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As a manager, you're always searching for employees that will bring your company to new heights.
Well, today is not that day.
Here are 8 types of people that managers hate to interview.
Thank you for coming in today.
So, tell me a little about yourself.
I've spent the past 15 years working in the industry for all the biggest names Google, Microsoft, Apple.
The list goes on.
Just check my references.
Don't check my...
Give it to me.
How much does this job pay anyway?
Vacation days, when do those kick in?
Really sorry I'm late.
Trains were running slow and my cellphone died, so I couldn't actually get in touch with you.
And I'm pretty sure I don't have my resume, but you remember what's on it, right?
You're so funny.
Is there a gym in the office?
You look like you work out every day.
Wow, your wife is really beautiful.
Am I qualified?
Of course i'm qualified.
What makes you think I'm not qualified?
Look man, I really need this job, ok?
So just, can you help me out?
Is it hot in here or is it just me?
Who's my biggest hero?
Well, that's easy, me.
I've done it all.
I'm surprised you haven't done your homework on me.
So, my college years were amazing.
I graduated with honors with the help of my sorority sisters.
And I've been working on and off for a few publications and it's been a real drag.
I mean, I'm so ready for something else.
I've got a lot of commitment.
Ok, that's enough.
We'll let you know if we're interested.
We have to hug.
What's your experience with job interviews?
Join the discussion by leaving your comments below.
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8 Types of People That Managers HATE To Interview

3032 Folder Collection
Lian published on September 17, 2019    Lian translated    Evangeline reviewed
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