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this video I'm gonna be sharing with you how to have emotional mastery I'm gonna
share ways that you can feel any emotion that you want right now so that you can
start to create what you want in a very powerful way welcome back to another
video my name is Erin and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this
video I'm gonna be sharing with you powerful ways to embody the emotions
that you want right now in the present moment so why is this so important it
will understand first off that when it comes to vibrational resonance which I
noticed some people is kind of a weird word but vibrational resonance really
has to do with understanding that what physics shows us is that everything is
vibration everything is just vibrating at different frequencies so in our life
we experience a reflection of who we are being and we experience a direct
reflection of our resonant vibration now part of our vibration has to do with the
emotions that we are feeling and one of the purposes of life is to go through
and have an emotional type experience like we're meant to embody our emotions
or meant to learn as much as we can about emotions and that's part of the
purposes of life so let's first off start with emotion and vibration are
very interlinked and when we start to see emotion more as vibration it gets
much easier for us to see what kind of emotions
we must feel in order to vibrate at the reality that we want now what do I mean
by at the reality that we want well what we must do is a maddened imagine the
best version of us and how we would be acting in the ideal reality so me for
example I have a certain body language in my ideal reality and I have a certain
way I present myself I am traveling the world in my visualization I am speaking
in front of large groups of people I am doing and traveling and meeting with
different types of people networking I'm going to great restaurants I'm doing all
of these things and with that success that I see within
myself I carry myself in a certain way and there is also certain emotions that
I am feeling emotions like feeling just grateful for where I am I feel like I'm
on my purpose so I feel very passionate about what I'm talking about what I'm
speaking about I can see it in my gestures I can see it in the way that I
interact with other people I feel very connected I feel very excited those are
different emotions that add up to the vibration of that version of me so what
we can begin to do is first off see what emotions we are consistently feeling and
then what commotions we are feeling in the ideal reality that we have we may
see that there's a little bit of a variance we may see in right now I'm
feeling emotions such as jealousy or I'm feeling emotions such as just like I'm
not good enough or I'm not already there so I'm feeling this emotion of lack or
this emotion like I really desire it because I don't already have it and then
we look at the reality that we prefer to be in the one of the best version of
ourselves and we're like well no that version of us doesn't lack anything that
version of us is just already happened doesn't get jealous because that version
of us is already doing very well so you see this is where we start to develop
emotional mastery over being able to see where we are to where we want to be so
that's the first part of the process is becoming aware of that gap of where you
are to where you want to be and paying attention to then how we can start to
wire in new emotions new vibrations and then let go of older vibrations or
vibrations that no longer serve the identity of the person that we prefer to
be now an important foundation of this process is first off understanding our
emotions in general now here's the cool thing our beliefs create our reality and
we do not have an emotion without first giving a meaning to different things
that happen into our life so let me give you an example of this this is the most
common one easy one to understand if there is a rainy day the idea of a rainy
day is absolutely neutral there's no built-in meaning there's no one that
says has to mean this it has to mean that the
day's gonna be great or it has to mean that the days not going to be great
it's absolutely neutral but the meaning that we give it is what determines the
effect we get out of it now first off we may just have a neutral meaning I don't
care if it is if it is rainy or not that makes no difference to me then it's
still a neutral meaning sometimes people might be like oh it's raining that is
awesome because I live in Vegas and I love it when it rains it doesn't rain
very often so then we give it positive meaning we feel good because we can kind
of in a way put up our blinds look outside and feel good with it and if we
give it a negative meaning we're like oh there's going to be traffic there's
going to be this all those negative connotations then we feel negative
emotion well that little analogy right there is actually with almost everything
in our life so sometimes we may be in a certain situation let's say you're in a
relationship and you break up with someone or someone breaks up with you
and you feel negative emotion now from a certain point am i saying that that is a
neutral idea and that we're in a my lying to myself or my emotions or I'm
like kidding myself it has no built-in meaning well yes that is actually what
is happening it's just about becoming aware of it so for example from a
certain perspective say you lost a job you lost a job you got fired okay that's
a negative situation - about 80 to 90 percent of the people in the world
however from a certain perspective you could be happy because you could say you
know what this is one job out of thousands of jobs I could have I'm gonna
start finding out what I'm more passionate about you know what I've been
