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Welcome to Quick Fix, the show where I answer your most commonly asked tech questions in 90 seconds or less.
Today we're busting some battery myths.
Start the clock.
There is so much misinformation about smartphone batteries.
A lot of it is rooted in old advice that isn't relevant to modern smartphones.
So I figured I'd go over the three worst pieces of battery advice that I always hear.
Number one, let your battery drain all the way down to zero before recharging.
No, you don't have to do this.
It's actually worse for lithium ion batteries to be fully charged or completely discharged, so the real trick is to keep your battery somewhere in between.
Number two, leaving your phone charging overnight harms the battery.
Nope, it doesn't.
Modern smartphones are, well, smart enough not to overcharge their batteries.
So yeah, there's no trick here.
Just plug your phone in whenever you want, and for however long you want.
And finally number three, disable features like bluetooth, location services, and wifi to make your battery last longer.
This one is actually kind of true, but these technologies have gotten so much more efficient than when they were first introduced.
The battery gains you would see are so small that it's probably not worth the inconvenience to constantly be turning these settings on and off.
There's a lot more bad battery advice out there, but I think the important thing to remember is that smartphones are designed to be efficient about battery use.
So stop stressing over details and just use your phone.
It's probably not worth the extra effort to constantly worry about eking out an extra few minutes of battery life.
Like a friend of mine always says, is the juice even worth the squeeze?
Hey, thanks for watching this video.
If you have any other tech questions you want me to try and tackle in 90 seconds or less, leave a comment below or email me.
And as always, subscribe to Lifehacker on YouTube.
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How to Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life: What Works and What Doesn’t

7193 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on September 17, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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