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-Uh-oh. -[ Chuckles ]
What up, bro? -That's magic.
-I'm so glad you here. -What's up, man? Sabu.
How are you, Sabu? -Pleasure to meet you.
-Melissa. -Nice to meet you, Melissa.
How are you? -Okay.
-What up? -Yep, it's Miguel.
-It's like Geraldo, guys. -Where shall I sit?
-Sit over here. Sit over there.
-Come, sit with us. Come over here.
-Sit over here, Geraldo. Sit over there.
Come sit over here. -That's magic.
-This one, this one, this one? -This one right here.
[ Indistinct talking, laughter ]
[ Indistinct talking continues ]
That's magic.
That was magic.
[ Chuckles ]
That's magic!
-Sit over here. Sit over there.
-Come sit with us. Come on.
-[ Chuckles ]
I'll be right back.
-Man, life is beautiful.
We're living. We're living.
-Yeah. Let me just tell you my dreams.
As soon as you walk in, I'm just gonna start
telling you my dreams. -That's a lot.
-Like, I can't remember all -- all my dreams.
You know, sometimes, I remember them at lunchtime.
I can't remember them, like, everybody else.
-Mm. -I smoke myself to sleep.
-You mean your actual dreams that you have at night,
like, when you wake, like, after you wake up?
-Yeah, not my aspirations in life.
-Right, right, right, right. I was like, huh. Oh.
-Some people write them down. -I have a dream catcher.
-I'm not trying to be ignorant but...
-And I also have a dream book.
-What's your profession or your...
I'm sorry. -Oh, it's okay.
I'm a musician. -Yeah.
-Oh, okay. -Yeah.
-I thought maybe you were, like, a dream psychologist.
-[ Laughs ] -My dad was a psychiatrist.
-Really? -You know, so I thought
you were, like, a therapist, like...
-Therapy is in. You go speak to somebody.
-Yeah. -I need that.
I do need that. -I think we all do.
-I don't.
They should kill somebody and get it over with, right?
-I cry a lot. I like to cry.
-It actually feels good. -It does.
But what I like is -- I really enjoy,
-What was I sayin'?
-[ Echoing ] What was I sayin'?
-Who or what may be hidden
in this secret chamber... -Oh!
So, yeah, like, sports stories make me cry. hotly debated,
but some researchers believe it is possible
that it contains the remains of Egypt's
most controversial pharaoh...
-Akhenaten. -...Akhenaten...
-You knew that, huh? -Of course.
-Well, who is he?
-It's the fucking father of Tut.
-...who also happens to be the father of King Tut.
-The Ancient Egyptians did not want us
to know anything about Akhenaten.
Look at that fucking foot.
-[ Chuckles ] -Holy shit.
-Looks like one of mine.
-Okay, that's a mummy. even darker secret?
-Is it possible that the mummy of Akhenaten
was not buried in his tomb
but instead was secretly placed in a hidden chamber
in the tomb of his son, King Tutankhamun?
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7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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