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  • COMM: At five years old Charlotte Garside

  • stands at just sixty eight centimetres tall and weighs little more than a newborn. But

  • the youngster, once crowned the smallest girl in the world, doesn't let her tiny proportions

  • stop her from having fun with her big sisters.

  • EMMA: We've been told that Charlotte looks

  • like a porcelain doll, she looks just like a baby in a pram. People still call her baby

  • Charlotte, which riles me something chronic, because she's not a baby. She's five years

  • old.

  • COMM: Charlotte was born with a rare genetic

  • condition called primordial dwarfism. At birth she measured just two pounds and measured

  • a mere twenty five centimetres.

  • EMMA: When Charlotte she was, she was extremely

  • fragile. I have said she looked like a skinned rabbit but when I first ever saw her, all

  • I saw was her face, because she had a little pink hat on, and she was covered in bubble

  • wrap all the way up to her neck.

  • COMM: Mum Emma and dad Scott were warned that

  • her chances of survival were slim.

  • COMM: Charlotte's family want her to live

  • as normal life as possible, and her natural inquisitive nature means she in progressing

  • well with her development.

  • SABRINA: I think I might be a bit close with

  • Charlotte than what Chloe and Sophie are, because like of how much time I spend with

  • her. I just see her as a normal five year old really, just smaller than normal five

  • year olds.

  • COMM: And with the support of her older sisters,

  • Chloe, Sabrina and Sophie, she gets to experience the same things as any five year old.

  • EMMA: Life without Charlotte would be very

  • dull. Everyone says, you look at her, she smiles, you smile back. It's an automatic

  • reaction to smile back, because she's just so beautiful.

  • MAN: What does she bring to the family?

  • EMMA: A sense of fulfillment I think. Umm, she's just a lovely bubbly child.

  • COMM: And with a loving family and a fighting

  • spirit, Charlotte has shown the world she can conquer new heights.

  • EMMA: You give him kisses, you give him a

  • kiss. Good girl.

COMM: At five years old Charlotte Garside

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The Smallest Girl In The World

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    Halu Hsieh posted on 2013/11/08
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