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- I'm David, what's your name?
- Lam.
- I (beep)ing knew it.
(school bell)
- [Narrator] This is Crack Me Up.
The rules are simple.
Don't laugh when you're in the hot seat.
- You look like you sat down
in the barber chair and said,
eh, do half a job and I'ma get up.
- [Narrator] Even when two comedians
are battling it out to make you crack.
- Wobbly.
Every time Charlie clips one,
he's wobbly.
- You know what else is wobbly?
That joke.
Getchyo ass ova there.
- I know white people are racist.
Hewow, does this work?
Oh my god it worked!
Are you (beep)ing kidding me?
(group groans)
- Funky, what is this?
- My dick.
- Come on, get that away from me.
- You just got slayed.
- [Narrator] What kind of show is this?
(school bell)
New episodes drop every Tuesday.
Only on Wild'N Out's YouTube.
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'Crack Me Up' Official Trailer | Wild 'N Out | MTV

41 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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