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- I'm not sure if you're familiar with Andrew Yang?
- [Other Speaker] Yes I am.
- So there's a candidate for President of the United States
who's platform, Andrew Yang is based
in part around job loss due to automation
and also in addition the need perhaps,
of universal basic income to support jobs that are,
folks who lose their job due to automation.
So what are your thoughts about his concerns,
him as a candidate, his ideas in general?
- I think his thinking is generally in the right direction,
but his approach as a presidential candidate
may be a little bit ahead of the time.
I think the displacements will happen,
but will they happen soon enough
for people to agree to vote for him.
The unemployment numbers are not very high yet
and I think he and I have the same challenge.
If I want to theoretically convince people this is an issue
and he wants to become the President,
people have to see how can this be the case
when unemployment numbers are low.
So that is the challegne.
I do agree with him on the displacement issue.
I think the main issue is retraining.
So people need to be incented
not by just giving a monthly $2,000 check, or $1,000 check
and do whatever they want,
because they don't have the know how to know what to retrain
to go into what type of a job
and guidance is needed, and retraining is needed,
because historically in technology revolutions
where routine jobs were displaced, new routine jobs came up,
but with AI and automation the whole point
is replacing all routine jobs eventually
and AI will create jobs, but it won't create routine jobs,
because if it creates routine jobs
why wouldn't an AI just do it.
So therefore, the people who are losing the jobs
are losing routine jobs.
The jobs that are becoming available are non routine jobs
so these the social stipend needs to be put in place
is for the routine workers who lost their jobs
to be retrained and then take on the job that will last
for that person's lifetime.
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Andrew Yang is Ahead of His Time - Kai-Fu Lee | AI Podcast Clips

104 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on September 14, 2019
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