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>> They are using Islamist tactics to invert reality.
What they're seeking, they have a grotesque Holocaust envy.
>> That's Qanta Ahmed on Laura Ingraham Show going after representatives Ilhan Omar and
Rashida Talib.
Now, of course, Laura Ingraham never shies away from having defamatory conversations
about progressive members of Congress and this is no exception.
Let's hear more of what this lunatic had to say.
>> They knew what was in the Quran where we recognize Jews where we recognize the sanctity
of Moses, the holiness of the Torah, but they're not.
They are using Islamist tactics to invert reality.
What they're seeking, they have a grotesque Holocaust envy.
And just hear me out on that.
Islamic envy what they see as the special mark upon the Jewish people that is the membership
of genocide.
It's a terrible thing that befell the Jewish people, but Islamists envy it.
They want to take over and appear the most persecuted, the most victimized, the most
disadvantaged, while they deny the Holocaust, while they deny the existence of Israel.
This is why you are seeing this.
There is nothing genuine about these politicians, I don't care whether they were Democrats or
>> I actually wanna tell you the very next couple of sentences she said.
She then went on to say right after that, the question is where's the Speaker of the
Where's Speaker Pelosi to not just reprimand them, silence and marginalize them.
That's what I'm upset about.
So here is Dr. Quanta Ahmed who goes on Fox News to make up things that no one's even
ever heard before.
I've never even heard that conspiracy theory before.
That Muslims are envious of the Holocaust, that they'd wish they also suffered from the
That's definitely news to me.
I grew up in a Muslim family.
I have never hear that in my entire life.
>> Okay.
First of all, you're absolutely right about that, but there was so much slander in that
one statement that I don't even know where to start.
Where did they deny the Holocaust.?
She referred to them as Holocaust deniers.
She also referred to them as Islamists.
How are they Islamists?
I mean, it's amazing how people on the right can just go ahead and claim whatever they
And here's the thing that frustrates me about the left.
While we're concerned about policing language and making sure we're doing everything right
and that we don't come off to strong, they're punching us in the face.
They are lying about people, they are defaming people, they're doing anything and, everything
to punch below the belt and, destroy what they deem the opposition.
That was a disgusting segment.
>> By the way, you can see it in the tape clear as day what Ana said.
She said while they deny the Holocaust and the existence of Israel.
They do neither one of those things, especially denying the Holocaust.
I mean what a scandalous charge to put on someone with no evidence at all.
Anyway, people like Doctor Qanta Ahmed are brought on Fox News and they're paid generally
by the right wing to attack other Muslims, and to say, I'm the good Muslim but the rest
of the Muslims are terrible people.
They're Islamists, and here let me make up things about them and lie about them.
She should be sued for what she said.
>> Absolutely.
>> And then to say, now, remember they should never be allowed to speak.
Why isn't Speaker Pelosi reprimanding them, silencing them, and marginalizing them?
Why won't they marginalize the Muslims?
Hey, don't worry though.
I'm Dr. Qanta, Ahmed and I speak on behalf of all Muslims.
And then of course, Laura Ingraham goes, you see?
That's the reasonable one.
They've done this over and over again with African Americans in this country, Latinos,
women, and now Muslims.
They bring on a puppet and go, hey, go out there puppet and say what we want you to say.
She goes, do I have the money?
I will, I will.
I'll tell them whatever you want about the Muslims.
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Fox News Shill Tells DISGUSTING Lies About Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 21, 2019
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