were not fully recorded in the Bible.
If they were all written down,
then even the world couldn't contain the books
that would be written.
This shows that what was recorded in the Bible is limited.
And so,
can we still say that none of God's words can be found outside the Bible?
Besides, the Lord Jesus also said,
So here, the Lord Jesus said
that He kept many things from the people of that time,
because they couldn't bear them.
And when the Spirit of truth comes,
that is, when the Lord Jesus comes,
He will guide us to understand all of the truth,
and also tell us all the things to come.
But these truths and the things to come
were not recorded in the Bible.
This shows that there are new words of God outside the Bible.
So, can we still say
that there are no more words of God outside the Bible?
Yes! That's right. God's words are inexhaustible.
How can we limit God's words to those within the Bible?
Hmm, that's right. God is almighty,
so how can He only speak those words found in the Bible?
The Old and New Testament are complete.
If not, how can they be called the Old and New Testament?
Since it is a complete book,
we can be certain that all of God's words are in the Bible,
and God won't speak any other words outside the Bible! (Right!)
Sister, the name of the Bible, the Old and New Testament,
is only how parts of the Bible have been titled.
They refer only to the compiled recordings of the works
done by God in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace.
They represent nothing else.
If this is how we conclude
that God's words are all in the Bible, it's not accurate.
The Bible says,
The Word is God. His Word is the words.
That "the Word" is with God means the words are with God.
God is who He is. God's words are with God.
It can be seen that the abundance of God's words is immeasurable
and far beyond man's comprehension.
When the Lord Jesus went among people to work,
He spoke quite often.
He spoke to His followers, to the seekers of the truth,
to the Gentiles, and even to the Pharisees.
In just a few years' time, the Lord Jesus spoke so many words!
If they had all been recorded,
there would be far more than those found in the Bible.
I'm afraid the whole world would not have enough room for them.
So, how can we circumscribe God
within the relatively few words in the Bible?
God is the Creator, and is the unfailing spring of living water.
God's abundance is infinite and inexhaustible.
How could God speak only those limited words
written down in the Bible?
If we confine God's words to the Bible,
then don't we regard God as too small?
I don't want to argue with you.
Sisters, we have to keep in mind,
for thousands of years,
all Christians have believed in the Bible. (Amen!)
Because there are no other God's words except those within it! (Amen!)
So, it can't be more wrong than to say
there are God's words outside the Bible!
Right! God's words cannot be found outside the Bible.
This is a fact acknowledged by all Christians.
Your claims just do not hold water!
Sister, God is an almighty God, and God is so rich!
His words are endless, and He can speak and supply man
with the truth at any time and in any place.
How could He only speak those limited words
recorded in the Bible?
Besides, the Lord Jesus' work and words
were not fully recorded in the Bible.
Then how can God's end-time work and words
be recorded in the Bible?
Let's look at what Almighty God's words say.
Please turn to page 980.
Then let's turn to page 945.
Almighty God says,
God's words have made it clear that
the details of God's end-time work
were not recorded in the Bible.
It's because God's end-time work is a new work
God does outside of the Bible.
Although we read the Old and New Testament,
it can't prove that the Bible contains all of God's words,
much less that there are no more words of God outside the Bible.
God is the source of life, and is the origin of all things.
His abundance is inexhaustible and infinite
and unfathomable to any created being.
How can the Bible make all God's deeds clear?
So, we can't circumscribe God's words within the Bible.
The records in the Bible are so limited!
How can God's abundance be understood by man? (Right.)
The Bible never says that
God has other words outside the Bible.
Your words go against the Bible!
Sister, actually there are some verses about this question
which have been overlooked.
Let's read two passages. Please open Revelation 2:17.
This verse mentions “what the Spirit said to the churches.”
Obviously, God will speak in the end time.
Also, it mentions the “hidden manna.”
We all know that in the Old Testament,
manna was the food God gave to the Israelites.
And in the New Testament, manna refers to God's word.
So of course,
the “hidden manna” means the hidden words of God,
the truth God didn't express.
Let's take a look at some more verses.
Please turn to Revelation 5:1-5.
Here, "a sealed book" is described
as “written within and on the backside.”
This means the book contains a lot of things,
but they haven't been revealed.
That is, when God comes again, He will open the “sealed book”
and tell us what is written in it.
So, we can know more clearly that
in the end time, God will speak outside the Bible.
Oh, I see!
Stop talking!
Both the “hidden manna” and the “little scroll”
refer to the Bible and not the book you have.
Right. The little scroll is the Bible.
You are confusing the concepts, which is against the Bible.
Sister, the Revelation prophesied
“in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book.”
We are not the one who sits on the throne,
then how could the Bible we have be that book?
Besides, it is written
that no one is worthy to open and read the book.
However, we are reading the Bible every day.
If we say that the little scroll is the Bible,
then how do we explain this verse?
So, we can say for sure that
the sealed little scroll doesn't refer to the Bible,
but the book opened by God when He returns,
the new word God expresses in the end time.
New word God expresses? Humph! That's impossible!
The Bible says,
You are adding things to the Bible that just aren't there.
And this is seriously violating the Bible and offending the Lord!
You add things to the prophecy willfully.
Aren't you afraid plagues will come upon you?
Sister, “no adding” as it is mentioned here means that
man cannot add anything to the prophecy.
It is a warning to man and says what man should keep,
but does not tell man to restrict God with these words.
It's just similar to what Moses warned the Israelites
in the Age of Law,
This word is for the Israelites to keep,
and it's the requirement for them
not to add to or delete anything from the law.
It doesn't mean that
God speaks no more new words outside the law.
“no adding'' mentioned in Revelation is for men to keep,
and it warns them not to add things willfully
to the prophecies in Revelation.
So, we cannot restrict God with these words,
or draw the conclusion from this
that God doesn't say anything outside the Bible.
God is the Ruler of all things.
He can express His new words at any time
according to His plan and the need of mankind.
Now it's the end time.
God has opened the book and loosed the seven seals,
and with the name Almighty God.
He has spoken many more words outside the Bible
and done a new work of salvation.
Stop saying that!
They said “Almighty God” is the name of the returned Jesus.
Isn't it a denial of the name of the Lord Jesus?
we should hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus at all times!
Only the Lord Jesus is our Savior.
And only by the name of Jesus can we be saved.
Sisters, we should discern true from false!
Sister, although God's name has changed,
it's still the work done by the same God.
I am done listening. Leave now!
Sister, God's work has never conformed to man's conceptions.
We shouldn't measure God's work with man's conceptions!
If you don't go, we'll call the police!
Scripture says,
We should only hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus at any time!
