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Kids Toys Play!
Mystery Wheel races!
Team green. Backwards, forwards Percy, Regular Percy, Old Percy, Toby.
Team hero of the rails, Diesel, Gordon, Hiro and Spencer.
Well that was quick.
Should we call this team blue or team Thomas? Team boo. Team boo? Backwards forwards Thomas, new Thomas, old Thomas, snowy Thomas.
Team red, Victor, Backwards forwards James, gray wheel James, new James.
Team purpley pink; Lady, Rosie, Charlie and Salty.
And team kids toys play! Metro liner, Big Red, Brio Freight Train and Jet Engine.
Hey Liam, who do you think is gonna win out of all these? Make it prediction this
time. Brio Metro? Metro guy? Let me go with Charlie. I don't know why I just have a
good feeling about Charlie this time. The engines are gonna be, oh that's not good.
Hero of the rails; Diesel. Oh kids toys play; Metroliner.
Oh Green Team, mostly Percy nice. Backwards forwards James, new Percy Diesel
Brio metroliner. Are we ready? Go! They're off, and right off the bat it
looks like James is coming up ahead, as he starts to go up the hill, but he's
struggling out the hill. It looks like Diesel's taking the lead. Diesel not with
Percy at second, Metroliner in third and backwards forwards James gets a little
bit of a bump again, but he's up and he gets a little bit of assistance, but here
comes Oh! Metroliner takes a big lead with backwards/forwards / James Percy in
the end and here are seeing our track looks like there's no accidents as Percy
and Wow James Wins, Metroliner comes in
second, and the top two engines Brio metroliner in backwards Ford's James
will go on to the next round. Team Thomas, or team boo. Backwards
Thomas. Whoosh! Scary! Ah kids toys play again. Keep it up yes! big Brio, nice!
Yellow. Hero of the rails. Alright purple pink. I will choose anybody but Charlie
Well this is gonna be an interesting race. Top two go on. Backwards forwards
Thomas, Big Red I think he wants to race. Salty and here's Gordon. This is gonna be
a good race, and these engines are rip rare and ready to go. Are you ready?
They're off! And it looks like Big Red is slightly ahead now, it looks like Salty
maybe or maybe it's backwards forwards Thomas. He's having a tough time going up
the hill, needs a little help. There Salty though coming up in front of Gordon. Big
Red now, Gordon needs a little bit of help; Oh No! Salty coming down definitely
in the lead here. Looks like Gordon is in second. Oh come on that's a little bit
too much help, don't you; Oh! So if he falls down and gets stuck up and this is
enough time for big red and backwards forwards Thomas to win? Gordon comes in third,
and Salty caused the derailment and came in last. An interesting races, backwards
forwards Thomas and Big Red move on, while Gordon and Salty are eliminated. Ooh Kids
Toys Play! Yes I was hoping you'd pick that one! Oh team green! Purple Pink. Oh Rosie.
Past champion. Team red. The old Victor. Here's a great lineup, Liam do you have
any favorites here? Yes I think he's gonna win too, I think.
Backwards Forwards Percy, Rosie, Brio freight train and Victor. They're off! It
looks like Brio freight train is definitely doing great here. I knew he
would win with backwards/forwards Percy coming in
second. Looks like Rosie is in last place with Victor uh-oh it looks like Rosie will
you negotiate the track and will Percy come in second it definitely looks that
way is real goes on to win at forwards backwards Percy comes in second. victor
will finish third and rosie is having a little bit of problem staying on track and
on time. forwards backwards engines are doing really good with Percy and Brio
freight train moving on, Rosie and Victor bye-bye purple pink. blue green Percy. ooh
team boo. which scary blue engine do you want? snowy Thomas. looks like it's a
learning curve battle. all these guys are from learning curve. snowy Thomas,
lady, Percy, he's on a roll James .looks like Lady comes in first, she's doing
reloads. was she gonna get stuck? is she having problems coming up, as James now
takes the lead. looks like Percy needs a little bit of
help in fourth place, as James and Lady that connect are they having a tough
time now. come on James. James is getting out there, and he comes down looks like
Lady needs a bit of help, but she's in second place, with Percy and snowy Thomas
coming up in the rear. we're in the crash zone, but you know James go over to
help, that lady goes on won't be enough. what's gonna happen here? James comes
right over the front of Percy and Thomas comes in fourth.
that was a close race, but lady and James go on to the next round, as snow covered
Thomas and Percy who almost won are eliminated. team red, I think I know who
you're gonna pick. Team mean and green. well we only have one of them left here.
