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  • That painting has been subjected to every test known to science.

  • It's a very good fake, then.

  • You know about this, don't you?

  • This is you, isn't it?

  • Inspector, my time is being wasted.

  • Would you mind showing yourself and your friends out?

  • The painting is a fake.

  • It's a fake, that's why Woodbridge and Cairns were killed.

  • Oh, come on, proving it is just a detail.

  • The painting is a fake. I've solved it, I've figured it out!

  • It's a fake, that's the answer, that's why they were killed!

  • Ok, I'll prove it. Give me time.

  • Will you give me time?

  • 10

  • It's a kid!

  • - Oh god, it's a kid! - What did he say? - 10

  • 9

  • He is counting, he is giving me time.

  • - Jesus. - It's a fake, but how can I prove it? How?! How?!

  • - 8 - This kid will die.

  • Tell me why the painting is the fake! Tell me!

  • - 7 - No, shut up. Don't say anything.

  • It only works if I figure it out.

  • It must be possible. It must be starting from the face.

  • 6

  • How?!

  • - 5. - Speed it up! - Sherlock!

  • Oh! In the Planetarium, you heard it, too. - 4

  • - Oh that is brilliant, that is gorgeous! - 3.

  • What is brilliant? What is?!

  • This is beautiful.

  • - 2 - Sherlock!

  • The Van Buren Supernova.

  • Please, is somebody there?

  • Somebody help me.

  • There you go.

  • Go find out where he is and pick him up.

  • Van Buren Supernova, so-called exploding star, only appear in the sky in 1858.

  • So how could it have been painted in the 1640s?

  • My patience is wearing thin. Mycroft Holmes.

  • Oh, Sherlo--.

That painting has been subjected to every test known to science.

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