Stop trying to shake our foundation in the Lord!
anything which asks us to abandon the name of the Lord Jesus,
we should not believe!
Sister Wang, Almighty God is the returned Jesus. (Yes!)
It's just that His name has changed.
You will understand if you listen more.
Don't listen any more. We must hold onto the Lord's name.
there is no other name than Jesus that we can be saved by.
Sisters, you'd better leave now. We can talk later.
OK, we'll leave now. Let's talk about it next time.
I feel their words are so true!
Yes! I've never heard of this before.
It's very fresh!
Why drive them away? They preached so well!
Sister Feng's teaching made things much clearer to me.
Sisters, you should never believe these people…
O Lord, You are our Savior. You are the lamp guiding our way.
I'll forever hold onto Your name and be Your faithful child.
May the Lord be with me!
I pray in the holy name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
We should pray for the brothers and sisters.
May God give them mercy and bring them back before Him soon!
Thank you!
For all these years,
Wang Hua has been shepherding the church flock.
The brothers and sisters all respect her.
And she spent much time and effort studying the Bible.
Pastor Lin in the overseas church also thinks highly of her.
He has recommended her to study in a seminary
in Singapore the next year.
From what you've talked about,
we can see that Sister Wang is really a true believer in God.
I used to be like her,
thinking that there's no salvation other than Jesus.
I even took my resisting God
as faithfully serving the Lord and protecting the church.
This is all because we don't know God's work.
I agree.
Only after I accepted Almighty God's end-time work did I realize
that believing in Almighty God isn't betraying the Lord Jesus.
Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus.
If people refuse to accept Almighty God's end-time work,
it really is a betrayal of the Lord Jesus.
Just like at the beginning of the Age of Grace,
God was no longer called “Jehovah,” but “Jesus.”
When people believed in Jesus,
they didn't betray Jehovah but simply kept pace with God's work.
You see, it's just that with the change of the age,
both God's work and God's name changed.
That's true.
It's just that Wang Hua doesn't know about God's work,
so she thinks we chose the wrong way,
and comes again and again to persuade us to go back.
That's right!
God's end-time work is to save those true believers in God.
For those who have good humanity and seek to pursue the truth,
God will first bring them out of religion
to let them keep pace with His footsteps.
We have to rely on God and cooperate with God's work
to bring Sister Wang and the others before Him.
That's right! Yes! Hmm!
Yes! I'd like to cooperate
and bring Sister Wang and the others back to God's family.
Praise God.
I'd like to help too.
Thank God!
Good. Let us pray for Sister Wang Hua.
May God have mercy on her
and bring her back to His house sooner. (Amen! Yes! Yeah!)
O Almighty God...
I heard that you did very well with your stock.
Thank the Lord! His grace is so rich!
Hi! Good to see you! Hi, Sister! You came.
Pastor Li has promised us a weekly training.
Why is she still not here?
Right! Yes!
Pastor Li is occupied! I will lead today's Bible study!
I heard she's just started a company and she is so busy.
To protect the flock,
Pastor Li has to visit the churches personally, doesn't she?
Brothers and sisters,
recently I came into contact
with some Eastern Lightning followers.
I think it would be a mistake to underestimate them.
So we should reinforce our knowledge of the Bible.
Let's first say a silent prayer.
Now, let's study some verses.
Everybody, please open your Bible to Matthew 24:23.
Then let's move on to Galatians 1:6-7.
And now move on to 2 John 1:9.
Yeah! That's right.
Brothers and sisters, the truth in the Bible teaches us:
At the end time, people will pretend to be Christ
to beguile us away from the Lord Jesus' salvation.
They are daring to change Christ's gospel.
Yes! Right!
It's just as the Bible says,
They've gone beyond the Bible and left the name of Jesus.
They are not staying in the doctrine of Christ.
Scripture also tells us:
From these verses,
we can see that we can “be saved through our faith.”
I agree.
As long as we truly believe in the Lord,
we are justified as righteous and are saved.
So, brothers and sisters,
as long as we hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus,
we can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven.
She is so right! I'm just thankful for Jesus here.
Sister Wang, please speak some more…
Sister Wang, you're really good at preaching.
But Pastor Li has issued ten precautions
against the Eastern Lightning.
How are they being carried out in the churches under your charge?
How long will you stay in Zhuhai?
About a week or so.
But the deacons there should have had a solid foundation.
How come they were pulled away like that?
The Eastern Lightning followers
are just so hard to guard against.
I really underestimated them.
There are some things that I really can't figure out.
So many sheep have been drawn away
by the Eastern Lightning followers.
Why does the Lord not stop them?
What should we do if things go on like this?
Maybe the Lord is testing us! We should pray even more to Him.
Pastor Li, Wang Hua hasn't shown up
at her meeting places these days.
Could she have accepted the message of the Eastern Lightning?
I don't think so. I know her very, very well.
She has a solid foundation in her belief
and she is faithful to the Lord.
Yes, but...
But what?
I preached several times at her meeting places.
The brothers and sisters all said
that Sister Wang preached so well
that they were unwilling to listen to the preaching of others.
And they also said that you…
You didn't preach as well as Sister Wang.
What? They said that?
How can I lie to you?
I think, if this continues,
those churches will only listen to Wang Hua.
Sister Wang, Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus.
Please read this and think about it!
Now it's the end time.
God has opened the book and loosed the seven seals.
And with the name Almighty God,
He has spoken many more words outside the Bible
and done a new work of salvation…
O Lord, those deacons in Zhuhai simply refused to turn back,
however hard I tried to persuade them.
O Lord, I'm indebted to You.
O Lord, where are You?
O Lord, where are You?
Our girl has gone to bed.
But today, she won first prize in the piano competition.
We've hoped for this for a long time. Isn't it fantastic?
What's wrong with you lately?
Why do you always seem so preoccupied?
I don't know what's been wrong with me these two years.
I can't feel the Lord's presence when praying.
I am empty when I preach,
and my spirit is very depressed.
More and more bad things happen to the brothers and sisters,
and prayer is not working.
Everybody has become colder in their faith and love.
You won't even guess
how few people showed up for tonight's prayer meeting.
One brother even snored through it.
You know, I also feel that my faith is not what it once was.
There were more than 1,000 believers in this area,
but now only about 600 are left.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't manage to restore our church to its former state.
I have lost the strength I need to do this work.
Does Pastor Li know this?
Yes, she does. But she's so busy. I have hardly seen her.
What should I do?
How will I account to the Lord when He comes?
Don't stress over it. You just got home.
Stay and rest for a few days.
No, I cannot waver.
Tomorrow morning,
I'll take Cao Yun and Li Jing to rescue Sister Lu.
No matter what, I won't let the Eastern Lightning
draw her and her husband away.
