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I'm currently at Busan for the Dia Festival,
where I'll be on stage starting tomorrow.
So today, I'm out here at Songjung!
I'm not here just to hang out tho
I finally brought the huge tube!
Let's play with this today.
Let's go get the parasol.
These two are our spots
and this here is the huge tube which I'll be attempting to put life into.
Let's get it started!
It's so hot today.
Whoa, this is huge. It'll be hard taking it out...
Let's blow in the air, using the air blower.
So far so good.
(Putting life into the flamingo)
Hold on...
Is this enough? Should I put in some more air?
Looks good.
As for the hole, I have to close it up real nice
since I don't want it to come off in the water...
Time for the head part!
I'm blowing life into the enormous flamingo right now.
The head is starting to show! That's it, a little bit more!
It's done, it's done!
Ouch, don't attack me (I made you! >:o)
Hold up, so hot...
Let's hurry and go in the water.
We have to do it quickly since it's hot out here.
Look at how much I'm sweating.
I want to go in the water... Look at the water over there.
Almost done...
Gah, the air's leaking... Let's close the lid up.
It's so hot though!!!
The right wing is almost finished.
I want to go in the water so bad.
Which parts are left?
The outer part is done, time for the inner part!
This thing even has a cup holder.
Last part left!
Yay! It's done!
It's finally finished!
Let's put on some sunscreen!
One, two, three!
Feels like we're in the Navy!
Heopop Marines, let's go!!!
Throw on the count of three!
One, two, three!
How do I get on this thing?
Let's go!
We're setting sail.
(Starting emergency rescue!)
(Thank you to all those working hard to rescue lives.)
(Starting Heopop's rescue mission!)
Let's go!
(This is the life...)
(It doesn't end here :P)
Not so fast, let's get going one more time!
Whoo it's done!
Now, it's time for
the flamingo and the unicorn!
Let's carry it on our heads...
Let's go!
Straight ahead x3
Forward~ ♪
(The bottom part ripped because of the waves...)
It's coming, it's coming!
(Have a cool summer~!)
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초거대 플라밍고 튜브 타고 해수욕장 점령하러 갔습니다! - 허팝 (Giant Flymingo Tube on beach)

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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