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today we are going to the pub and we're
going to do a quick functional english
episode in and around the pub
what's your tipple? What do you fancy?
pint of larger? Yeah, OK. Pint of Kronenbourge? OK. I'm gonna
ask what they've got on tap as well as I like
more more interesting beers so i'm going ask
what they have on tap .. and what does that mean?
it means what do they have in the barrels .. what can they
pull for a pint?
alright mate? Erm can I have a pint of Kronenbourge please? and..
what do you have on tap here? what do we have on tap?
Yeah, yeah.. have you got any like IPA (Indian Pale Ale) or anything? Abbot..Abbot?
Yeah I'll have an abbot please
now he's going to tell me how much it is
sorry how much?
£8. England prices...
well that's it two pints... this is an ale..
which is a beer without gas and it's very
popular in England...this is a larger
and this is a beer that has lots of gas and it's
quite typical right? for typical punters (people who drink in the pub frequently)...
like a Pilsner
that's a lovely pint.. we're in a typical pub in
England but if you look at the menu
you'll see that it's not full of
English food it's actually got food from
all over the world.. How's the wife?
not too bad...
yeah could be better but not too bad
so mate ermm how's the ball and chain?
err she's alright mate.. she's alright..How's errrr.. how's the other half..?
Charlie? she's actually getting on my tits a bit at the moment
oi mate.. how's the misses?
yes she's good man yes she's really well we err
went on holiday last week and..
yeah we're getting on really well and yeah
i really love her...so err we're gonna
quickly explain about these sauces that
come with your pub grub
we've got the obvious mayonnaise
ketchup salt and pepper but we've also got one
that you don't normally see around the
world apart from in England or Britain .. HP
HPsauce now I realized it stands for
Houses of Parliament sauce and i'm going
to give Harry the ability to explain why
he loves the HP sauce so much because he
really does love it
oh oh I love HP sauce ..the reason i love it
so much is because it compliments savory
food really well especially chips and
full English breakfasts and eggs err omelets
it's a lovely sauce and it's kind of a
vinegary condiment with very rich
flavor and it's brown so some people
call itBrown Sauce and and you can buy
cheap alternatives but the real good one
is HP Houses of Parliament sauce and it's
very very English and I'm very proud of
this sauce so we got our plates now went
for the erm Ultimte Burger, didn't we Chaz?
we did indeed.. we went all out!
i'm going to put vinegar on them 'cos
all good British people use vinegar
on their chips
plenty of that on..
and then i've already put some salt on but
but I'll put a bit more on..
normally I'd go for bronw sauce but Brown sauce and
burgers..doesn't really... no?
so I'll probably leave the brown sauce..maybe I'll do a little bit to
show you what it looks like.. squeeze the bottle..that's why they call it brown
ermm and there's a lot of chips, but the chips look shit. Why do they look shit?
they just look like quite poor quality chips .. but anyway..
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HOW TO: Order A Beer In A British Pub Like A Native English Speaker

108 Folder Collection
Sophie published on September 20, 2019
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