Wang Hua, Cao Yun, and some fellow workers
tried many times to turn back those brothers and sisters
who accepted the end-time gospel of Almighty God.
But those brothers and sisters firmly held the belief
that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus,
and advised them to investigate the true way.
But Wang Hua wouldn't change her mind.
As Wang Hua continued her fervent efforts,
boils began to appear all over her body.
The constant itchiness deprived her of sleep,
so she had to stay at home for treatment.
But she never expected that Pastor Li had become suspicious of her,
and also she came up with a decision…
How are you feeling these days?
Has Pastor Li ever dropped by?
No. Perhaps church affairs keep her busy.
We've been working together for years, as close as real sisters.
You can be honest with me!
Do you remember several months ago
when you went to the church in Shenzhen?
Pastor Li gathered us for a meeting.
At that time, she suspected you were having contact
with the followers of Eastern Lightning.
How could I have been in touch
with the followers of Eastern Lightning?
Because these past months you've been sick and seldom show up.
Pastor Li said that you no longer resisted the Eastern Lightning as before,
so she became suspicious of you.
She asked us to be on our guard with you.
I wanted to tell you all of this earlier,
but I didn't have the heart to do so because of your ill health.
Yesterday, Pastor Li called me
and said she would have Luo Tingfang take over the church.
I didn't agree.
But you know, once Pastor Li decides to do something,
no one can change her mind.
Don't feel sad. We are all praying for you.
I know what kind of person you are. I'm your best friend.
Now just take care of your health. And rely more on the Lord.
No matter how people treat us,
the Lord knows what's in our heart.
It's important that you have faith.
I have to go now!
O Lord, may You stop their footsteps!
O Lord, where are You?
I have hurried among the churches
and tried my best to sustain the brothers and sisters.
So why should I suffer so many misfortunes?
O Lord, why can't I feel Your presence?
O Lord! Now the church is in desolation.
I have no message to preach, and I am sick at home.
But Pastor Li is suspicious of me and cautions against me.
O Lord, why have things come to this?
Sister Wang, Almighty God is the returned Jesus. (Yes!)
It's just that His name has changed.
You will understand if you listen more.
O Lord, I have been protecting the flock faithfully.
But why have some brothers and sisters
turned to follow the Eastern Lightning and won't turn back?
O Lord, is it true that You've really come back?
O Lord, You are the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path.
And now I don't know where to turn and my spirit is dark.
May You reveal Your will to me…
We should pray more for the gospel.
God will protect His own work.
Let's take a rest.
It's such a nice day. Don't you think? Please sit!
Sister Feng, yesterday I went to visit Wang Hua again.
The folk medicine she was given by the brothers and sisters
is working very well.
I am happy to say the boils on her face are almost healed.
Thank God!
Thank God!
I also asked her to investigate the true way,
but she said she couldn't leave the name of the Lord Jesus.
Many brothers and sisters have visited her.
And I have also visited her a lot in the past six months.
But she keeps refusing to listen to the gospel.
Don't worry.
We should pray more for Sister Wang Hua.
I have faith that all those true believers in God
will finally hear God's voice and return before God.
Well, Sister Wen does the hosting in my former church.
She has good humanity and is a strong believer.
I visited her several times. And I will go again in a few days.
Okay! Tomorrow we can visit her together.
Thank God!
Thank God!
Why don't we go!
Hello, Brother Li? The Eastern Lightning is with Sister Wen.
Hmm, several other important co-workers
are there to hear them as well…
Okay, get there soon!
Hello? …
It's clearly written in the Bible,
Only by believing in the name of the Lord Jesus can we be saved.
But you ask us to believe in Almighty God.
Brothers and sisters,
you have believed in the Lord for many years,
and you are also important co-workers of the church.
You need to be discerning!
Do not trust what these people are saying!
Right! Brothers and sisters, only Jesus is our Savior!
Only by the name of Jesus, the only Son of God,
can we obtain eternal life!
This is the foundation of our belief. And no one can change it!
Brothers and sisters, Sister Wang brought us here
just out of the concern for your life.
You need to be more discerning!
Sister Wang really bears quite a burden. (Yes, yes!)
Brothers and sisters,
we should hold onto the Lord's name at all times!
Sister Wang surely has good reason to say this!
Hmm. (That's right!)
Let us hear them out first!
We should be faithful to the Lord!
Right! We'll be clear if we listen more!
Sister Wang, you're right!
Since the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus
two thousand years ago,
people have been enjoying the Lord's forgiveness
by the name Jesus.
This is without a doubt!
But in Isaiah 43:10-11, it is recorded, (Oh, I found it.)
And Exodus 3:15 records,
Here, God has made it clear that
only Jehovah is the Savior and the name of God,
a name forever.
But when Jesus came to work,
why did people call Him the Savior
rather than praying to Jehovah?
They left the name of Jehovah and accepted Jesus as their Savior.
Can we say they betrayed Jehovah?
Oh, why didn't I notice this before?
One verse says the name of Jehovah will be for ever,
but the other says there's no other name but Lord Jesus.
Why is that?
Look, this is what the Bible says. (Oh, it's interesting.)
As long as we hold onto the name of Jesus, we'll never go wrong.
Brothers and sisters, the Bible tells us clearly that
the name of Jehovah will be forever and to all generations.
But after the Lord Jesus came to do His work,
the name of Jehovah was no longer mentioned,
and the name of Jesus was hallowed.
At first glance, God's words seem contradictory.
But in fact they are not!
This is because “to all generations” and “for ever”
was how God referred to all the work He did in that age.
As long as God's work of one age isn't over,
God's name in that age will not change.
All followers of God
have to keep forever the name God uses in that age.
Only thus can they have the Holy Spirit's working
and live under God's care and keeping.
Otherwise, they are committing monstrous sin
and rebelling against God.
However, when God starts a new work,
His name will change accordingly.
Then, only by accepting God's new name
and praying to His new name,
will they have God's approval.
Or else, they will be detested and rejected by God.
In other words, God's name doesn't remain forever,
but it will change according to the change in His work
and the development of the age.
When God begins His work with a new name,
people will accept this new name.
This is not betraying God,
but is instead keeping pace with His work.
If they reject God's new name, they are the ones who betray God.
Take the Age of Law for example. God's name was Jehovah,
and people all held onto the name of Jehovah.
Even when the work in the Age of Law lasted for millennia,
people didn't abandon the name of Jehovah.
But when Jesus came to do His work,
God's name changed to Jesus accordingly.
Since then, people who accepted Jesus as their Savior,
like Peter and Matthew, were those approved by God.
