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Hello, my name is Joseph Alai. Welcome to my channe. Today I'd like to talk about inner conversations or mental diet.
First of all,
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So. Mental diet or inner conversation. So,
manifesting is when you impress something upon the subconscious mind it then
manifests in the screen of space.
So when we define the end
result of exactly what we want, when we know what we want, and we've
defined what it would be like if we had that, if we imagine that scene in our
imagination in first-person point of view as if we already had it, that is when it will impress on the subconscious and
manifest in this world.
But there's another way to manifest and that is specifically through our mental diet.
Mental diet works extraordinarily well.
Because you act as if you're in first-person point of view, and you're impressing on your subconscious mind with words, and words are
extremely powerful and creative. If you've seen my video on
scripting then, you know exactly why, but
basically, just to be very clear, an inner conversation is a conversation that you're carrying on with yourself
inside your head. We do this every single day. You can drive down the street and look at everyone.
They're all carrying mental conversations on, and
their mental conversations are actually what is shaping their life more than anything else. See we are always
manifesting. We manifest from the moment
we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep.
And we either manifest through our thoughts, our inner conversations, or imaginal acts, or beliefs and assumptions.
So most of the time we're not daydreaming, or imagining, but instead we're having little
conversations inside of our mind, even our thoughts if we pay attention to them,
they are in the form of words, and as scripture says, the word became flesh and dwelt within us. So the word is
manifested. When we write words, when we speak words, when we think words,
they all become impressed upon the subconscious mind and manifested in the world. So when it comes to
changing our inner conversations,
to fit what it would be like if we already had what we wanted,
basically, what we have to do is first, number one is define exactly what we want.
So once we find a define exactly what we want, the next thing we want to do is construct
some sort of inner conversation or idea of what it would be like, what we would be
thinking or what would we be saying to other people if we were now the person that we want to be.
So most of the time when we're having these little thoughts or conversations,
if you've ever noticed when you're angry at someone or when you're upset at someone, you often carry on
arguments inside your mind, and these arguments continuously manifest in
reality. So I know for my sake when I used to work at a job,
I had a boss, and I did not like him. I could not stand him
So what I was doing all day long was arguing with him in my mind and
all my friends that I've talked to, they all knew that he would always give me a hard time.
But I had one friend who I spoke to and s,he said
"Dude, you're arguing in your mind."
And I was. Absolutely. So when I changed the conversations to fit what I wanted them to be, he changed completely.
Instead of arguing and telling him about himself. I
was talking about happy things, peaceful things, joyous things, him congratulating me on my work, and me
accepting that and thanking him for being
such an awesome person.
So we don't have to just use this for our relationships with people. We can use this to
manifest whatever it is that we want.
So when you define what you want, if you want a raise, if you want a new car, if you want a
vacation, if you want love, what you can do is
define a scene that would imply that.
An imaginal scene in your mind that would imply the you are
already that person. So a
So maybe having a conversation with a loved one or a trusted friend. Now,
it's very important to use a loved one or a trusted friend,
because when you have a conversation with them, you know that it's true and serious and it's not--
It's just serious and truth. So you choose someone you care about, and you go on in your mind, the
conversation that you would have if you
had what you wanted.
"Yeah, I'm so glad I went on this vacation."
"I'm so glad I already went on that vacation."
"That was the best vacation in the world," or "that I've ever been on," and then them responding to you,
"Yes, you look so happy. Those pictures that you took look amazing. That's awesome."
So we create conversations like this, and then we play them in our mind with clear and concise
thought, clarity of thought. And what happens is
we will start to see the bridge of incidents with just as much power and force of an imaginal act of
imagining the end. You can completely change your entire life.
Because like I said, we are always thinking and we're always manifesting. So if we begin to change our thoughts
to what we would want to experience, then that will happen.
So our mental diet is essentially what we feed our mind. If we define various things that we would like to
experience, instead of thinking about the drudgery of the day, or how bad this thing happened yesterday, or what's going to happen tomorrow,
we specifically
plan our desires. I often map out what I want. My desires. Different desires. I'll map them out
so I have things that I can think of on a regular basis.
Now what we want to watch out for is continuously polluting our thoughts
with negative thoughts, because those will continuously manifest. Now you can get a good idea of
how your mental diet is, by what's going on around you. What happened to you today?
Was it positive was it negative? Did something go terribly wrong? Did something go awesomely right?
Look at another person for instance. What is their state of affairs? How are they? What's going on in their life?
Are they happy? Are they miserable? Are they lucky? Are they unlucky? We can tell
what another person is thinking by the events that happened to us.
And so if we're unsure of what our mental diet is bringing us,
look at the world. Look at what's going on around you.
You cannot encounter anything in this world unless you have first planted it as a seed in your mind.
So the fruits of your mind are existing in this world right now.
So if you notice things that you do not like, if you want
specific things, if you want that vacation, if you want money, if you want freedom from debt, if you want that boyfriend or girlfriend,
what you do is define a
conversation, like I said, as if you already had it.
You have a mental conversation as if you already had it.
So again, the first thing is defining the desire.
The second thing is outlining it, and the third is putting it into practice.
So putting it into practice just basically means guarding our thoughts. What are you thinking about?
You'll know when a manifestation is coming more or less, when your mental diet is more or less in
relation or related to your manifestation.
So for me, particularly, when I plant a seed--
Okay the other day I
imagined that I would get this
TSA PreCheck thing, and so I can get online in the airport faster. Now, I took this application.
It was taking a long time for it to come because I have a lengthy history of-- I moved a lot of times and my
past is not as white as snow, so to speak. So what I did was I took this
website where my application status is on there, and I
imagined first of all reading the successful outcome, and then after that I had inner
conversations talking with my mother about how I had been approved, and my sister
how I'd been approved. Now immediately, the next day, I had received an email that they had
completed my process, and I looked on the website, and they're sending me the mail. So I know
that by reading first of all the
application process that I had created, the positive outcome, like, "Congratulations,
Joseph Alai, you have been accepted for TSA PreCheck," and all these short brief details.
I had read it like seven times and then in my mind after, I had a mental
conversation with my mother and my sister about how I had been approved.
Then the next day I went on - now this was after four weeks or so of not having my
application checked at all - the next day I went on and they said that they have reviewed my application,
they're sending me a letter. So I have no question or no doubt that I've been approved, even
despite my my history.
when we define our outcomes as we want them, as if it's already happened, the end is so
critical. We define what we want,
we plan a scene that implies that we're now that person, or we create an inner conversation with ourselves,
and we carry that on throughout the day. We can do it for a little bit a day.
We can do it a couple days in a row.
It doesn't take long to plant a seed. So we don't have to be obsessive.
We don't have to constantly do it until the manifestation unfolds.
We just have to do it enough for it to feel pretty
crystal clear in our mind, till it feels real, and then we know that it's sure to come. Just like me,
I know it's sure to come. There's no question that my manifestation has been set into motion.
So definitely guard your inner conversations, guard your thoughts, don't feed your mind. Words are extremely powerful, and if you use this for your
benefit, you will have amazing results. So I hope you like this video.
If you did, please subscribe ,hit the bell icon, register for my mailing list
at Sovrinmind.com, and read my blog. It has some awesome stuff on there. And stay tuned for more. Thank you.
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Manifest Effortlessly: Mental Diet + Inner Conversations

98 Folder Collection
juuuddddy published on September 12, 2019
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