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SPEAKER: We used to get news like this.
Now it's more like this.
Headlines are everywhere.
It's overwhelming to keep up with,
and it's hard to find great stories about the stuff you
really care about.
Those stories are out there.
They're being written and shot by journalists,
award-winning national reporters,
dedicated local correspondents, and insightful bloggers.
But too often, their great work gets lost in all of this.
And that's why we're completely rebuilding Google News.
It uses artificial intelligence to analyze
all the content published to the web at any moment,
and organize all those articles, videos,
and more into storylines.
It spots the ones you might be interested in,
and puts them into your briefing.
Your briefing helps you get up to speed on five top storylines
happening now.
It's organized for you, with local, national,
and global stories on the topics you care about.
If you want to go deeper, just tap to get full coverage.
You get a complete view of a storyline
reported by sources with a range of perspectives, articles,
videos, the timeline, and opinion and analysis.
The new Google News is personalized for you,
but you can always tap headlines to see the biggest stories
everyone is reading.
And if you just want stories from those great sources
you trust, publishers are front and center.
Follow them.
Get more stories from them, and support them.
Making sense of the news is a big challenge,
and the new Google News is just one step--
one we hope can make it a little easier
to find great stories about the stuff you're into,
from journalists who know it best.
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Introducing the new Google News

30 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 17, 2019
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