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So as you guys know I recently announced the basically in the market and looking for a new car
You know a long term take my time and casually
Look for something to you know find that perfect new car something to match the criteria. I'm looking for
Now we did take some suggestions and one of the things that came up
Goes to my mind and what your all suggestions were
Is the Maxima
Because I am looking for a sedan
I'm looking for something sporty something it has, you know, a reasonable amount of luxury features would be nice and
The maximum that does match a lot of those characteristics, so here we are today in the 2019 Maxima
This specific one and super test driving is the platinum trim, that would not be what how we're looking to get
It's too expensive but the driving dynamics of the car is the same
Pretty much on all the trims except for the S bar which is a little bit more hard edge a little bit sporty here
What I would probably be looking for is the SV or the S, though
Just depending on what type of discounts as far as why I'm interested in it
I already kind of addressed a little bit of that stuff. But one of the main reasons is actually that price
The sticker price is reasonable to start with but for those of you not familiar with
The current discounts and stuff of the Maxima they can be discounted a good amount for sure
Especially as towards the end of model years and whatnot
So definitely you can get a Maxima for a very appealing number. Let's just say so
Why not? Let's take it for a drive. Let's get
You know some good honest
driving time in
See, you know if it meets that criteria
I spoke about it in our reviews of different Nissan products and Infiniti is a vq
Engine is actually one of my favorite engines
Just love the way it sounds I like the raspy-ness to it
It's not the most water and it's not the most refined but I actually like the rough edges
Of it. I
Just find it appealing. It definitely sounds good a start up and
Like you said that's that's really appealing compared to some turbo fours, which have no sound sound kind of crappy
So that certainly is appealing on the worried side is the CVT
That's not ideal for sports sedan. It's also from wheel drive a front wheel drive only so you
May have concerns putting the power down
But anyways enough rambling so what we're gonna do basically is just give you all this
sneak peek fly-on-the-wall
Perspective we're gonna take it on a honest
Test drive just have an honest conversation with each other between us and you all can kind of
Be there along for the ride
Stirring is oddly hard to turn low speeds like really gonna crank it
Somehow do the driving but one thing that caught my attention was the fact it really does not have much
storage space in here
Enough place to stick your phone
Mystic stuff, I mean this is smaller than the Altima in terms of pretty much everything
Maybe not the exterior dimensions. But as far as the interior space is concerned has less rear legroom less trunk space
So it doesn't really surprise me honestly, but it is a nicer place to spend time
If the sound does not disappoint now I
Do exactly what I was hoping it would sound like and it does
Out on the road
And what I'm gonna be paying particular close attention to is the CBT
Yeah, I'm ready for ya
Rubberband and make sure there's no rubber band eNOS and see if that would be how much that would bother me
This car does not get super great fuel economy
20 in the city cuz I want to get the city that's not good 24 combined. That's not good
He's not recommends premium fuel. I would never put premium
If it's recommended, I mean most the times he Consumer Reports has tested this specific car and
Said that it's useless
The TLX in this car are two of the cars that really makes no sense to put premium fuel in because
They just use naturally aspirated v6 engines
That are the same as in other
Nissan products that just because this is more premium car does not I
Let's just say it doesn't make me feel like I'm having a more premium experience just because I'm a more putting premium gas
But you don't have to use so if you ever had this card on
Steering wheel is great
I really love that part
The steering itself
It's fast responding it's not
It's not the most feel
So it's kind of numb
so you lose a little bit of perspective aware of you where the wheels are placed, but
It definitely is fast enough
Now sport mode is I like the sport modes I would use that
You know definitely makes things more responsive really sharpens this car up
Most cars that
Rust I really am like it makes it makes a really noticeable difference
A lot of cars. It's just a button. You push make a
Puts a red trim on the gauges
Feel and feel like you're really sporting it up
But this is you know, you actually can notice the steering it gets it has gotten quite a bit heavier
Even faster feeling. I'm always do something. I'd like adaptive dampers or anything so you're not gonna like
get you know more tight on the suspension or anything, but
Still feels good and a throttle response is a lot more aggressive. The sound is amplified through the both speakers. I think this
Do you like this steering?
I like it. Like I said is it
You know, it's not the world's best scaring
Pasta you know the mazda6
They they the steering on that is probably better
but I also don't think this car has this much torque steer as
They have similar issue mounts of torque
This is down a little bit, but not a lot
However, this feels like it puts the power down a little bit more. Don't you think or maybe?
Yeah the last time I drove it was a little bit wet that place does play a factor of course. Yeah, there's a
moderate amount of body roll in the Platinum
And the you know the other luxury minded trims the SR
It does have a sport-tuned suspension. So to keep things firmer on the ride quality, but also tighter one
Or anything because that
Seems pretty good. Yeah, I have a narrow body. So the seat is I recognize that
Almost no manufacturer's seat is gonna hold me
In place because it has to accommodate
for the average body size
It's comfortable see it is and it's very comfortable like I really like the ride of this car
But I keep going back to the mazda6 but that's one that we have driven
It definitely I think it probably has a nicer ride than the Mazda 6 it's very smooth
It feels a little bit of a class above that or it could just be that you know
There's really fantastic materials in here. That's one of the reasons that I like this car so much is that this cabin is
But that's CVT how that is the biggest issue with this car so
Where you put the power down, oh, it sounds really good and is really fast. Yes very fast
now I
Am I will say now. I've been driving this a little bit. I can see how the transmission reacts and different
situations a
little disappointed in the
CVT in the sense that unlike the Altima
Which had a really convincing simulation this older xtronic CVT?
The simulation doesn't really play that big of a role
it doesn't seem to want to simulate the gear changes except under it like heavy throttle and even then it's only a
Visual and audible thing like it just changes the RPM. I can see it. Yeah
it's a little bit better than if it just, you know slammed up at the top but
But I'm not feeling any kick and for somebody like myself I you know, I like silly sporty
I can't manually shift no trace up to something else or it comes with paddle shifters
From my perspective you should have but even then
You know being a CVT having paddle shifters on a CVT it still never gonna be the same regardless
That does the CVT seems to be this cars at weak point. I mean, but I kind of knew that going in right
The question is, you know do the other things offset it that's the ultimate question
So I guess the question basically is
Is the 2019 Maxima a car that I would consider I
Would say yes if the price is right
I've would prefer probably something that has a little bit more of a
All-inclusive sporty package
You know certain aspects of this car are more luxury oriented. I can't afford the SR and
in the other trims the suspension tuning and stuff is a little softer, but
Nothing that I nothing that from this test-drive has maybe want to rule it out
But I'm still not sold enough to be continued to call off the search
like I said, I have someone that's gonna be thorough and
I'm going to drive all types of different things
Even things that you know, a lot of people might have assumed that I would not be interested. Yeah
It's something like this, but you have to experience something in person. You can't just I love YouTube videos and whatnot
I want everybody to watch our YouTube videos
but by all means if you're really interested in a car, don't just go by what
We say about a car go and experience it in person
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Will the 2019 Nissan Maxima Be My Next Car? | Extensive Test Drive

111 Folder Collection
蕭世享 published on September 17, 2019
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