However, those Pharisees
who rejected Jesus and held onto the name of Jehovah
became the traitors of God and were detested and rejected by Him.
Likewise, in the end time,
when God begins the work of the new age,
His name will change accordingly.
At this time, only by accepting the name of Almighty God
will people be faithful to God.
If they reject the name of Almighty God,
they will become the traitors of God
and will be eliminated by God.
What you said is against the Bible.
For the Lord Jesus warned us plainly:
This shows that when the Lord comes again,
His name will not change.
People should hold onto the name of Jesus!
Amen! Right!
What you preached is against the Bible!
Mmhmm. Amen!
If we don't acknowledge the name of Jesus,
the Lord will not acknowledge us when He comes!
This is the word of the Lord Jesus.
Do you dare deny this fact?
Brothers and sisters, any way asking us
to forsake the name of Jesus and accept a different name,
we will not believe in it. (Amen!)
Actually, it's Sister Wang who knows the Bible better.
Yes. No matter what, we should believe in the Lord's name.
Sister Feng is right! God's name can be changed.
Brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus told us
that if we deny Him, when He comes, He will deny us too.
So the Lord's name will never change!
If His name was to change, He would have prophesied that. (Right!)
Yeah. Right!
Brothers, sisters, if we study the Bible carefully,
we will be clear that
the Lord Jesus' words were in a certain context.
He said this when He sent His disciples
to preach the gospel in various places,
for He knew that while preaching the gospel,
they would unavoidably be persecuted.
So He admonished His disciples
that whatever persecution they would suffer,
they should not deny and forsake Him before men
for the purpose of saving their own lives.
Otherwise, they would be rejected by God.
So we shouldn't misunderstand the Lord's word.
About whether the Lord will change His name or not
when He comes again,
let's take a look at Revelation 3:12:
Here, it mentions “my new name.”
Since it's a new name,
it's surely not one that has been used by God or heard by men.
Isn't that right?
Since it's a new name, it shouldn't be Jesus again.
I've read the Bible so many times. How did I ignore this part?
It says clearly in the Bible,
“there is none other name under heaven given among men….”
But why is a new name prophesied here?
Seems I have underestimated them.
Today, I should uphold the Lord's testimony.
I will not let them overwhelm me.
Right! Since it's a new name,
it shouldn't be “Jesus” any longer.
Mom, since it's a new name, it shouldn't be the name “Jesus.” (Yes.)
Don't try to confuse things! Here, it refers to Jesus.
The Scripture says:
Jesus Christ is the Lord God's name which is above every name
and is the glorified testimony to God!
It's also the evidence of our being saved by grace,
and the name by which we can overcome!
This fact will never change!
Thank the Lord!
The Scripture has made it so clear. How will you explain that?
Brothers and sisters, you are right about this.
Jesus is a name given by God, by which we can be saved.
But as we all know, the name of Jesus has been called upon
in the Age of Grace for two thousand years.
If the new name prophesied in Revelation is still Jesus,
then how could it be a new name?
Since it's a new name, there must be a change of the name.
So, the concept “the name of the Lord Jesus never changes”
is a notion we have come up with, and it holds no water.
Let's see what Almighty God says about it.
The words of Almighty God
reveal at a stroke the conceptions of man.
They clearly show us that the name of God is not eternal.
As God's work changes, His name changes, too.
The name Jehovah could change to Jesus in the Age of Grace,
and the name Jesus can change again in the last days.
This is God's own business. It is God's own work.
People have no right to interfere, still less to determine it.
God is the Creator,
and God's thoughts are higher than man's thoughts.
Everything God does is full of wisdom.
He has wisdom in choosing His names,
and He has His good purpose to change His names,
and we can not fathom.
So we must seek to understand all of these mysteries
with a humble and seeking heart.
Mysteries? Humph! God has already told us His name directly.
What mystery is there? I have never heard of anything like this.
You're just trying to lead us away from the Lord's name,
so that we follow your teachings!
Sister, can I ask you a question?
Did God have a name at the very beginning?
Wasn't Jehovah God's name?
Yes! God's name was Jehovah. (Right!)
Huh! You call yourself a preacher?
Why are you asking simple questions like that?
You'd better work these things out before you talk to us.
Brothers and sisters, for many years,
we have assumed that God had a name from the start.
And Jehovah was God's original name.
About this, we have never doubted.
But was this assumption right?
Let's look at what Almighty God says.
Brothers and sisters, did you hear what they said?
They said God didn't have a name at first.
No! God's name was Jehovah!
You really don't know that?
Wasn't Jehovah God's name?
Yes, Jehovah was God's name! Impossible!
Right! The Bible says so too.
God had no name? It's Jehovah, and that's a fact.
I've been reading the Bible for years,
and I've sought the mystery of God's name.
I've never read anything like “In the beginning, God had no name.”
There's just one fact that we can see,
from the beginning of Genesis,
God's name was Jehovah.
But now you're claiming that God had no name.
Brothers and sisters, the purpose of this fellowship
is for us to know the origin of God's name.
This will help us to better know God.
Brothers and sisters, for thousands of years,
we humans have always thought that God had a name from the very beginning.
We thought that Jehovah was His name from the start.
Only when God Himself is working and speaking in the end time,
telling us the truth,
do we realize that God originally had no name.
God has only had a name
since He began His management plan to save mankind.
So then, let us look in the Bible.
Please open your Bible and turn to Exodus 3:13 and 15,
God really did have no name!
Right! There it is in the Bible in black and white.
It really is true!
Look, it's right here!
From this passage, we can be more certain
that God did not have a name at first.
At that time, God was just called God.
He only took the name Jehovah
when Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt.
Then, with the name Jehovah,
God started His work in the Age of Law.
That is, He started His management plan to save mankind. God was—
Stop! Even if God did take the name Jehovah
when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt,
then what of Genesis 2:4, where it is written:
How do you explain the name Jehovah here?
First, we can be sure that there was no Book of Genesis
when God created heaven and earth and all things.
So the question is: When was Genesis written?
When was it written?
Do you know?
I have no idea.
I'm sure that
those who are familiar with the Bible all know
Genesis was written by Moses
after Jehovah had led the Israelites out of Egypt.
At that time, Moses had known the name of God,
and so, when he was writing Genesis,
it's easy to see
why he would use the name Jehovah to refer to God.
So, this is what happened!
We really cannot underestimate them. (Thank the Lord!)
Be patient! Let's see what else they'll have to say! I think we should listen more.
Brothers and sisters, in God's work to save mankind,
God takes a different name for each stage of His work.
He initiates each age, unfolds His work,
and shows us the disposition He expresses in it with His name.
His names help us to distinguish between ages,
and help us to know God.
