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Borne trying to take advantage of the epic confrontation that 2
Yim went through at TakeOver Toronto Two, 3
failing to dethrone Shana Baisler, but putting up the fight of her life. 4
>> Certainly hurt the champion Baszler, 5
arguably worse than any other challenger thus far. 6
Injured in the right arm of Baszler. 7
>> Leapfrogged by Vanessa Borne. 8
>> Again trying to bend the rules to the shot to the throat. 9
>> And speaking of bending the rules interference. 10
>> And Mia's been the different maker for Vanessa Borne. 11
>> Samoan drop by the half Samoan Vanessa Borne. 12
>> Born was struggling to get that shoulder down, 13
it may have cost her the victory. 14
>> Let's go, Mia. 15
Let's go, Mia. 16
[NOISE] >> Aliyah is running might yes. 17
>> And they just tagged Yim a lower. 18
>> Lower. 19
>> Of course, Borne and Aliyah feel that they are higher than everyone. 20
>> That just stick a fist. 21
>> Well, that's just classless. 22
>> [SOUND] >> Borne continuing 23
with this of trash talk. 24
>> A loser. 25
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Yim taking Ember to the fact that Borne 26
called her a loser, pops up a left hand and 27
there was a slap across the face by The Vision, Vanessa Borne. 28
>> And look at face shows that story. 29
>> All the way take down ground and pound by Yim 30
background in Muay Thai and Taekwondo, utilizing kicks now. 31
Forearm smashed to the face of Borne by a fired up Yim. 32
>> And The Vision is rocked. 33
>> Machine gun chops. 34
>> Nice. 35
>> Mia, you are badass. 36
>> [NOISE] >> You have had to go to some dark depths 37
to climb yourself out of the places you've been, but 38
I got to thinking we don't need to stand across each other like enemies. 39
>> [SOUND] >> You could stand right beside me. 40
>> [APPLAUSE] >> This, 41
this, this is a cold, cold business but ask these two. 42
It's nice and warm here under the dragon's wing. 43
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I think that's a no. 44
>> Yim is sticking with the Mia militia. 45
>> To that olive branch. 46
>> Rejecting the Horse Women's advances and 47
now the Horse Women making Mia Yim pay. 48
>> In a two on one attack.
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Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne: WWE NXT, Aug. 21, 2019

60 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 22, 2019
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