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There you are, Kristoff.
Do you want to hang out? We're going to the coffee shop.
No thanks.
Hey, Kristoff. Are you okay?
What's wrong?
Let me guess. It's Cassie, isn't it?
Our parents told us to take it slow.
Why? What happened?
I should've minded my own business.
It's okay, Kristoff.
You shouldn't regret what you did.
Because you know you only did that
for the people you care about.
Thanks, Marga.
Thank you too, Kristoff.
If it weren't for you,
who knows what would've happened to me and Mama.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, it's nothing.
But thanks anyway.
You should go to him.
Mikoy, we had an agreement.
It won't hurt if you talk to him for a bit, right?
Come on, he's waiting for you.
I think it's best if you stay away from Cassie.
You'll get in trouble again if Tito sees you.
Besides, don't you see it?
You just broke up,
but she's already with someone else.
Cassie isn't like that. I trust her.
Are you sure about that?
Is this what Cassie meant when she said you should lie low?
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Cassie at Kristoff, nahirapan na lapitan ang isa't-isa | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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