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That painting has been subjected to every test known to science.
It's a very good fake, then.
You know about this, don't you?
This is you, isn't it?
Inspector, my time is being wasted.
Would you mind showing yourself and your friends out?
The painting is a fake.
It's a fake, that's why Woodbridge and Cairns were killed.
Oh, come on, proving it is just a detail.
The painting is a fake. I've solved it, I've figured it out!
It's a fake, that's the answer, that's why they were killed!
Ok, I'll prove it. Give me time.
Will you give me time?
It's a kid!
- Oh god, it's a kid! - What did he say? - 10
He is counting, he is giving me time.
- Jesus. - It's a fake, but how can I prove it? How?! How?!
- 8 - This kid will die.
Tell me why the painting is the fake! Tell me!
- 7 - No, shut up. Don't say anything.
It only works if I figure it out.
It must be possible. It must be starting from the face.
- 5. - Speed it up! - Sherlock!
Oh! In the Planetarium, you heard it, too. - 4
- Oh that is brilliant, that is gorgeous! - 3.
What is brilliant? What is?!
This is beautiful.
- 2 - Sherlock!
The Van Buren Supernova.
Please, is somebody there?
Somebody help me.
There you go.
Go find out where he is and pick him up.
Van Buren Supernova, so-called exploding star, only appear in the sky in 1858.
So how could it have been painted in the 1640s?
My patience is wearing thin. Mycroft Holmes.
Oh, Sherlo--.
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Figuring out a Fake Painting in just 10 Seconds - Sherlock

2214 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on September 16, 2019
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