Luke it's which play jet engine om team purple haha dad's favorite. well I know
who dad's picking. Liam who do you thinks gonna win?
jet engine? let's see what happens. jet engine, Charlie, Toby brand-new James.
ready? off it looks like jet engines way out in front. will you be able to climb
it? looks like no. Toby and Charlie are though, and so is DJ. - Charlie slightly
in the lead. looks like jet engine gets a little bit of help, but he has problems
climbing, and Toby now. what Charlie needs is a little bit of help climbing. jet engine
has definitely needs help climbing. but he will go on on the straightaways and win.
it comes out - Toby and Charlie as James comes in last place. here what will hope
in will Toby be able to take out Charlie and he does. well dad's favorite is
eliminated, along with new James. but good news for Toby and jet engine they're
moving on to the next round. and a final race of the first round, it
looks like team boo has Brand new Thomas and learning curve Thomas and team hero
the rails has Hiro and Spencer. which one do you think is gonna win here champ? you
think Hiro is gonna go? I think new Thomas is gonna go. set looks like Joe
and Spencer have the initial lead with the Thomas's coming in second. Spencer
now older Thomas as the old learning curve Thomas has a problem climbing not
the new Thomas so it looks like hero needs a little bit of help now with
Spencer taking over the lead Thomas coming at second Oh hero though jumps
ahead into second place on the downhill and learning curve Thomas rounds it out
as Spencer comes in first and he will finish first adds hero goes on to second
and Thomas is off track and off time and learning curve Thomas is just kind of
sitting there Thomas's are eliminated and Hiro the rail goes on and how lauded
was the first round every engine and team kids toys play goes on with only
one representative of team boo and team purple Wow purple that's gonna be Lady
Team Green yeah Toby hi James which James is gonna be aa hero the rails hero
paint predictions here you choose hero I'm gonna go with Toby backwards for
James lady of the rails Toby and hero of the
rails the Thunder in the back up Liam are you ready ah it looks like Wow
pretty close here but looks like fabric sports James is having trouble climbing
as Hiro and lady are moving out there backwards for shade now back in the race
and it looks like he's having some clothes lady now with Toby in second and
Hiro at first backwards for James takes the lead Owen comes in first he's
definitely going around here comes hero and Toby oh just a mess in there as
James will go on to the next round looks like Lady has lost this hero comes
in second Toby just short and lady is lost
we might be racing in the rain here but lady and Toby eliminated Hiro and James
next round ah Hiro the rails kids toys play
green. Percy! team kids toys play. which one do you think is gonna win I think
you said he was gonna lose make up your mind
metroliner will do get to Spencer real Metroliner big rad and backwards Ford's
Percy Ready Set so oh no Percy gets taken out by the stick right off the bat
as it starts to rain here at the raceway it looks like big red needs a little bit
of help specs are coming in first with Percy coming in second Oh Percy now in
the lead what's going on here is Metroliner now comes in second here
what's going to happen is you're going to be a malfunction up so what a weirdo
wacko race master dates out that July looks like big red it's good to go in
and move on to the next round is Spencer and Metroliner on eliminated ok we're
back after a little bit of a rainstorm folks and we have our final race of this
round real freight train jet engine great wheels James and
backwards/forwards Thomas hey Liam any predictions here you think jet engine
I'm gonna go with Brio. they're off and it looks like jet engine of course going
up very high alright it makes it up the first time as Brio keeps going up Thomas
James are left behind Bri oh no getting stuck on that second
owners or sorry jet engine riders Brio takes the lead but jet engine will go
faster and he will go on oh no Brio. my factory will go is he going to pass
Thomas and he goes on Thomas does a respectable third as great real James
doesn't know whether he's coming or going these kids toys play engines go on
to the next round again this is doing really good six engines remain in the
third round three of them belong to kids toys play one from hero of the rails one
from Team red and one from Team Green I think we're only gonna race three
engines now here are the rails okay Kuro
who James kids toys play before a big race, only one will survive
any predictions William big rat Flores backwards James big rad he rolled the
rails off and it looks like James is in the lead hero and second okay Greg he
had some problems getting off the first hill James totally with her at second
big right coming to third as they go down the major hill and it looks like
James is well on his way well we unpredicted that as big red by surprise
combat goes on to the final round and in the second last semi final it's gonna be
jet engine Brio freight train and ford backwards Percy William do you have any
predictions Jett legend get into the course off the top but he cannot go up
that hill gets a little bit of a push up the hill just a little bit though I
think he got a little bit too much as Brio goes on but it looks like jet
engine will go down the next round real comfy psychic and horseback for Percy
nice effort so in the final race Liam let's do no pushing up the hills okay I
will see who wins between jet engine and big red. any predictions I think big red
will go out and proud ready jet engine goes fastest what happened so
we went to do a test race and something happened to big red he just will not
work he won't go at all he won't go backwards either I think maybe jet
engines raise two different engines what you think so we're gonna replace that
Brio engine with Brio metroliner and briault freight train for the title
against Thomas in the jet engine any predictions from these three William you
think metroliner I think great line am i doing go there often takes up but
yes big problems climbing up that hill he's getting him just a tiny push
freight train oh definitely comes out there oh and what was that jet engine
got over on the second hill by himself. freight train comes in second, and
metroliner surprisingly comes in last place. rather shocking results today but it
looks like Thomas's jet engine from Thomas the jet engine wins today's
Thomas and Friends motorized wooden railway races
hey guys click here to watch another video and like here to subscribe to our
Channel bye
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Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Mystery Wheel Races

124 Folder Collection
olive published on September 16, 2019
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