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- BTS, everyone!
- Hey, we are BTS!
- Oh my gosh, you guys, welcome to the BBMAs!
- Yes!
- Yeah, welcome!
- Uh, how does it feel to be here, tonight?
- Super exciting! Super exciting!
- "Love Yourself: Tear" is out and I hear
that it's gonna be debuting pretty high in the charts.
How does it feel to have this album out there?
- It makes my heart beat
- I wanna talk about "Love Yourself: Tear."
Obviously, it's out there for each of you.
What is your favorite song on the album?
What's a song that has the most meaning to each of you?
I'm going to go around, I'm going to start with you.
- Yeah, one by one.
- "Fake Love."
- "Tear."
- "Fake Love," yes.
- (speaking foreign language)
- That's in Korean.
- For me, "Love Maze."
- With Steve Aoki track, "The Truth Untold."
- "The Truth Untold."
- "The Truth Untold."
- "Magic Shop!"
- "Magic Shop!"
- Well, I wanna talk to you
about your song, "Airplane pt. 2."
Has a lot of Latin vibes to it and I know you guys
were big fans of the song "Havana."
Would you say that's a song that inspired it?
Or, maybe, what artist or song has inspired that song?
- I mean, we listen to lot of, I don't wanna
mention the specific genre, but Latin pop, like "Havana."
Or, it could be, you know, "Despacito."
So, we got a lot inspired by a lot of Latin songs.
- Havana, ooh, na-na!
- I love it!
And K-pop is coming up, you guys!
Are you guys excited for KCON?
KCON's coming up, are you excited for KCON, this year?
- KCON, right?
- Yes.
(speaking foreign language)
- We've been, like--
- (speaking foreign language)
So, like, we're on tour, so we don't know.
We might, if we could be there, or not.
You know, still!
- (speaking foreign language)
- Instead of KCON, we'll be here, like, for the tour.
So, like, KCON is always great.
- I'm curious, what are some other K-pop bands
that you guys think might break in America?
Who are you excited about?
Who do you listen to?
- (speaking foreign language)
- K-pop bands? Uh... BTS
- Maybe BTS. I love BTS.
- Alright, you guys, I am very confident you're going to win
tonight, so what is your celebration dance
as we end this interview?
Show me your celebration dance.
Let's get down.
- Whoo!
- Nice.
- (speaking foreign language)
- Awesome.
Thank you guys so much, have fun tonight, good luck.
We'll see you soon.
Thanks guys, so good seeing you.
Bye guys.
See you.
Bye, good seeing you.
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BTS Talks Love of Latin Pop and Show Off BBMA Victory Dance | BBMAs 2018

69 Folder Collection
Stella published on September 24, 2019
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