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It's Christmas David!
By David Shannon No peeking!
No snitching!
Those are not toys!
Santa's watching, David!
Be patient!
[David] I want a bicycle, a fire engine, a spaceship, a sled, a battleshi-
Hurry up!
[David] a parachute, a tank…
Naughty list, naughty list, naughty list…
Santa's going to bring you a lump of coal!
Don't start yet!
Seat your grandmother.
No yawning at the dinner table.
That's the wrong fork!
Sit up straight!
Don't reach.
Put your napkin in your lap.
Get your elbows off the table!
No David, you may not open one early.
Go to sleep David!
No Christmas for you, David!
Wake up David - You were dreaming!
[David] It's Christmas!
Yes David!
It's Christmas!
Dear David, Merry Christmas!
Love, Santa Claus
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It's Christmas David! by David Shannon

99 Folder Collection
黃詩方 published on September 22, 2019
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