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>>CHRISTIEN TINSLEY: Hi, I'm Christien Tinsley, here with Stan Winston School of Character
Today we're gonna be going over a lot of information.
The biggest bit of information is INNOVATION in the Makeup FX industry.
We're also going to be covering how you create a prosthetic transfer, which
happens to be
very innovative.
And in the process of covering that we're gonna cover how to sculpt it
we're gonna cover how to mold it.
I'm even gonna tell you how to make up some transfer material
I'm gonna show you how to freeze it
And how to apply it.
I was presented with
this project
Passion of the Christ, Greg Cannom,
who has a relationship with
Mel Gibson came to me
asked me at the time if
I wanted to look at this project and Mel Gibson wanted to
really show
the brutality of what was happening at the time.
We started breaking the pros and cons of every material and why it would work?
what would make it difficult?
What is a waterproof material?
What sticks to the skin really well, what kind of adhesives work?
What's gonna hold up to
liquids being poured on them?
Sweat, blood... things like that.
Y'know, I don't share my formula.
I don't share all my methods and all our tricks and all our techniques.
I don't feel it's right just to give it all the way.
Dick Smith never gave one thing away for free.
Have to go out and you have to
buy the product,
you have to set up a workbench,
you have to devote yourself and your time to doing it.
And that devotion to the idea is going to be what it takes to get you to the next step.
So stay tuned and watch
this exciting
of innovation
in prosthetic transfers.
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How to Make Prosthetic Transfers - Makeup FX Innovation - PREVIEW

74 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 17, 2019
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