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Navy boot camp was not an easy experience for me
or for anyone who endured it
for the first three weeks I was convinced my life
was in jeopardy
the navy wasn't trying to train me
it was trying to kill me
I shall ever remember when Sunday rolled around after the first week
we received welcome news from the Cheif petty officer
Standing at attention on the drill ground
In a brisk California breeze
we heard his command
everybody goes to church
everybody that is
except me
I'm going to relax
All you Catholics
you meet in camp Decatur
and don't come back until fifteen hundred hours
Fall out
Those of you who are Jewish
you meet in camp Henry
The rest of you Protestants
you meet in the theater in camp Theraget
Fall out
Instantly there flashed through my mind the thought
Monson you're not a catholic
You're not a Jew
you're not a Protestant, you're a Mormon
so you just stand here
I can assure you that I felt
completely alone
and determined yes, but alone
as we go about living from day-to-day
it's almost inevitable
that our faith will be challenged
We may at times find ourselves surrounded by others
yet standing in the minority
00:02:25,099 --> 00:02:26,599 or even standing alone
concerning what is acceptable or what is not
do we have the moral courage to stand firm
for our beliefs
if and in by so doing
We must stand alone
00:02:48,469 --> 00:02:50,279 it is essential
that we are able to face
with courage
whatever challenges come our way
“and just what do you guys call yourselves”
Until that very moment I had not realised
that anyone was standing beside me
Or behind me
on the drill ground
almost in unison
each of us replied “Mormons Sir”
well you guys go find someplace to meet
and don't come back until fifteen hundred hours, Fall out
It is difficult to describe the joy
that fill my heart
as we marched away I thought of the words of a rhyme I had
learned in primary
years before
dare to be a Mormon
dare to stand alone
dare to have a purpose firm
dare to make it known
May we ever be courageous
and prepared
to stand for what we believe
And if we must stand alone
in the process
may we do so
strengthened by the knowledge
in reality we are never alone
when we stand
with our Father in Heaven
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Dare to Stand Alone

124 Folder Collection
So Ling Lee published on September 22, 2019
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