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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 160. The verb phrase today is to
knock out. We actually have 8 pretty common uses for knock out today and we
give examples for all of them. So let's look at the first one. The first meaning
is to exhaust or to tire out and when we use this one usually we will use a noun
or pronoun. You know, with it. So here's the first example that we're using. That
long hike really knocked the kids out. So it really tired them out. So maybe when
they came home that night, they slept very easily. Because this long hike
knocked them out. Or we have a second example for this one. One side effect of
this medicine is that it really knocks me out. If you have ever taken any medicine
and you get really tired as a side effect from the medicine, you could say
the medicine knocked you out. It's one side effect of the medicine. All right.
Here's the second one. To tell someone to go ahead or feel free to do something.
All right now here we only got one example, but we have a/b part. So A
says, Do you mind if I have a piece of cake ? And B says knock yourself out.
Have as much as you like. Enjoy yourself. So we often tell somebody to knock
yourself out doing something. So especially if somebody asks your
permission to do it. And you say "Yeah, feel free like be at home. Knock yourself
out. Have as much fun as you want. " Maybe someone will say can I play that video game ? Sure
knock yourself out. Have fun. Okay. Let's look at number 3 here. To make someone
unconscious. Okay. So the first example we have here is the champion boxer knocked
out his challenger. So this is like in a real boxing match. You can literally get
knocked out. Get hit and become unconscious. All right. The second one here
is I prefer they knock me out for the operation I don't want to be awake
through it. So in this case, you know, they're giving somebody a shot to make
them sleep. To make them become unconscious.
Okay. Good number four here. Basically means to
cause to stop working or operating. All right and the first example we have
for this one is, that storm knocked out the electricity. So it made the electricity
stop working and it'll maybe knock down some telephone wires or something
like that. And the second example we have for this
one is, too many people visited that website at the same time and knocked it
out. Yeah. Like in the sense that we would say like crashed the website. So we say
it knocked out the website. Okay. Number five. Eliminate from a sports competition.
Okay. Good. Yeah their loss knocked them out of the competition. You know, it could
be like you know, especially postseason, championship series. Maybe this lost
knocked them out. Now they're eliminated. That singer got knocked out in the last
round of that singing contest. Yeah. Like American Idol usually every week they
would knock somebody out. So somebody get eliminated every week. Okay. Number six
here. To hit hard and cause something to fall out. Okay. You say when he pushed
over that container , off the table and knocked out all the contents. Everything
that was in the container got knocked out. It got forced out. Okay. Good
number seven here. To complete something or produce something. All right. The first
example we have for this one is I am trying to knock out all the data entries
I have to do before lunch. So you're trying to get them all finished.
Okay and the second one we have for those. The night shift
knocked out 530 vans in eight hours. So they produced 530 vans in just eight
hours. So they knock them out. So this is another way that we use it. And the last
one here. Number eight has this meaning. To thoroughly impress or excite. You know
in some way. So let's look at the first example. The special
effects from that movie knocked me out. Like you were very impressed. I remember
when the first you know, Avatar movie came out. A lot of people said that the
special effects in that movie knocked them out. Okay and the last example we
have. Her performance knocked out the audience. Again they were very impressed.
They were very excited by her performance. That really she really
knocked them out. Okay. Great. I hope you got it. I hope it is clear. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (160) Knock Out

33 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on September 21, 2019
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