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this apartments located in Rushcutters Bay which is a suburb in walking
distance of the city as well as Sydney Harbour
this apartment building was built in the 1960s and there's about 4 studio
apartments in the block this apartments 24 square meters
when we first got the apartment was completely different to what it
currently is when you walked in the original apartment you enter through a
corridor which contained the kitchen and the living space was combined with the
bedroom we completely demolished everything
within the existing apartment we decided it was really important to have a strong
divide between what's sleeping and what's living so we contained the
amenities of the apartment and the sleeping space the smallest possible
area so the living area could be as big as possible
so the design idea was to have a sliding screen that could determine the function
of the apartment at any one time during the day the timber screen creates a
visual separation from the bedroom to the living area while still allowing
light to pass through when the bedroom space is closed
and I it can slide over the kitchen opens up a sleeping space there's a
little open shelf which acts as a bedside table and includes integrated
lighting the beds raised up and includes drawers
underneath it for extra storage one thing unique about the apartment is the full
with windows and we wanted to make that obvious from the moment you walk in we
angled the joinery unit next to the bed so we can pick up light and a sense of
space the material palette was kept to a minimum the black bud timber screen is
the same as a black bud timber floor that added a softness to the
apartment the bathroom and walk-in robe are accessed via a hidden door
combining the bathroom and you're walking road makes the whole space feel
much bigger
the gray tiles in the bathroom complement the timber floor gives the
whole apartment a really earthy feel a
combined with concealed lighting create a luxurious feel as well as soon as you
walk through that door there's a full-length mirror beyond gives you a
sense of a larger space the kitchen was really carefully considered it includes
a fridge and oven a dish drawer and a narrow cutlery drawer
the kitchen also integrates a little appliance cupboard incorporate full high
pantry stack
with the minimal material palette our bench top and splashback are also a gray
concrete cities like Sydney have some amazing old housing stock that's been
solidly built and isn't going anywhere and repurposing that amazing housing
stock to bring it up to the way we want to live our life now or you know just
given that refresh is one of the most sustainable ways we can continue to grow
our cities
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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment - Boneca

401 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on September 17, 2019    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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