B1 Intermediate UK 355 Folder Collection
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Once the world was full of wonders.
But it belongs to humans now
We have all but disappeared.
Demons, vampires and witches.
Hiding in plain sight.
Professor Clairmont. You're a vampire.
You're a witch.
To determine what is happening to us, we have to understand our beginnings.
The book. I've been looking for it for over a century.
If we witches had the book of spells, it could change everything.
You need to be careful.
Is that a threat?
No, it's a warning
It's not about the book, is it?
It's about her.
The covenant forbids inter-species relationships.
Are you seriously considering endangering our family?
For a witch.
If you do, it will be war.
They don't get to choose, who I love.
If we were allowed to come together, there would be fewer problems.
Can't you see the danger you're in?
She is astonishingly powerful.
Am I in control of it?
If he breaks the rules, he pays the price.
We are bound together.
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A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Official Trailer (HD) Teresa Palmer Fantasy

355 Folder Collection
Vera published on September 10, 2019    Vera translated    Evangeline reviewed
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