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Hello, this is Jack from... I wish had some
shades. Hello, this is Jack from tofluency.com
and welcome to this English lesson where
we are going to look at the difference
between wish and hope. Wish and hope can
be quite confusing and this video is
going to give you an explanation of the
two main ways to use these two words and
i'm going to give you lots of examples.
And to help me do that I'm going to talk about
this car.
My wife got this car a long time ago.
She's had it for many years now and we
actually drove to Asheville in this car
with all the things that we had. So, when
we moved here, we packed the car full of
stuff, including, our dog, drove down to
Asheville in this car and we've been using it
nearly every day since. It's been a great
car and it has stayed in relatively
good condition throughout the years and
we hope that it stays in good condition
for many years to come.
And that's the first example of using hope.
Now, we use hope for desired outcomes,
okay, for desired outcomes. I hope this car
stays in good condition. My desired
outcome is at this car stays in good
Here are some more examples: I hope it
doesn't rain tomorrow. I hope it doesn't
rain tomorrow. He hopes a lot of people
will go to his party. He hopes a lot of
people will go to his party. So, the Sun
has just come out and I've had to put
these shades
back on, but I wish it weren't so bright
right now. I wish it weren't so bright
right now. In this example, I am using
wish because i want a change of
situation. It is bright, but I don't want it to
be, so, I wish it weren't so bright right
now. And we use this mainly for
hypothetical situations. Here are some
more examples: I wish the radio worked. I
wish the radio worked. So, the radio doesn't
work but I want that to be different. I wish
the radio
worked. I wish this car went a little
faster. So, we love this car but it is
quite slow and I wish it went a little
I've made a few videos in our yard
before but i don't think i've told you
that when we first moved into this house -
when we first moved here - there was
nothing here. We had one tree and then
the rest was mulch. There was no grass, no
plants, shrubs, only much. So, i did some
research and we ended up getting 5 apple
trees. There are a couple just over here
and there are a couple more down there
and one at the back.
However, I planted the same variety of
apple and to be honest, I wish i had got
more varieties - I wish had planted
different types of apple trees.
What you will notice about that example
is that I'm talking about an imaginary
situation in the past. I didn't plant
different varieties of apple trees but I
wish I had. So, we can also use wish when
we're talking about things that happened
in the past. But the good thing is that
the apples are delicious.
We got quite a lot of apples on this
tree, especially, last year and I hope we
get a lot again next year.
The mailman has just dropped off this
package and I'm pretty excited about it
because it's a new microphone stand. If
you have noticed during one of my latest
live lessons, then, every time I click a
button on my keypad, it makes this
strange vibrating sound through the
microphone and, to be honest, I wish I had
got this earlier because that sound has
been annoying me for a while but I don't
know why I just kept putting it off but
I hope it hasn't been too annoying for
you. As you can see, I'm currently wearing
a t-shirt which is incredible for the
middle of January. It's dry, it's warm,
the weather is beautiful, and I hope it
stays this way
for the rest of the day. I hope it
doesn't rain because we want to go on a
walk we want to stay outside and we
don't want to get wet.
I've given many examples of wish and
hope in this lesson and I just wish that
more people watched my videos. Maybe, you
can help me with that: if you have found
it useful then please share it. I really
hope you do so. Thanks again for being
here and I'll see you in the next lesson.
Bye for now!
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WISH vs HOPE | A Fun English Grammar Lesson | Lots of Real Examples to Help You Learn (CC)

184 Folder Collection
洪子雯 published on September 9, 2019
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