The name Jehovah represents the Age of Law,
not the Age of Grace.
The name Jesus represents the Age of Grace,
not the Age of Kingdom in the end time.
So when God returns in the last days,
He will certainly take a new name.
It's written right there in the Bible:
So the name of the Lord doesn't change!
But brothers and sisters, they are saying that the name of Jesus will change in the last days!
This is obviously wrong! (Right!)
How do you explain
“the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever”?
Yes! What you say doesn't match the Bible!
Yes. The Bible is very clear. Jesus' name will never change.
Right! That's what it says in the Bible.
I don't know what this means.
But what Sister Yang said makes sense as well.
Brothers and sisters, the Bible says:
This means that
God's disposition and God's substance are immutable.
It doesn't mean that God's name will never change.
Look with us at the words of Almighty God.
Please turn to page 926.
Yes! These words are so practical.
God's work and God's name can change!
Right! God's words explain it very clearly.
The substance of God never changes.
But God's name changes as His work changes.
Yes, that's it!
From the words of Almighty God,
we can see that God is eternally unchanging.
That refers to God's disposition and His substance,
but not God's name.
In the course of God's work to save mankind,
He does different works
and takes different names in different ages.
But God's substance never changes. God will always be God.
That is to say, no matter if God's name is Jehovah or Jesus,
God's substance never changes.
It's always the same God working.
But at the time, the Jewish Pharisees did not know
that the name of God would change
as His work changed from one age to the next.
They thought that
their God was just called Jehovah, and He was their Savior.
For generations they clung to the belief
that “Only Jehovah is God; and there is no savior but Jehovah.”
So when God changed His name
and began His work of redemption in the name of Jesus,
they did everything they could to condemn and resist Him.
Finally, they nailed Jesus to the cross.
They committed a heinous crime, and were punished by God.
Similarly, in the last days, if we deny the substance of God
or the work being done by one God
because God has changed His work and name,
then we are absurd and ignorant!
Because the name which God takes in each age is meaningful.
It is a great salvation for man.
The Pharisees refused to accept the name of the Lord Jesus.
They resisted and condemned His work.
That's why they lost His salvation. (Right!)
Oh, such words make me understand much better.
Yes! So do I!
It sounds right to me, but what if it's wrong... Brother Wang, don't be taken in so easily...
Brothers and sisters, God is always new and never old.
He is an all-inclusive God.
No single name of God can represent all of God.
So as the ages pass, God changes His name.
What? God's name cannot represent all of God?
Jehovah is the perfect representation of all of God.
And Jesus is an even more perfect expression of God.
These are the facts acknowledged by Christianity for millennia.
This is the foundation of our belief, and no one can deny it! (Right!)
The names Jehovah and Jesus
both can represent God in His entirety.
No one can deny that.
Jesus Christ is the proof
that man can be saved through faith in God.
If you deny God's name, then what right do you have to preach?
Sister Li, Sister Wang, just wait a moment–
Be quiet, He Ping! You've betrayed the Lord.
We don't want to listen to you anymore!
Sister Li, calm down. Please let them finish speaking first.
Yes! Calm yourself!
Sister, let's hear some more.
Brothers and sisters,
whether God's names can represent God in His entirety
cannot be decided by man.
Let us look at what Almighty God says about it.
Please turn to page 925.
Oh, so that's it.
There are a lot of mysteries to the changes in God's name!
Yes, that passage speaks the truth!
No one would dare say this except God Himself!
Right. The disposition of our God is so rich.
No single name can fully represent Him.
Yes, that's right.
God's disposition is so rich,
and one name indeed can't fully represent God.
God has so much wisdom in His words and deeds.
These words are so stern.
I've never heard anyone say these things before.
Brothers and sisters, God is a wise and almighty Ruler.
He is so great, bountiful and infinite.
No single name could possibly represent God in all His entirety.
In each age, God only does a part of His work
and expresses part of His disposition.
God has not expressed all that He has and all that He is.
So, for each stage of God's work,
He must use a specific name with age significance,
which represents the work of that age
and the disposition He expresses.
This is the principle of God's work
and the primary reason God changes His name.
Since you say God's name in each age
doesn't represent God in His entirety,
then can you tell me what does God's name in each age mean?
Sister Wang, the question you asked is important.
It's very helpful for us to understand God.
Today Almighty God has given us the answer to this question.
Everybody, please turn to page 1202.
Those words are like a bright light!
Is that really the word of God?
Yes, I think so!
Look, we've never seen anything in the Bible
like God's six-thousand-year management plan.
The Bible tells us that God's names are Jehovah and Jesus.
That passage makes it clear that
there are mysteries hidden in God's name.
I've been reading the Bible for years,
and I've searched for God's name,
but I never understood the mysteries of God's name.
Now, they're here saying all this.
Lord, what is the truth of it?
Brothers and sisters, the words of Almighty God explain to us
the meaning of God's names that He takes in each age.
In the Age of Law, God's name was Jehovah.
This name represents the disposition
God expressed to the people of that age,
the disposition of majesty, wrath, curse and mercy.
At that time, in the name of Jehovah,
God started His work in the Age of Law.
He issued laws and commandments,
and formally led His new-born mankind to live on earth.
He demanded they strictly obey the law
and learn how to worship and magnify Him.
God's blessing and grace
would lie upon whoever followed the law of Jehovah.
Those who broke the law
would be stoned to death or burned by heavenly fire.
So the Israelites under the law
kept it faithfully and honored Jehovah's name as sacred,
and lived thousands of years under Jehovah's guidance
till the end of the Age of Law.
By the end of the Age of Law,
people had become increasingly corrupt and sinful
and were unable to obey the law.
Everyone was in constant danger of punishment for breaking it.
Therefore, with the name of Jesus,
God began a new stage of work of redemption.
He ended the Age of Law and initiated the Age of Grace,
and He expressed the disposition of love and mercy.
He laid His boundless grace upon man,
and finally was crucified to redeem man from sin.
After that, man began to pray in Jesus' name,
to worship Jesus' name as sacred,
and to enjoy the forgiveness of God and His boundless grace.
The name of Jesus exist
to allow the people of the Age of Grace to be reborn and saved.
Its meaning is the sin offering
full of love and mercy that redeems people.
The name Jesus represents God's redemptive work,
and also God's disposition of love and mercy.
Brothers and sisters,
in the previous two stages of God's work,
we can see that the name God takes in each age
holds representative significance.
Each represents the work and the disposition
which God expresses in that age.
In the Age of Grace,
if the Lord had been called Jehovah when He came,
rather than Jesus,
then God's work would have been stopped in the Age of Law.
And corrupt mankind would never have gained God's redemption.
In the end, they would've been condemned and punished
for breaking God's law.
