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- So I work with another manager from a different store
and he's been pursuing me, but we have a friendship
to where I kind of feel like, you know,
he's kind of woman's, you know, a woman's man.
- You work with the guy? - Yes.
- Both of you are managers? - Yes.
- So now, he's been hitting on you.
You're trying to figure out
if you should, now,
obviously you kind of like the guy?
- [Audience Member] Little bit
He's grown on me! He's grown on me!
But ...
- [Audience Member] So he's grown on me, however,
like I said he is friendly with the ladies
'cause we were friends prior,
so I know him a little bit. - No, no, no ...
- Okay. - No, don't worry about that.
Let's just go with this, I'm just asking you this.
Do you like the guy?
- [Audience Member] Yes.
- [Steve] Yeah, see?
So now, I understand whatever company policy,
but you know, damn that company!
- But he's not saved, he ain't saved though.
- Hold on, wait a minute, my daddy wasn't saved.
But he's the best father I ever had
and he loved my momma.
Has he ever been married before?
- No.
- [Steve] Does he have any kids?
- [Audience Member] Yes.
- How many kids has he got?
- One.
- [Steve] One? Uh, do you know anything
about the baby's momma?
- I know she still has feelings, so ...
- [Steve] Huh?
- She still has feelings so that's why I'm ...
- [Steve] She still has feelings?
- Mm hmm.
- Okay, so that means she's crazy.
(audience laughing and applauding)
- Yeah, yeah.
She still has feelings? Okay, let me
show you what that means.
You at his house, sitting on the sofa watching TV.
Act like you're watching TV.
(audience laughing)
- This is her outside.
(audience laughing and applauding)
- When the baby momma still has feelings
we are dealing with a crazy person.
Now, I'm human, I'm looking at you,
I'm thinking you're worth it.
Let's just wait it out a little bit.
If you do go out with him,
if you walk outside and you see a red dot
on your clothes get your ass back in the building.
(audience laughing and cheering)
- Thank you.
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Hey Steve: Should You Date A Coworker?

221 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 20, 2019
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