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We need to find the remaining members of Mejor Cinco.
We're back at square one.
Look at Sandro's watch.
It doesn't tell time, but it shows a specific date.
Also, it has a USB port.
We know Sandro well.
I'm sure he hid some information in here.
It's the date of the election day.
Let's check its contents.
What is it?
What if they're planning something for election day?
We only found out that Tiago is planning something
on the day of the election.
I'm sure he'll cheat.
Fighting fair isn't in his vocabulary.
But Sandro can't help him anymore.
But I'm sure...
...he's already planning his next move.
He won't stop just like that.
Then we won't stop foiling his plans either.
We'll keep stopping him.
But after everything that happened to him,
I'm sure he'll be more careful.
What about his campaign manager?
You mean Elvira?
She probably knows Tiago's plans for the election.
Did you take care of everything?
I want to have an efficient campaign.
Yes, sir.
All you have to do is shake people's hands.
But you better be prepared, physically and mentally.
Since the election day is fast approaching,
our campaign will be more intense.
And our funding?
We always need more.
For commercials, paraphernalia,
and of course, bribes.
Fortunately, money isn't a problem for us.
It's just funny how so many people become rich
during election periods.
My goodness.
You have to be careful too, Elvira.
You know my political rivals are terrible.
Of course, General.
- I'll be going now. - Alright.
- Thank you. - See you.
I think I'm being followed.
That's most probably Rhian.
What should I do?
It's easy.
Listen carefully.
Make a stopover at a restaurant.
And make sure it's filled with lots of people.
That way, they will keep their distance.
After, I will need you to do something.
Okay, General.
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Rhian, Marcial, and Franco decide to tail Elvira | The General's Daughter (With Eng Subs)

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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