When God comes in the last days,
if He still had the name Jesus, then corrupt mankind
would only receive salvation and forgiveness for their sins.
They would never achieve holiness, and enter God's kingdom.
This is because the sins of men
have been forgiven through Jesus' redemption,
but their sinful nature still remains.
They still often sin and have not been fully gained by God.
Therefore, in order to save men out of sin completely,
God is now doing a new work
of completely purifying and saving men based on Jesus' work.
And so God's name must change.
We cannot be fully gained by God?
Scripture clearly says,
We have already been saved in the name of our Lord Jesus.
Why would God need to do more work to save us?
This is obviously not right!
Yes, we've been saved forever.
Why do we need God's further work of salvation?
I have to say Sister Feng is right!
The Lord Jesus' blood has forgiven our sins.
We've been purified for believing in Him!
Brothers and sisters,
by the name of the Lord Jesus, we can be saved.
This is the salvation that the Lord has brought us.
But when we say “being saved,”
it means that the sins of man have been forgiven.
Man will no longer be condemned and punished
for breaking the law.
But it doesn't mean man is free from sin or he has become holy.
For people saved through grace are still sinning,
are still bound by the chains of sin,
often fall into sin and cannot pull themselves out.
Let's have a look at what Almighty God says.
Please turn to page 918.
Again, please turn to page 1002.
Brothers and sisters, the words of God tell us clearly:
“Being saved” only means that our sins have been forgiven.
Because of the redemption of Jesus,
we are no longer of sin, justified through faith,
and God no longer remembers our sins.
Just by praying in God's name, we can be forgiven of our sins,
and enjoy God's grace and blessing.
But one thing we can't deny
is that despite Jesus' redemption of our sins,
our sinful nature remains deeply rooted.
Our disposition is still arrogant,
selfish, crafty, greedy, and evil.
We still pursue all the evil fashions of the world,
and live for fame and gain, status and wealth.
Every day we sin, then confess, then sin again.
Even people who know the Bible well
cannot escape the chains of sin.
If this is our reality, how can we speak of purity?
It's written in the Scripture,
So then, how can we say
that we have been gained and saved by God?
In fact, the problem Jesus solved in His work
was only the death which sin caused.
He did not solve the roots of our sinning.
We still often sin and resist God, making God our enemy.
To be fully gained by God,
we need God's further work of purification and salvation.
Oh, even though we're saved,
the root of sin hasn't been solved.
So we can't escape from sin.
Hmm, I guess we haven't been gained by God. (Right.)
Well, that's why we still sin every day.
Actually, we need God to do another stage of work to save us.
Yes, that's true.
Now I understand. Thank the Lord! (Thank the Lord!)
Isn't this all just a denial of the Lord's salvation?
It's true that we still commit sins,
but by the name of the Lord Jesus, we can absolutely be purified.
We don't need God to do some new work!
The Lord Jesus is a mighty Redeemer.
We will surely become holy through Him!
As long as we follow the Lord's teachings, we can be purified.
Brothers and sisters,
the Lord Jesus completed His work of redemption,
and redeemed mankind from the claws of Satan.
So by the name of Jesus,
we are forgiven of sin and saved through faith.
This is the ironclad proof of God's work,
and no one can deny it.
But Jesus only redeemed man from his sins.
He never did the work of curing man's sinful nature.
So by the name of Jesus,
we can only win forgiveness and salvation in God's grace.
But we cannot escape sin and achieve holiness.
If we want to be fully gained by God,
then we need God to do one more stage of work of salvation.
It's just like the Bible says,
Let us read Almighty God's words.
Turn to page 4.
Then let's take a look at page 1252.
Brothers and sisters,
the Lord Jesus only completed the work of redemption.
He never did the work of resolving man's sinful nature.
Therefore, by the name of Jesus,
we still cannot escape sin and achieve purity.
However strong our faith is, or however hard we pursue,
our disposition cannot change.
We can review the history.
In the two thousand years since Jesus did His work,
all the true believers in the Lord
have wanted to escape sin by the name of Jesus and become holy.
And some people even discipline themselves,
forsake their flesh to overcome their impurities for a lifetime.
But none of them has borne the testimony
of escaping sin and achieving holiness, is it right?
Therefore by the name of the Lord Jesus,
we're only forgiven of our sins,
rather than becoming completely holy.
So, in the end time, with the name of Almighty God,
God performs a deeper work of purification and salvation.
Thank the Lord, if we miss this opportunity,
we will regret it all our life! (Yeah! Mm.)
Oh, Lord, I hear what they are saying, and it makes sense.
And now, we have not yet rid ourselves of sin,
and we are not yet fit to see You.
But... when You come, will You really have to change Your name?
Is Almighty God really Your return?
Lord, please inspire me...
You say the returned Lord is called Almighty God.
Do you have Biblical evidence?
Brothers and sisters, they are betraying the Lord Jesus!
Do not listen to them!
Quite right.
Brothers and sisters, the Bible prophesied long ago
that God would be called Almighty God in the end time.
We can find it with some careful reading.
Look with me at Revelation 1:8.
Then let's go to 11:16-17,
Revelation 4:8, 16:7, 19:6,
and many other verses have all prophesied that God's new name in the end time is “the Almighty,”
that is, Almighty God.
We needn't read them one by one.
Yes, it says it all right here in Revelation! (Right!) (Look!)
I never realized there were so many prophecies for that.
Me neither. This fellowship has been enough to convince anyone.
Thank the Lord!
Thank the Lord!
I never imagined that the prophecies here
would say Almighty God so clearly.
These verses are absolutely clear!
Lord! Can You really have returned?
Brothers and sisters, God is a wise God,
and everything God does has great significance.
The name Almighty God represents exactly the work God does
and the disposition He expresses in the last days.
If God did not come Himself to reveal these hidden mysteries,
we would never know them,
regardless of the time spent on the Bible.
Let us read the words of Almighty God.
Please turn to page 929.
Now, page 930.
Well, these words are with great authority!
Only God can speak with this identity and in this tone.
This is the word of God. I can tell, this is God's word.
This is God's voice. The words are so right, and have such authority!
This really is the voice of God.
Thanks be to God!
The Lord Jesus we have longed for has returned at last!
He has finally returned!
Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus!
God has truly changed His name!
Thank the Lord!
Brothers and sisters, with the name of Almighty God,
God has begun the judgment of the Age of Kingdom in the last days.
Through expressing the word,
He reveals the corrupt nature of men
and judges their unrighteousness.
So, through reading His words,
they come to know their nature and substance,
and they see how deeply they have been corrupted by Satan.
They see the roots of their corruption,
and know God's righteous disposition tolerating no offense.
