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  • - [Voiceover] I can tell you

  • I've jumped out of airplanes before.

  • I've done almost every sport there is out there

  • and done all these thrills.

  • I have never felt the same as I do when I'm dancing.

  • I am a breakdancer, and I go by B-girlsnap1.

  • Snap because I'm actually double-jointed,

  • and then the one was added because

  • I'm the only b-girl up in Alaska.

  • I strictly compete against boys.

  • It makes you be good, not for a girl, but as a dancer.

  • Professionally, I'm a UH60 Black Op mechanic.

  • I spend 40 hours a week fixing helicopters,

  • inspecting helicopters, replacing major components.

  • Being in the Army has taught me a lot of self-discipline

  • and focus because

  • if my body goes kaputs I can't do my passion.

  • The hip-hop scene in Anchorage is very small.

  • We are so far away from the rest of

  • the hip-hop scene in the United States and in the world.

  • Being able to accomplish what our crew members

  • have been able to accomplish

  • sets a good influence for everybody else that lives here

  • that if they just put enough time and effort and passion

  • into their craft they can actually go somewhere

  • and do something with it.

  • Doing all these incredible things with my body

  • to the music and battling these other people

  • is a remarkable feeling that

  • I just simply can't get anywhere else.

- [Voiceover] I can tell you

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The Only B-Girl In Alaska

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    許大善 posted on 2019/09/09
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