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So the rainy season has finally finished in Japan and now every day is getting
hotter and hotter, especially in Tokyo
and today it was around 30 degress
so it's boiling hot here and I'm boiling as you can see right now
and I know the perfect thing to eat on a summer's hot day
So I'll take you there today lets go
Today we've come to a local neighbourhood west of Tokyo called Sangenchaya
It's only 2 stops away from Shibuya but you can already feel a big difference in the atmosphere
Off the main road in the back streets we find ourselves an old traditional shaved ice shop
When you start seeing lines for shaved ice, you know summer's arrived
Shaved ice is definitely a must eat in summer and it gives you a taste of what Japanese summer is like
This shop here has been running for 40 years and is loved by the locals
While there are many trendy shaved ice out there now
this shop keeps the simple and traditional taste of Japanese shaved ice
Ishibashi-san cuts the ice just before it starts to melt giving it a soft cotton candy texture
and then she puts different coats of sweeteners on top
There are lots of flavours you can choose from and the price ranges from 500~1000yen
There were so many flavors to choose from and I couldn't decide however
in the end I decided to go with the green tea flavour for 800yen
and mannnnn did it taste good after a days work :P
and if you're one of those people who love to take photos of your food before you eat
trust me this is not one of those foods you should do it with
because you'll end up like me having to drink it and have green tea instead of shaved ice
So this was my first shaved ice for summer 2016
and I'm sure with the hotter weather coming up, I will be eating a lot more
so thank you for watching until the end of the video and here is my previous
video about what not to wear in Japan so I'm really glad some of you found it
really helpful or enjoyed the video and it was nice to hear about some of the things you guys wear
I always enjoy reading the comments from you guys
so feel free to leave me a comment down below or a video request you would like to see me do
so thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video
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Japanese Shaved Ice: A Must Go Tokyo Local Shop For Summer

319 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on September 16, 2019
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