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Hi this is tutor Nick P and this is Quotes four today we're going to look at a Shakespeare
quote from Hamlet okay and here's actually the quote neither a borrower nor
a lender be for loan oft loses itself and friend yeah well this is very clear
advice the advice was actually given to Hamlet so don't be the person who lends
the money to someone but don't also be the person who borrows the money it's
bad for both of you actually in many many ways so neither a borrower
nor a lender be for loan oft oft is old English to me often loan oft loses
itself so you lose the money loan loses itself means the money is gone and friend so you if you're
the lender so it's probably even worse for the lender because he's lost both he's lost
the money he's lost his friend and probably a lot
of bad feelings that he has to deal with okay so let's uh let's quickly cover it
this Shakespeare quote literally means it is better not to be the person who
lends the money or who borrows the money if you are the lender there is high risk
you will lose both your money and your friend if you are the borrower you may
have to feel guilty about not returning the money or have to deal with avoiding
the lender you will probably also lose your friend who may have helped you in
more ways in the future if he wasn't cheated than the mere value of the loan so so
the borrower may lose out even a lot more than the borrower I mean yeah then
the borrower realizes because maybe he thinks well he didn't have to return the
money he got away with the money but you know you've sometimes we say you to burn
bridges you've burned a bridge and you could you can't get help from that
friend anymore that friend is gone it's never going to help you again so and you
know in life it's not easy to have a lot of good friends so if you lose a good
you know you've cut you cut ties you've burnt bridges and you know that's it
can't get help from that person again so who knows he may have lost out a lot
more than than just what the value of that money was oh okay I hope it
clarifies it clarifies what this quote means it's a good life lesson thank you
thank you for your time
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Tutor Nick P Quotes 4 Shakespeare - Neither A Borrower Nor Lender Be

16 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on September 15, 2019
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