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She did not dump me
it was a mutual breakup, ok?
Have you ever been so completely in love
with your girlfriend that you just knew you
wanted to spend the rest of your life with her?
Me neither! So I'm going to tell you how to
dump that bitch!
"Insult her style!"
How do I look?
You look like a cow...?
Well F* you ahole!
"Play World of Warcraft"
Alright, let tanks get agro before you start DPSing
Noob! Don't stand in the fire!
OK, oh God dammit I need a healer up here
Whatcha doing?
Shut the f* up I'm reigning!
"Cheat on her!"
Hey, you free for dinner?
Uh, no, sorry, I'm busy tonight
'Oh, Anthony, I love you so much'
I love you too new girlfriend. Uh, yeah I'm
so super busy tonight.
'Oh come over here and let me give you
a blow...torch.'
"Do it over text message"
You wanna break cups with me?
Damn you AutoCorrect!
"Always mention your ex"
You like that?
Brenda did it better, but whatever...
You know I never learned how to tie a double knot!
"Shoe noob!"
"Act like a 5-year-old"
Alright, I get the joke, stop it!
Alright, I get the joke, stop it!
I mean it! I mean it!
My name is Anthony and I'm a douche.
My name is Anthony and I'm a douche.
Oh my God, I can't take this anymore!
Copy this, you son of a bitch!
"Suicide Bonus!"
"Fake a pregnancy scare"
The condom broke
Wait, we've never had sex...?
Then explain, why I'm PREGNANT!
"Never talk to her again"
Anthony! Hi!
Oh, hey this is my wife, Meg.
Wait, what do you mean wife, I'm still your girlfriend!
I think completely ignoring you made it pretty obvious...
I've been waiting for 10 years... DICK!
"Ruined a life!"
"Fake your own death"
Because your a b**
Wait, what?
Sometmes the dead can send a message, from beyond.
You have beautiful eyes.
What the hell?
"Sloppy seconds!"
If all else fails, be honest with her.
I just don't think things are working out...
I just think we should break up.
Yeah I don't think that's a good idea.
Yeah my daddy's a cop
Stop right there!.
You're a great guy, and have a stable job!
Don't break up with her!
I'm sorry, I just don't love her anymore!
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
"Finger Bang'd!"
To see bloopers, and some more ways to dump your
girlfriend, click the link in the description below.
Stop right there!
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Bang! Bang! Bang!
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151 Folder Collection
roger90080 published on September 20, 2019
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