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Hey, ACE Family.
Welcome back to--
Hey, ACE Family.
It's Austin and Catherine.
We're about to answer some of Ellen's burning questions.
You ready?
My favorite kid-friendly curse word is--
My go-to sexy song is Let Me Love You by Mario.
Mine would have to be No Guidance.
The best gift I received from my partner was my brand new car.
My ring.
Oh, my bad, I got to hit it.
Describe your family in three words.
Genuine-- I'm doing my own separate.
Oh, OK.
You go.
You go.
Loving, genuine, and hardworking.
Hardworking is a good one.
Real and loving.
My celebrity crush is you.
My favorite curse word is [BEEP]
If we weren't YouTubers, we would be--
Oh, a dermatologist for sure.
If I actually went to school and I could actually--
--you know, go eight years of college.
Do all that, yeah, definitely dermatology.
I would have to be a basketball player.
Our weirdest date was--
Oh, I know.
The night I found out I was pregnant.
That was weird?
That was like a weird date.
Like I didn't know I was going to find out
I was pregnant on that date.
That was crazy.
The strangest thing I'm afraid of is people.
A secret I kept from my parents in school--
I stole my mom's car when I was like 16-17,
and I brought it back, reclined her chair exactly how she
had it, put her radio station on where she had it-- everything--
and she like literally never found out.
So that's--
Ok, my question is where did you go?
OK, yeah.
My favorite body part on my partner is--
Your arms.
My ideal honeymoon would be Bora Bora.
I would say definitely somewhere tropical--
The last thing I Googled was our YouTube channel.
If I were in a horror movie, I'd be the first person
to get killed.
I would survive.
The ACE family comes from Austin, Catherine, Elle.
The biggest mess our kids have ever made was--
Oh my god, anything to do with slime.
Slime everywhere in the house.
The best part about having kids is
seeing them grow up with all of our characteristics.
That no matter what mood I'm in, I can just look at them
and just feel so much happiness, and--
Love it.
--it would have to be that.
Thanks for having us, Ellen.
We hope we aced these burning questions.
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The ACE Family Reveals All in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 19, 2019
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