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Psst! Hey
Do you ever want to know
what it's like to film a youtube video?
Well, check it out
Alright, so first things first
It's a pretty hot day, about 30°Celsius
Which in fahrenheit...
I don't know what that is
It's hot.
And... the kids, well...
*Imitating a voice of a kid* I'm thristy, I'm hot, I need something to drink
So we had them a drink
And of course they couldn't just get something from the vending machine
They needed a premium drink, so I made them share.
Then Shin sneezed on his hands.
Aiko: Wash your hands, they have snot on them...
Dad: Aiko said Shin's hands were snot covered
so we had to buy clean wipes
Shin: Cherry, and peach, and lemon...
It tastes like strawberry a little bit.
Dad: On the bright side, the drink really was premium in taste.
And here we're filming with Angela, from Internationally Me
You should really check out Angela's version of the day
Angela: Are you peeling the skin... (to camera) Oh... in Japan you peel the skin off
Dad: And Shin is just taking advantage of all the free peanuts
I don't peel the peanuts, I just eat them whole
These treats are made fresh, you can see the deep fryer behind
The owners were kind enough to let us film in here
And actually, Angela organized five different shops for us to film at
As you can see, she does all her filming with an iPhone
Pretty impressive.
And because the owners were nice enough to let us film, I felt I had to buy something
*Speaking Japanese*
So here's the shopkeeper saying
"Hey, you can get a bigger bag of the same treats for the same amount of money"
But the kids were like
"No it's daddy's money
why would we want to do that? this bag is cuter"
Now check out the packaging here
The treats are already packaged nicely
yet they going a cute paper bag
Yep, and after that what do you do?
You put it into a plastic bag
And here is Angela trying to catch up with the kids, filming them
The next stop was a well-known Taiyaki shop
It's a fish-shaped crispy kind of pancake
with red bean paste inside called Anko
I don't normally like Anko,
But surprisingly
this was my favorite treat of the day
Not long after the kids had their premium drink
they were soon going to die
(or so I was told)
And we had to pick up more drinks
It was hot though
so they did need to drink
Dad, to Shin: That was the worst I've ever seen
Here is Shin, anytime he gets a chance
He's doing parkour
So when you are filming kids you just have to kind of capture whatever happens
Shin: I can't do this one
Dad: Why?
Shin: Because it's too long and it's too squishy
*Speaking Japanese*
So, there's the big sister mode
Or the I-just-want-to-do-it-myself mode
You get a bit of both with Aiko
And this is good, Shin shouldn't be playing with that money
so that's good that she stops him
But then she starts playing with money herself
Angela: What'd you get, Shin?
Shin: Custard cream.
Angela: Custard cream, all three?
Shin: Yeah, all three
All three custard cream?
Dad: I think Angela was think there'd be some variety but no,
We all ordered the custard cream
I didn't wanna try the cheese one though.
Poor guy...
How annoying would it be to have people film him all the time?
Shin: I found the custard cream... ahh so delicious.
See, with kids when you're trying to film them you only get one take sometimes,
and whatever you get is whatever you get.
Dad: flip, flip flip!
It's almost like takoyaki
I know there are some kids that are... professionals with video and they do stuff on command
That's not my kids
And... I really don't want them to be
I don't think people think of bread when they think of Japan
But they have some killer bakeries
It's cafeteria styled, where you can pick and choose what you like
Since i'm a bread lover
I'm like a kid in a toy shop
I've heard many stories about people losing weight when moving to Japan
well... I gained a few kilograms.
And to end our shopping day,
the kids visited a...
toy shop!
Such, tough work.
These are all the old-school japanese toys
Shin: This is so easy
Just put it in your eyes
So beautiful
Dad: Okay, what about these ones?
Shin: You want to look at it?
Dad: Oh, I can't see it with the camera...
Oh wait, I can!
If you ever visit Japan
And you're taking back gifts for kids
I recommend them, they're quite affordable and unique
Yeah, we dropped that box like 3 times
Dad: Shin, how do you use that?
Shin: Hold it like this and then like
*dat dat dat dat*
Shin's a huge Yokai-Watch fan, so of course
He had to get a Yokai watch medal
Shin: Can I open it?
Can't wait, I'll gonna open it
Dad: Just w-wa-wait, no, you have to open it right where we can see it... just wait
Shin: Pack, and then I'll open it
Dad: Not right now Shin
Shin: But I want to open it
Dad: I think my hands are too sweaty for this thing
Angela: It'll be funny if I hit the guy
*everybody laughs*
Now I know why you guys think it's difficult
Shin: I'm better than Aiko, look
Dad: Well, let's see, I don't think you really are
I think it was the wrong way
Angela: Shin, come
Dad (voiceover): So folks,
there's a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes
You get hot,
Your hands get dirty,
Your siblings bug you,
You have to go pee,
You can't open your toy right away
You're not good at playing with your toy
It's a hard life, I know
In the end though,
It's all about making a sweet and fun video for you
Where's my wallet?
Because the kids are tired from playing and they're hungry again
Angela: It's actually hard
How does this work? So, you gotta push it
Because my ones keep coming back at me
Dad: That way, yeah, I think
That was... not good
Angela: I literally just do what I can
It's really hard
Dad: I think it's just all of the spin, you don't have to get i--
Angela: --ow!
You, you dropped it last
So you will be punched
Shin: Well you did, you, you failed too
Aiko: Ow, stop that
Angela: Punch him, Aiko
Dad: Okay, now open it
Shin: Who I got? Who I got?
I got Hanahojin!
Dad: You can get it for cheaper if you buy it from Gacha Gacha (toy vending machine), Shin
Shin: I know but it's so-
Dad: -I didn't know it was metal
Shin: I hate, I hate hanahojin
Angela: Okay... go!
*counting number of times they consecutively hit the ball*
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Sweets and Toy Shopping in Japan nternationally Me

68 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on September 16, 2019
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