wanting to do my own passion this is going to give me the pressure the fire
for me to start doing that full-time you see we could start to see things in new
points of view maybe you're like oh in that relationship this is a negative
thing I feel that I feel sad well sad is coming from the focus of the perspective
and maybe that person that you were in a relationship with represented to you
some type of positive emotion you attributed your happiness with them but
at the fundamental level you have the ability to feel the emotions that you
want in the present moment right now it's
simply a matter of your choice as to what focuses and perspectives you have
that determine the kind of emotion that you feel in the vibrational resonance
that you have so I know this sounds like a pretty new idea the idea that we can
really choose our emotions and choose the meanings that we give things in life
but that's when we start to take our power back because we see that nothing
has a built-in meaning so we could start to ask ourself a new question if we were
maybe just can out of a breakup and we're saying to ourselves okay I feel
very sad well what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind
of experience well maybe it's like okay from a certain
level I could feel grateful that I had a relationship with somebody maybe it
didn't work out but here's a good thing there's 7 billion other people in the
world and if I can have that level of resonance with one person that it didn't
work out with imagine the level of residents I'd have with somebody that
really actually resonates at a deeper level you see it kind of switches the
perspective but we can see then maybe if we're still feeling negative emotion
about the situation of the break-up we can see that we're still giving it some
type of meaning we're identifying with that person we're giving unhappiness to
them and saying you were my happiness that's a dependent relationship and what
we can do is start to be grateful for it because then we can start to take our
power back we could say I am whole and complete we can start to see things from
a new point of view we can expand our awareness in so many different ways so
that's something that I think is just so powerful when we start to tap into it is
realizing first off that any emotion that we feel is specifically because we
have a belief or a meaning that we're giving something in our life and then
therefore that is the effect that we get out of it so it's very powerful and we
start to reframe the different kind of things in our life in a powerful way
because we will literally start to feel better emotions I remember there were
times I used to have a sales commission job there were times I was helping
customers that were walking it's called walking when they don't they don't buy
anything and they're kind of wasting your time but what I would do is I
realize that anytime that would happen it would cause negative momentum because
the next customers I would help I would that negative energy into that out that
like situation and it would continue to create more and more resistance and get
worse and worse normally so what I did is I switched it around I was like you
know what these person this two people came in they didn't buy anything they
kind of wasted my time but I was able to get myself into the state of like
helping people I see it more from a neutral point of view I realized that's
a neutral idea and I chose to give it a positive meaning because I'm like okay
the next people that I help it's gonna be even better and then guess what
happened every person would get better and better I start to sell more and more
that was something that I found very powerful because I started to change the
meaning therefore my state of being increased I started to feel better and
then I started to actually help people that wanted to buy because I was
resonating with people that wanted to buy rather than resonating with people
that just wanted to walk me or they just wanted to just try on some nice that you
know a thousand dollar pair of shoes because I used to work at a sales
commission job selling like talking at our pair of Louboutins so it's a
different perspective but give it new meaning and you will start to feel an
elevated emotion and in that elevated emotion you'll start to attract more
amazing things you get out of a relationship you break up with someone
someone breaks up with you you give it a positive meaning because you know you're
gonna find someone even better you start to increase your state of being
then you resonate with someone that could actually resonate with you at a
deeper level you start to become more attractive because you start to
literally feel better and as you feel better as you smiling more as you're
having more fun you are more attractive they've shown that they've shown that
with scientific studies that when you smile there are more people you're
actually releasing more serotonin first of all so you're feeling better but
people actually perceive you as more attractive at the same time so those are
all some things that will help with this process now a couple other things I want
to share with you with this is understand that whatever you focus on
you feel focus equals feeling when you become aware of what you're focusing on
that's when you can start to take your power back in a very powerful way you
could take your power back in a very powerful way okay yeah and that's what
you can start to do is start to take your power back by realizing this is a
game changer you can feel any emotion you want in the present moment right now
you do not need something else to symbolize something to you for you to
feel those emotions normally we external eyes are power we say when I get into
that perfect relationship I will feel whole and complete when I am making X
amount of money per month or per year I will feel abundant and great about
