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>> Chanting
>> Whispering & Laughing
>> BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER: This is the culmination
of everything we've been doing here in this series.
And now, finally, we're getting to the application phase.
Hi, this is Bruce Spaulding Fuller for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
Cynthia Garza as The Hag.
In this in-depth webcourse,
we're gonna show you everything that you need to know to apply this makeup.
It's full overlapping silicone appliances with foam appliances,
Flexacryl fingers, finger extensions.
We're gonna talk about prepping the skin,
gluing on the appliances,
trimming the edges with edger,
there's contact lenses, there's teeth,
we're gonna talk about blending and patching,
painting, airbrushing, everything you need to know.
There's an awful lot to cover,
this is my absolute favorite part of the whole makeup process.
I can't wait to get going.
And how 'bout you, Cynthia?
>> CYNTHIA GARZA: We're ready.
>> BRUCE: Hahaha, she's ready.
>> Music Playing
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Character Makeup - Multi-Piece Prosthetic Application - PREVIEW

32 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 17, 2019
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