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- [Voiceover] I can tell you
I've jumped out of airplanes before.
I've done almost every sport there is out there
and done all these thrills.
I have never felt the same as I do when I'm dancing.
I am a breakdancer, and I go by B-girlsnap1.
Snap because I'm actually double-jointed,
and then the one was added because
I'm the only b-girl up in Alaska.
I strictly compete against boys.
It makes you be good, not for a girl, but as a dancer.
Professionally, I'm a UH60 Black Op mechanic.
I spend 40 hours a week fixing helicopters,
inspecting helicopters, replacing major components.
Being in the Army has taught me a lot of self-discipline
and focus because
if my body goes kaputs I can't do my passion.
The hip-hop scene in Anchorage is very small.
We are so far away from the rest of
the hip-hop scene in the United States and in the world.
Being able to accomplish what our crew members
have been able to accomplish
sets a good influence for everybody else that lives here
that if they just put enough time and effort and passion
into their craft they can actually go somewhere
and do something with it.
Doing all these incredible things with my body
to the music and battling these other people
is a remarkable feeling that
I just simply can't get anywhere else.
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The Only B-Girl In Alaska

89 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 9, 2019
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