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Revolving doors always open, always closed.
So, why do we have them?
Meet Theophilus Van Kannel.
A curmudgeon and a scrooge of sorts.
He hated lots of things.
None more so than chivalry, especially opening doors
for women.
He also hated and I mean hated that awkward dance
we've all experienced.
- After you. - No, after you.
No, no, no, I insist after you.
After you.
Van Kannel created a way to eliminate
his social phobia by drawing inspiration
from a preexisting German,
Translation: door without draft of air.
In 1888, Van Kannel received a patent for a
storm door structure aka the revolving door.
In 1899, the first one was installed at Rector's,
a restaurant in New York City.
It was revolutionary!
Not only did it eliminate forced social interaction,
revolving doors kept dust, rain, sleet, snow,
and noise from entering buildings and kept the heat
and air conditioning inside.
Seems great, energy efficient, but there's a catch.
No one uses them.
In 2006, an MIT study found only 20% to 30% of people
were using the revolving doors.
So, why don't we use them?
Probably because swinging doors are just easier,
but Mr. Van Kannel, we salute you
and your anti-social ways.
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How the Revolving Door Was Born Out of Awkward Encounters

443 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 9, 2019    Jerry Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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