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Now Elias back inside the ring. 2
And Dave, you're right, there's something about King Elias that I think, 3
will bother a lot of WWE fans. 4
And imagine the coordination concert. 5
Wow, that'd be epic. 6
Well wait a minute, 7
I think Elias is done with that, according to what we heard last night. 8
Wait a minute, now caught in a corner, Elias, uh-oh. 9
[SOUND] And a release German suplex from Owens. 10
Kevin Owens with Elias in is sights, full speed ahead. 11
Cannon Ball. 12
And Owens to move on in this tournament. 13
Cover and a kick out. 14
Come on. [MUSIC] 15
Quite a moment for Shane McMahon to make an entrance here in the middle of a match. 16
And it appears that Shane McMahon is interested in watching the King of 17
the Ring Tournament play out. 18
Elias gingerly climbing those ropes. 19
All the way to the top. 20
Where bad things can happen. 21
And shots right to the midsection Kevin Owens trying to prevent Elias so 22
look at this, this slug fest here on the top turnbuckle. 23
Owens and Elias jocking for an advantage here and 24
down goes Elias in a heap and Kevin Owens has a chance. 25
Advantage Owens is about to fly. 26
Elias got the knees up on the send town attempt. 27
A high risk provided no award for Kevin Owens. 28
And now this might be a Elias' opportunity. 29
And Elias sent over the top by KO. 30
Watch out Elias right here in front of us, 31
Kevin Owens on the apron. 32
[SOUND] [NOISE] [APPLAUSE] Kevin Owens 33
all fired up tasting victory. 34
And now Kelvin Owens has got to get Elias back inside the ring. 35
No more, no more, no more, no more, no, come on. 36
Ho ho ho. 37
You've gotta be kidding me. 38
I mean come on guys Shane McMahon said you put your hands on another official, 39
I'll double that fine, make your head spin. 40
I wanted to believe Shane was being honest, 41
I wanted to believe Shane was actually being attentive. 42
How was he not being honest? 43
He's an official. 44
And behind, from behind Elias with a shot, and 45
again Shane McMahon trying to screw Kevin Owens. 46
Once again Shane McMahon flexing his corporate power. 47
For the starter daily ran into Shane. 48
Here is a cover. 49
[NOISE] This is ridiculous. 50
Give me a break. 51
Absolutely ridiculous. 52
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Kevin Owens vs. Elias – King of the Ring First-Round Match: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019

34 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 21, 2019
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