His words also give them a direction,
a way to transform their disposition.
Then they can renounce evil, pursue the truth,
have their disposition transformed, and be saved by God.
God judges and purifies men, divides them into their kinds,
rewards the good, and punishes the evil.
And His will is to completely save corrupt mankind
from Satan's domain,
and conclude His six-thousand-year management plan
for man's salvation.
So in the last days, God reveals Himself to men
with a disposition of righteousness, majesty, wrath,
and intolerance of offending.
He shows them His original disposition,
and all that He has and is.
With such a disposition,
He judges and chastises the corruption of all mankind,
saves them completely from sin,
and restores the holiness they once had.
He'll make them see
God has the wisdom to create heaven and earth and all things,
and has the wisdom to perform real work on man.
He not only created everything,
but also holds dominion over all things.
He not only can be man's sin offering,
but also can perfect, change and purify man.
He is the First, and the Last.
None can fully fathom His wondrousness, or His deeds.
So, it is only fitting that
we should call God by the name Almighty God.
Now, the work of the Holy Spirit
only supports the work of Almighty God.
By praying this name, true worshippers of Almighty God
can receive the Holy Spirit's working,
and enjoy the bountiful life provision and watering from God.
Those who do not will fall into darkness, with no way out.
Now an unprecedented desolation
is settling on all the churches of the Age of Grace.
The faith of believers has grown cold.
Preachers have no message to preach.
People aren't moved in prayer.
And more and more people are tempted by worldly ways.
The reason is that they fail to accept the name of Almighty God
and keep pace with God's latest work.
So, that's why our church has been so desolate lately.
Sister Feng is right.
That's exactly what's been happening to us! (Yes.)
That's true. And I've visited some churches.
Churches today are truly in a state of desolation.
It is true that brothers and sisters
are getting increasingly weak and lacking in enthusiasm.
So we should keep pace with God's new work.
Yes. That's it!
You say God is passing judgment in the end time?
Let me ask you: why does it say in 2 Peter 3:12,
On the day of the Lord's judgment,
the elements of the whole earth will be burned in flames!
None of us has seen such things happening.
It's pretty clear that your claims are completely wrong.
Mmm. That's right! Has anyone seen this fire?
I haven't seen it!
Brothers and sisters, don't be quite so quick to judge.
Perhaps there are some mysteries here. Let's just listen more.
Look, you say that the Lord has already returned,
but what about Sister Li's question?
Everyone has been wondering about it,
so how should we understand it?
Do we really have to listen any more?
Brothers and sisters,
in the last days, God will destroy the world.
That is a fact which God will certainly make happen.
But this step will only happen
after God finishes His work of judgment.
That is, it will only happen
after God has saved all the people He can save.
Let's read some of the words of Almighty God.
Please turn to page 1411.
From Almighty God's words,
we can see how God will use His judgment in the last days
to purify and transform the impurities and unrighteousness
in all of the people He can save.
At the same time, all of the evil people,
all those hypocrites who hate and refuse the truth,
will be revealed and eliminated completely.
So people will be after their kinds.
When God has finished His work of judgment in the last days,
that is, when all people who can be saved
have been purified through God's judgment,
God will reward the good and punish the evil,
and will destroy the evil ones against Him.
He will destroy this filthy and corrupt old world.
So until the time when God's work of judgment is complete,
that is, in the time before God destroys the world,
we must accept the name of the last Christ, Almighty God,
and the judgment that He performs.
That is the only path to purity and God's salvation.
we will lose forever the salvation of God in the end time.
Thank the Lord!
If we missed this chance, we would regret it forever! (Right!)
Sister Wang, if we are not firm,
if we cannot stay true to the name of the Lord,
then how will we stand accountable before Him?
Sister Li, we have never even heard their preaching before.
After all the debates we've heard today,
I think we should look into this.
Right! Sister Li, let's listen to them at least!
Except for the Lord Jesus,
there is no one who can bring us grace and salvation.
I believe in the Lord Jesus only.
I don't believe what you say, even if it's the true way!
Sister Li!
We'd rather die than betray the Lord's name.
We won't listen to this preaching! Let's go! Sister Li, Brother Jia, Brother...
What's wrong with them today? This is good preaching,
and they'll be sorry if they don't listen.
Yes. Right.
Sister Wang, Sister Cao,
thank God for setting up this opportunity to fellowship today.
Why don't we hear some more!
Yes, please sit down. Sister, sit down and listen!
Please! Sit down!
Please, keep talking!
Thanks be to God!
Brothers and sisters, believing in Almighty God
doesn't mean we have betrayed the Lord Jesus.
Rather, we've kept pace with God's work,
for Almighty God is the returned Jesus.
His work is a higher stage of work, built on the work of Jesus,
just as the Lord Jesus did the work of redemption
on the basis of the work of Jehovah.
The names Jehovah, Jesus, and Almighty God
are the different names
taken by God in each age as His work changes.
The name may change, and the work may be different,
but God remains one God.
The substance is still God Himself. They are one Spirit.
Let's see how Almighty God says it!
Please turn to page 936.
Almighty God's words are very clear.
Almighty God is Jehovah,
who once gave mankind the law and led their lives.
And He is also the Lord Jesus,
who was crucified to redeem mankind.
The judgment of Almighty God, the redemption of the Lord Jesus,
as well as the law of Jehovah are all done by the same God.
According to His own plan and also man's needs,
step by step, God saves man.
Today, we accepted Almighty God's name,
which doesn't mean we're ungrateful and have betrayed Jesus.
It means we're following the Lamb's footsteps,
staying true to God's ways, and being loyal to Him.
This is what God approves, as it says in Revelation 14:4,
Those who insist on the name of Jesus
and refuse to accept Almighty God
just become the betrayers of God,
and will be not accepted by God.
In the time when God came to work with the name of Jesus,
those disciples who accepted God's new work and followed Jesus
did not abandon the true way nor betray Jehovah.
Rather, they kept pace with God's footsteps
and were the ones faithful to God,
while those Pharisees
who thought themselves faithful to Jehovah
stuck to keeping Jehovah's name and rejected Jesus.
In the end, their loyalty was not at all approved by Jehovah.
Quite the opposite,
they were subject to God's curses and punishment.
So, we must learn from the failure of the Pharisees.
We should accept Almighty God's name
and keep pace with God's footsteps.
So we can receive God's salvation.
Sister Wang, do you feel our fellowship acceptable?
Sister, for years now,
I've thought that there are mysteries about the name of God.
But my questions never got answered.
Today, I understand much from your fellowship.
I will go and research everything you've said here today.
Thanks be to God!
I will go and look into it as well.
