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(wild monkey screeching)
- [Narrator] If you were a kid in the '90s,
you might remember this show.
- Legends of the Hidden Temple.
- [Narrator] This guy was the host, Kirk Fogg.
- Ha-ha, thank you, thank you, nice to see you.
Legends of the Hidden Temple,
for those who didn't watch it, was an iconic game show
out of the '90s by Nickelodeon.
- Are you ready, Olmec?
- Let's rock.
- [Narrator] Barely anybody won.
There were 120 shows, and, like, only 30 winners.
- Teams, are you ready?
- Yeah!
- [Narrator] I guess now we can finally get answers
to all of our Legends of the Hidden Temple questions.
- Who was Olmec?
- [Narrator] Yeah, as it turns out,
there was a guy standing inside his face.
- But he stands back there and he has the microphone here,
his copy here, and he has his hand on the lever
that handles the mouth.
See, I'm gonna ruin it for all the kids!
A lot of people ask, who were the temple guards?
- [Kirk Voiceover] Oh, temple guard!
- They were the guys who used to help out during the show,
but, here's a little behind-the-scenes secret.
Occasionally, some of the writers would dress up.
I think they vicariously got a thrill out of
scaring the crap out of kids
going (laughing) through the temple.
I felt bad for a few of them.
- [Narrator] But they did really scare
the crap out of kids.
- This poor girl got really super-upset
in the middle of the run, and she threw up.
And unfortunately, she threw up in the Pit of Despair.
- [Narrator] Oh, god!
- [Kirk Fogg] Everybody asks, what was the hardest room,
and I think, probably, for everybody,
it was the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
These three things look similar together
'cause they're kind of all silver,
so you have to kind of stack them on.
- [Kirk Voiceover] Turn it around, no, turn the head around!
- I was actually an expert at it.
- [Narrator] So, yeah, the temple was pretty impossible.
Is that the only reason there were so few winners?
- The producers were only allowed to give out
eight championships a year, so there was a budget,
and that's the truth of that.
- [Narrator] Oh, no!
- Oh, yeah.
(swinging pop music)
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The Secrets of Nickelodeon's Hidden Temple

70 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 22, 2019
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