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This house is great!
We should come here more often.
I'm sure we won't get caught no matter what we do here.
We used to come here a lot for vacation,
but no one took care of it after our parents died.
but no one took care of it after our parents died.
But that's alright.
We have a hideout now.
Alright! This is great!
That's what I like about you.
Hey, why are you playing hard to get?
You're just acting like I'm not your type.
How can you not be my type?
You're really handsome!
- Dang, Ronald! - You're on a roll!
Come here.
- Ronald. - What?
We'll have a go at her once you're done, okay?
You know the drill.
One at a time?
Why not all at once?
All at once?
I like that!
I'll go first!
You've been making me wait since last night.
Now, we'll see how long you can last.
Hold on just a second.
I have to explain.
You don't understand.
I need to explain something. You don't understand.
Explain what?
You don't have to explain anything!
Please hear me out.
- Just a second. - Hear you out?
- I'll explain-- - Do you want this?!
Do you?!
What's wrong with you?!
You wanted to do it with us all at once earlier,
and now you're acting like you don't want to do it?!
- You wanted this, right? - Don't do it, please...
Hold on...
You're too fast.
Just relax.
I don't want you to do all the work.
You know,
men like you should be sent to heaven.
I like the sound of that!
Send me to heaven!
But I think... won't go to heaven.
You'll go to hell!
All of you should rot in hell!
What did you do?!
What did you do to Ronald?!
- It wasn't me. - What did you do to him?!
- What's wrong? - Answer me!
Come on!
Go to hell!
What did you do?!
What did you do?!
It wasn't me!
You killed our friends!
What did you do?!
Help! It wasn't me!
What was that?
What did you do?!
What's going on?
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Jane recalls her evil scheme to Ronald's group | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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