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  • Navy boot camp was not an easy experience for me

  • or for anyone who endured it

  • for the first three weeks I was convinced my life

  • was in jeopardy

  • the navy wasn't trying to train me

  • it was trying to kill me

  • I shall ever remember when Sunday rolled around after the first week

  • we received welcome news from the Cheif petty officer

  • Standing at attention on the drill ground

  • In a brisk California breeze

  • we heard his command

  • today

  • everybody goes to church

  • everybody that is

  • except me

  • I'm going to relax

  • All you Catholics

  • you meet in camp Decatur

  • and don't come back until fifteen hundred hours

  • Fall out

  • Those of you who are Jewish

  • you meet in camp Henry

  • fallout

  • The rest of you Protestants

  • you meet in the theater in camp Theraget

  • Fall out

  • Instantly there flashed through my mind the thought

  • Monson you're not a catholic

  • You're not a Jew

  • you're not a Protestant, you're a Mormon

  • so you just stand here

  • I can assure you that I felt

  • completely alone

  • courageous

  • and determined yes, but alone

  • as we go about living from day-to-day

  • it's almost inevitable

  • that our faith will be challenged

  • We may at times find ourselves surrounded by others

  • yet standing in the minority

  • 00:02:25,099 --> 00:02:26,599 or even standing alone

  • concerning what is acceptable or what is not

  • do we have the moral courage to stand firm

  • for our beliefs

  • if and in by so doing

  • We must stand alone

  • 00:02:48,469 --> 00:02:50,279 it is essential

  • that we are able to face

  • with courage

  • whatever challenges come our way

  • and just what do you guys call yourselves

  • Until that very moment I had not realised

  • that anyone was standing beside me

  • Or behind me

  • on the drill ground

  • almost in unison

  • each of us repliedMormons Sir

  • well you guys go find someplace to meet

  • and don't come back until fifteen hundred hours, Fall out

  • It is difficult to describe the joy

  • that fill my heart

  • as we marched away I thought of the words of a rhyme I had

  • learned in primary

  • years before

  • dare to be a Mormon

  • dare to stand alone

  • dare to have a purpose firm

  • dare to make it known

  • May we ever be courageous

  • and prepared

  • to stand for what we believe

  • And if we must stand alone

  • in the process

  • may we do so

  • courageously

  • strengthened by the knowledge

  • in reality we are never alone

  • when we stand

  • with our Father in Heaven

Navy boot camp was not an easy experience for me

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Dare to Stand Alone

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    So Ling Lee posted on 2019/09/22
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