myself but the thing is is we are externalized in our power and we are not
giving ourselves permission to just feel that positivity feel that level of
satisfaction right now in the present moment when if we were to go straight to
the source and simply decide to feel the emotions right now at the present moment
we would actually start to see more and more resonance in our life of that
reflection of who we are being so normally we are here achieving our goals
is here with the satisfaction and we take a lot of action and we do all of
these things and then we give ourselves permission to feel that emotion but
there's a lot of resistance that comes along the way instead we are here these
emotions all right over here we can feel right now in the present moment it's
about that awareness of you knowing that you can feel any emotion that you want
right now if I were to tell myself you know when I make five hundred thousand
dollars a year I can be happy then what I do is I kind of work myself really
really hard I create a lot of resistance and when I finally get there I give
myself permission to feel that satisfaction but what does that money
mean to me what does that money bring me it brings me a meaning that I am giving
it I am giving the money the meaning of saying the money equals freedom money
equals the ability for me to travel and do what I love money equals the
resources to help more people to build even a bigger business so you see as I
start to change the way I view the process as I start to change those
things I start to relate to it in a completely new way and then I'm able to
embody more of the emotions I want so it comes with that awareness so what I want
to encourage you to do here's the practical side of this video the
exercise that you can begin to do is begin to visualize and imagine the best
version of you and how you are acting in that ideal reality so maybe it's you
owning your own art gallery maybe it's you traveling the world and speaking
that's mine maybe it's you owning your own business owning a
restaurant maybe it's you making videos on health and nutrition or growing on
social media whatever it is imagine that version of you that is
already where you want to be imagine the emotions that you would be feeling break
it down into emotions not the things you would have but the actual emotions you'd
be feeling and you could say okay I'm gonna be feeling connected to other
people I'm gonna feel passionate I'm gonna feel like I'm on top of the world
I'm gonna feel like everything in life is just synchronistically happening so
I'm gonna feel very grateful all of those emotions that I feel in that ideal
reality I choose to feel now in the present moment through focus whatever
you focus on you feel focus on where those things in your life are already in
your life so for example if you're like I'm gonna focus on the freedom I'm gonna
have from all that money and the abundance that I want you say well where
do I already have abundance and freedom well I already have freedom because I
can drive wherever I want to go I already have freedom cuz I can go in the
kitchen right now and make my food and eat what I want I already have the
freedom right now because I call up friends and hang out I can do what I
want so that's the level of freedom that I'm talking about so that's something
that you can feel through your focus whatever you focus on you feel and when
you start to become aware of what you have to believe is true so ask yourself
that question what I have to believe is true to be having this kind of
experience and as you see what that emotion is as you see what that belief
is you can then choose to let go of the old belief because the moment you come
become aware of it is the moment you bring the subconscious into the
conscience and you can decide to then let it go and as you let it go you start
to take your power back and from there you can start to then give things
positive meaning in life think of positive is an integrative not positive
as good and negative as bad positive is integrated negative as separating or
segregative is start to connect to the events in your life start to give things
part of the positive meaning integrated and you'll start to transform it in a
much more powerful way so another part of this whole process is understanding
vibration and your vibrational frequency when you raise your vibration whatever
you focus on will happen much faster that's why I've created a free guided
that will show you exactly how to raise your vibrational set point with when
you're in at maybe a three or four out of ten you can start to feel at a 7 or 8
an 8 out of 10 it'll raise you up the vibrational scale so that's something
I've created for absolutely free I can think it can totally change your life if
you listen to it for at least 21 days straight it's gonna be in the top of the
description box below you can download it for free and other than that I'm also
going to be on Instagram or be doing more live Q&A s I'm gonna be like to
interact with you I want to be able to if you have questions you can ask me
questions and we can have more of a dialogue there so if you want to follow
me there I'll go ahead and put it right over here for you to follow me on
Instagram as well and other than that as always I hope you guys enjoy this video
feel free to like this video like to subscribe if you haven't already hit
that little notification here so that you can see the daily bits that I do so
a YouTube does things now is you actually have to hit that button to see
the daily bits now the neck as always please much love
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How to Feel ANY Emotion you Want INSTANTLY to Manifest What you Want (Emotional Mastery)

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juuuddddy published on September 12, 2019
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