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Greenland, I don't know, it got released some how.
It's just something we talked about.
Denmark essentially owns it.
We're very good allies with Denmark, we protect Denmark,
like we protect large portions of the world,
so the concept came up and I said certainly I'd be,
strategically it's interesting and we'd be interested
but we'll talk to them a little bit.
It's not number one on the burner, I can tell you that.
Essentially it's a large real estate deal.
A lot of things could be done.
It's hurting Denmark very badly because they're losing
almost $700 million a year carrying it, so they carry it
at a great loss and strategically for the United States
it would be nice and we're a big ally of Denmark
and we help Denmark and we protect Denmark
and we will. In fact, I'm supposed to stop, I'm thinking about
going there, I'm not necessarily definitely going there
but I'm maybe going.
We're going to Poland and then maybe going to Denmark.
Not for this reason at all but we're looking at it.
It's not number one on the burner.
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US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it's not a priority

32 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 19, 2019
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