Yes! Praise God!
Brothers and sisters, through the fellowship,
we have learned that
the name of God exists because of the plan of God's salvation.
During His work, in order for mankind to know Him better,
and to more easily receive His salvation,
God takes Himself different names.
And in every stage of His work, He changes His name,
and shows mankind part of His disposition.
By constantly carrying out new works, and by taking new names,
God has shown to mankind
His almightiness and wisdom and wonderful deeds.
He has shown Himself as Jehovah,
who issued laws to guide the life of man
but also could take pity on man and curse man,
and also as the loving and merciful Savior Jesus, man's Redeemer.
Moreover, He is the righteous and holy Almighty God
who expresses words to judge man and save man
and can destroy the old world.
Finally, they'll know all God's disposition and all that He is,
and learn that God is an all-inclusive God,
a God of bounty and abundance,
the Creator who makes all things and rules over everything.
This is the significance of God taking a name in each age.
When all men have a true understanding of God,
or when God's work of salvation,
His six-thousand-year management plan, is complete,
God's names on earth will come to an end.
Please turn to page 934.
Let's read the words of Almighty God.
When that time comes,
God will no longer use a highly appropriate
yet incomplete name to represent Him.
God will no longer be called Jehovah, nor Jesus,
nor even Almighty God.
He will just be called God Himself
who is full of power and authority, or the Creator.
This is the most proper way for mankind to call God.
The debate on the truth had been fiery,
but the words of Almighty God helped Wang Hua
to finally see the meaning of the changes in God's name.
She believed that the last Christ,
Almighty God, is the return of her Savior Jesus,
for whom she had been waiting for years!
Almighty God's work is just the work
of “judgment beginning at the house of God” in the last days.
Now, Wang Hua was filled with exhilaration.
Wang Hua had never dreamed that
she would see the return of the Lord Jesus in her own lifetime!
Besides her joy, she also thought back
on how she had for years opposed God's end-time work,
and how she had stopped the brothers and sisters
from accepting God's end-time gospel.
Wang Hua was overwhelmed with regrets
at her disobedience, stubbornness and ignorance.
That's right.
For every stage of God's work, His name is different.
The name Jehovah can change into Jesus.
So why shouldn't God's name change again in the last days?
Why didn't I ever realize this?
Lord, these words have authority!
Who could say such words other than You?
Lord, this really is Your voice!
I have been waiting for You to return,
but when You came, I defined You in my own terms.
Lord, I have been ignorant, blind, and so arrogant!
Oh, God, I have believed in You for so many years,
and yet I never really knew what “belief in God” meant.
My knowledge of faith in God was actually just a simple belief,
of which God did not approve.
O God, thank You.
It is Your words that have helped me come out of the mist...
After these days' fellowship, does anyone have any questions?
All these years,
we thought we could enter the kingdom of heaven
by holding onto Jesus' name.
Now I finally see that these were all ideas we made up ourselves.
Right! Thank God for His grace!
If we carried on like that, we'd be in trouble.
Thanks be to God! He has not forsaken us.
Right, God's salvation of us is so great!
God's management plan is to save mankind completely
out of Satan's influence of darkness.
So they can cast off their satanic disposition
and achieve holiness, and become ones who follow God's will.
Such a great work as this could not be accomplished
in one or two stages,
but it needs God's three stages of work.
In the Age of Law,
Jehovah issued the law to lead and teach man
how to live on this earth.
In the Age of Grace,
Jesus was nailed to the cross and redeemed man from sin.
In the last days,
Almighty God speaks words to completely purify and save man,
and then finishes His whole management plan.
God uses three different names
to represent three different ages,
and finishes the three stages of salvation.
This is the complete work God does to save man.
Today, with the name Almighty God,
God uses words to chastise and judge men,
guide them into all the truth,
and rid them of their corruptions to achieve purification.
If a man wants to cast off sin
and become one who follows God's will,
he must accept Almighty God's judgment in the last days.
Only in this way, will he be purified and saved.
This is the only path into the kingdom of heaven for us.
Let's look at what Almighty God says.
Open the book to page 1456.
Sister Wang, please read it for us! (Okay.)
Brothers and sisters, I used to think that if I just stayed faithful to the name of Jesus,
I could be redeemed,
and could enter the kingdom of heaven with the Lord.
Because of this erroneous viewpoint,
I repeatedly rejected God's end-time salvation,
and also hindered everyone
from seeking and investigating the true way.
I have really done many evil things.
God disciplined me for them.
I was injured by an electric motor; boils grew all over my body.
Yet I still didn't wake up.
But God's love still came to me,
and gave me another chance to come before Him.
Brothers and sisters,
after these days of investigating and seeking,
I do understand from God's words that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus.
Brothers and sisters,
I used to do a lot of things hated by God and harmful to you.
Today, taking this opportunity,
I advise everybody to investigate and seek God's end-time work,
and listen to the words God has expressed today.
I don't know how to express God's love for me.
Then let us read some words of Almighty God.
Brothers and sisters,
in these words I see God's intention for all those
who truly have faith in Him
and are willing to return to His side.
And today, I have seen the great salvation that God has for me.
If God hadn't done His work on me today
and inspired me to understand His word,
accepting and tolerating me with His infinite patience,
I would not have had the chance
to stand here and testify to all of you.
Brothers and sisters, I hope you all can listen to
the work God is doing and the words He has expressed.
Sister, I've sinned too much and stood against God.
God knows our ignorance. Do not be upset!
Right. It's a terrible thing to resist God!
I was so scared to be expelled by the church
and dared not listen.
Thank the Lord! He has given us this chance! (Yes!)
Only God could be so tolerant to man.
Thanks be to God!
After a period of fellowship,
most of the brothers and sisters at Wang Hua's church
returned to Almighty God one after another.
Wang Hua was thus filled with many feelings.
She deeply felt that
this was the great salvation that the last Christ,
Almighty God, had brought for man.
It is the words expressed by Almighty God
that opened to mankind all the secrets
in God's six-thousand-year management plan.
These words have made people finally understand that
Jehovah, Jesus, and Almighty God
are names taken by the one God in three different ages.
And though the name of God may change,
God's substance will never change for all eternity!
Almighty God,
who expresses words and judges man in the end time,
is the returned Lord Jesus.
When people accept Almighty God,
they don't betray the Lord Jesus,
but have kept pace with the Lamb's footsteps.
And this fulfills what was prophesied in Revelation,
Thank you for watching!
Focus on “Ironclad Proofs,”
focus on God's work,
and focus on the destiny of mankind.
See you all next time!
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English Christian Movie | Do You Know the Mystery of the Name of God

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fengzhongmaisui published on September 27, 2019
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