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Please come and see.
We have many prices for you to choose from
Your father is here!
You can treat me a good meal.
When you are free. Come here and celebrate with me
Aren't you proud of this daughter for having her own arts exhibition?
I'm on my way back. Don't worry.
It's safe. There are CCTVs here. It's not that dark. Trust me.
Okay, see you. Bye.
What's going on?
Is there a marathon event or something?
Gosh! Stop. Stop.
You, stop now.
Hey, stop!
Are you talking to me?
Yes, can't you see that my dress is getting snagged
Why are you just standing there and do nothing?
You should at least say sorry and help me.
You can just tear it apart. My dress is already ruined.
Give it to me.
I was just running away from the municipal police. I didn't see you
I'm sorry.
Why are you laughing? Am I your friend?
What are you looking at?
How is it going?
Don't come near
I'm not gonna peep.
Done yet?
Take it.
Wow. You look good in that.
No need to flatter me.
You still need to compensate me for ruining my dress
What? I really mean what I said.
how much is this dress?
I'll pay you back.
Are you sure what you are wearing is a dress not a motorcycle?
Yes, don't you realize that it's a designer dress.
Let me show you this.
45,000 baht Imported and genuine.
Give me your bank account.
That's it.
Are you okay?
I'm not okay. I fell in my high heels while I was running after you
Hey, what are you doing?
Where do you want to go? I'll carry you there.
Let me down.
I can go there myself.
You can't even walk properly. Where do you want to go?
Don't you hear me? I said let me down.
Yes, I hear you.
You are taking advantage of me
Can you stop?
Please stop. My ankle hurts. It's painful to stand on my feet.
Told you.
You should have let me carry you.
If I want to take advantage of you, I would have done it from the start
Look, my clothes rack is distorted.
You are talking too much.
Your ankle got sprained
What can I do?
Wait here.
Where are you going?
Just wait.
A sprain like this need an ice pack to minimize swelling
Use another ice pack again tomorrow.
Then, use a heat pack on the day after.
What are you looking at?
I'm not looking at you?
Don't deny
If I were a fighting fish, I would have gotten pregnant.
Don't be a narcissist.
A flirty guy like you is sure a player.
Me? A flirty guy?
Look at how you try to take care of me like this
You want to impress me, right?
That's not gonna happen.
I'm not gonna fall for your tricks.
I already have a boyfriend
We have a red thread that ties us very firmly
What is that red thread about?
I know only a holy thread.
It's not strange that you never heard about it.
You only care about making money and don't have time for anything else.
Yes, because I'm poor.
Don't use that as an excuse to not pay me back for the dress.
I'll pay you back for sure. I won't make a break for it.
How can I trust you?
After I get your money, I can send this ID back to you to this address, right?
And give me your Messaging ID.
So I can send you the payment slip.
Pay me back soon. I hate to wait
If you make a break for it, I will go find you at your house.
What is it?
A sprain relief ointment. I bought it for you
Use it after 48 hours
And my name is Day.
So you know who I am when I text you.
Did you forget something?
A bonus gift from me
Please. Please I beg you.
Let me have another bout.
I'm in need of money now.
I let you have two bouts
and many people criticized me for putting you in the fight
You have ruined my reputation, you know?
Come on. Last time, I just wasn't fit enough
But now, I'm very well prepared.
You won't be disappointed this time.
In need of money?
You have to pay off the credit card debts, right?
Oh, you know.
You know me too well.
Lately, it's been hard to sell on the street
The municipal police are always after us.
Please. Let me have one more bout.
When you are on the ring,
people only make a bet that you will lose.
No dealer wants you on their bouts.
You want money, right?
Here's the deal.
Get Day to join a bout
I'll give you a commission fee.
This way, you don't need to box yourself.
Are you interested?
I am but I'm not sure if Day is interested.
He refused to join yesterday, but he may change his mind today
There he is.
Hey, Day. How are you?
I thought you got arrested by the municipal police.
Sawasdee krap.
Hey, what is this?
Do you have this kind of thing too?
Look, this kind of fabric is very expensive.
Give it back.
Why is he so cranky?
I don't know. What to do now?
Go to him.
How to talk him in? Why don't you open the topic?
You do it!
Day, are you moody?
I'm fine.
Yeah, I heard you've got something for me to do.
An extra job?
But if you want me to fight in the underground boxing
and deliberately lose a bout like Cue did earlier
I won't do it
I know that you guys are in need of money
And this is not hard.
Just one bout and you get money right away
And it's hefty
He is right.
If I hadn't done it before, I would have done it.
You haven't had a match. And you are good at boxing.
Just box until the 5th round and get knocked out. That's not hard, right?
Come on. Just do it.
No, I can't.
I can't just have a fight and pretend to lose
Another thing is it's illegal.
It's not worth it.
You don't want a bad record when applying for a job or anything like that?
I will graduate soon.
I don't want to do anything that is risky.
All right. Fair enough.
I will call it off
Hey. What about me?
What about you?
Look at my moves again.
And reconsiderate. Okay?
Yes, I'm upset. You don't even need to ask.
I just bought this dress and it was no cheap.
I planned to wear it at my exhibition opening.
Now, I don't have it.
I'm getting more upset now that I talk about it.
If I were you, I would drag him to the police station
I would never let him go away easily like that
That dress is expensive.
I didn't think of that back then.
But he gave me his ID card
If he doesn't pay me back, I will go to his house
Seriously, Min.
If he really wants to make a break for it,
he won't be at his house and wait for you.
By the way, is he good looking?
What's with you?
I call you so that you can console me.
And I have been trying to calm you down for hours
I just want to know how he looks
so that I can imagine him in the scenario
Is he young? Is he handsome? Or is he old?
I don't know. I didn't pay attention to his look
How about this? Why don't you snap a shot of his ID and send to me?
Seriously, Ne.
Oh my god. I can't believe you are my friend
You are so obsessive about men.
Wait a minute
Hello. Have you got it?
This is P'Day.
He's the hottest senior at our Uni
Tomorrow is the last day of the month. Don't forget my wages
Can I pay you a bit late this month?
I need money to pay for another urgent matter first.
I give you 3 days. If you don't pay me, I'll quit.
Mom, I miss you too.
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Endless Love | EP.1 [1/5]

114 Folder Collection
Lisa published on September 15, 2019
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