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(intense music)
- I've gotten several nicknames.
One of the biggest ones that stick out
in my mind was One Run Anderson.
I would run one time, and I'm gonna tell you right now,
you'd better have your cameras ready,
because it was gonna be one, big bad run.
I'm Dennis Anderson, and I'm the Original Grave Digger.
(engine rumbles) (light guitar music)
If you don't know what a monster truck is,
it's because you're a concrete-cruisin' city slicker.
The definition of a monster truck is
it has to have a 66-43 Terra tire,
meaning 66 inches tall, 43 inches wide,
and normally they are around 10 to 12 foot tall
and 12 foot wide, and they usually weigh
about 10 to 12 thousand pounds.
That's what a monster truck is.
My goal in life as a kid growing up
is I wanted to be this big farmer.
It never really was a goal in life
for me to be a pro Monster Jam truck driver.
- [Announcer] Dennis Anderson, and the Grave Digger!
- The whole legacy of Grave Digger,
this right here was the first stepping stone.
My goal in life as I was building this truck
was to have a big, nice shop with a concrete floor,
because I built this thing in a tin chicken house.
I call it my empire, and it's the Grave Digger
empire here, now up to nine Grave Diggers.
We've built 32 Grave Digger trucks in the last 34 years.
This is the dino room,
my most favorite place on the property.
1500 horsepower, and we're gonna see a test pull right now.
(engine rumbles)
Yeah, baby!
(light ambient music)
Trust me, I have paid my dues all the way down the line.
I have fractured my back, I've broke my shoulder,
I've broke my ribs, I've broke my nose
a couple of times, I've broke my arms.
When you talk about living a dream,
that's this old guy right here.
I never have grown up, I still love toys,
and that's why Grave Digger is what it is today.
(light ambient music)
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GRAVE DIGGER: The Definition of a Monster Truck

141 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 14, 2019
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