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It's the LaBrant fam.
We're about to face off and give our takes on some
of parenting's--
And life's.
--biggest questions.
This is the debate club.
Using dessert to negotiate with your kids.
With bedtime, potty training, anything,
dessert is all that kids want.
That's like gold.
They're addicts to dessert.
I say no.
I don't like using food as a negotiation.
I like using like prizes, or you get a star.
Just wait till you have a kid.
It'll all change.
We have a kid.
Toilet paper.
Over or under?
I think under.
That's just the way I've always done it.
You're wrong.
It's over.
Because if there's a spider or any kind of small bug,
or a thing hiding right behind it, if it's under you
don't know.
You just pull, boom.
Spider's on your hand.
On top, you can see a spider coming.
You don't look at your toilet paper before you wipe yourself?
Of course I do.
But if it's under, you can't see what's hiding under it.
If it's on top, you can see what's coming.
No, because you can see what's under it if you're pulling it
from up top.
Now we're actually gonna get in a real fight about this
when we get home.
Is a Cheeto a chip?
I'm going to go with no.
Because a Cheeto is more of a cheese puff.
It's small, long tubed, crunchy.
It's like its own category.
A chip is like flaky--
It's 1,000% a chip.
Just a chip.
It's in the chip category.
You like go, like, what kind of chip do you want?
And Cheeto is it.
it's all the way, it's a chip.
That's not even-- do you wash your legs in the shower?
I wash my legs in the shower.
I don't know why you wouldn't.
It's still your body.
You got to wash everything.
So you get down, like, scrub your legs when you get--
I mean, I don't get down and--
You get body wash.
--scrub my legs as much as I'll scrub my armpit.
But I still wash my legs, yeah.
I don't.
I don't wash my legs in the shower,
just because I got shampoo on my hair,
and the water's flowing down.
That's weird.
It's a downward flow.
Just wash everything.
It's gotta wash off.
It isn't-- I guess technically I am washing,
but I don't get down and scrub.
I don't purposely wash, but my shampoo for my hair just--
Let's--you're just weird.
Just flows off onto the legs.
Baby Shark or no Baby Shark?
I'm gonna go with no Baby Shark.
Yes Baby Shark.
I think everyone was yes Baby Shark at the beginning.
But Baby Shark's just been--
I mean, I don't necessarily--
(MOCK SINGING) Baby shark, do do do do do do, do do do.
--like listening to it.
It's kind of annoying.
But I'm all for it because it works in certain situations.
I think it's over done.
Yes Baby Shark.
I think it's over done.
No it's not.
Savannah, I'm so sorry to say that you lost this debate club.
Yeah, right.
Comment below to let us know who you think won.
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The LaBrant Fam Goes Head-to-Head in 'Ellen’s Internet Debate Club'

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 22, 2019
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