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(calm electronic music)
- [Narrator] I just like it when my kids get up,
and they're in a good mood and they're all smiling.
That's my bit, the first bit of the day.
- [Narrator] Family don't cost nothing.
It's like your mom is like your best friend.
- [Narrator] She puts on a big smiling face.
She's only one; she's small, but she's lovely.
- [Narrator] I like being outside.
So, like when the weather's really warm, I like looking at trees.
- [Narrator] Me, and I make it for me, for my dress
is a lovely color, and it's a proud feeling.
I am happy.
- [Narrator] It's strangers smiling.
It's strangers dancing with strangers.
That's what's community.
- [Narrator] The sound that the bike makes
when he's arriving at home just makes me very happy
because, yeah.
- [Narrator] I like having a bacon sandwich on my balcony.
- [Narrator] So I would be very happy, likely.
- [Narrator] Probably friends because
they're always there for you.
- [Narrator] Finding dinosaurs in the fruit bowl.
That makes me happy.
- [Narrator] Going different places,
meeting different people and different cultures.
- [Narrator] Just that gentleman over there.
He makes me happy.
- [Narrator] Cycling with my mates.
- [Narrator] Playing Legos.
- [Narrator] Live music.
- I love pizza. - Coffee?
- [Narrator] Her laugh, her laugh is really, really crazy.
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Love Letters in the Sky

99 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 24, 2019
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